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Sun 3rd Oct 2010

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J-Forest-Esq commented on PS Vita Doubles as a PS3 Controller:

I don't really get this. How long is Sony planning on keeping the PS3 around for? I thought it only had a year or two left in its lifespan which means the Vita won't overlap with it by much. If that is the case, then surely there won't be a great many PS3 games with this feature anyway?

Of course, if the PS3 is sticking with us for a bit longer, then all I'm saying is that the analogue sticks on the Vita look far superior to the 3DS-esque versions found on the Wii U tablet.



J-Forest-Esq commented on PS Vita UK Release Date and Price Listed by Ga...:

Eh?! The first of September?! That's only It's the 1st of August now so... one month away! If this is to be believed, then I've got to earn some extra dosh pronto. It's great that it's coming so soon, but I've only got enough wonga for my Xenoblade pre-order, let alone a new console :S. I wouldn't mind if it came out maybe a month later to give me some leeway.



J-Forest-Esq commented on Talking Point: Does PlayStation Vita Have Nint...:

If Nintendo hadn't lowered the 3DS price, the Vita would have swept it to the side like a rotten apple. That was a very necessary move. Either way, I've already bought the 3DS and I'd already decided to get a Vita so nothing has changed, for me at least. Do I think the Vita will eat into 3DS sales? Probably not, in fact I'd say the 3DS only has itself to blame if it doesn't sell well. The same people who bought the PSP will buy the Vita, plus a few others like myself, but it's possible many people who bought the DS won't buy the 3DS, which will level the playing field. While I don't think they're going to impact each other too much, the handheld race is still going to be a lot closer.



J-Forest-Esq commented on Supremacy MMA Bruises Vita Later This Year:

Not a big fan of "unparalleled quantities of bloodshed" just for the sake of it. Also, I don't see what Milton Keynes has to do with anything...?

@Zephren Give it some time, the site has only just started and besides the Vita isn't even out yet. It will pick up eventually, but it's probably not worth hoping this is going to be quite as popular as NLife; it's only one handheld after all (no offence). Anyway, from experience I'd wager there are far more people reading that aren't commenting.



J-Forest-Esq commented on PS Vita Dev Corraborates System's RAM Reduction:

So what does RAM actually do? And why did they cut it in half? Baaaaa

"Four times that of an iPhone". This just reminded me of something I read earlier. Apparently, in a couple of years time, due to the constant regeneration/cycle of phones the processing power (or whatever) will be more than that of the PS Vita. Which means it will be interesting to see what happens in the handheld race, especially seeing as power is a fairly big selling point for the Vita.



J-Forest-Esq commented on Making Music is Stupid Easy in Sound Shapes:

"a great jumping off point for gamers who also have an interest in creating music". Perfect. This has shot up my wishlist. Always wanted to do this sort of thing, but never had the musical know-how to write the stuff.



J-Forest-Esq commented on Naughty Dog: Vita & PS3 Can Deliver Wii U Expe...:

Just how long is Sony planning to keep the PS3 around for? I thought it was only meant to last another two years or so, the Vita won't overlap it by much will it? Anyway, I doubt they'd do that, too expensive with two consoles compared to just the one for the Wii U.



J-Forest-Esq commented on PS Vita Dev Kit is Undoubtedly Retro:

I wouldn't say the PSP Go was retro exactly. Although I wouldn't mind something a little bigger than this in the future. That Dev kit looks too small. also, should there be a "see" somewhere in that penultimate sentence?



J-Forest-Esq commented on First Impressions: Little Deviants:

I thought the Hole Roll Control part of it was the whole game. I wasn't expecting this to be so good, guess I should stop dismissing it as "just another mini-game collection". I'm trusting you on this one