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Itachi commented on Sony's Not Worried About PS4's Software Lineup...:

I think Destiny, FarCry 4, MGS 5, Call of Duty, and Drive Club are more than enough for christmas. People are too busy comparing quantity to focus on quality. Also a lot of people have never played the Last of Us myself included. People are comparing the numbers to Xbox but my question is where the hell is these people going to find the time to play and beat all these games? As it is I'm still in the middle of playing through Skyrim, Sleeping Dogs, Mafia 2, Borderlands 2, Valiant Hearts and Metal Gear Rising. Once I'm done with those I'll be looking into Wolfenstein, Watch Dogs, Sniper Elite 3, etc. That will probably take me all the way to Christmas to beat all these games.



Itachi commented on Talking Point: Should Sony Ditch E3 Stage Show...:

Sony's would have had an outstanding conference if they just would have shut up with all the talk of numbers and statistics, and the whole powers segment was just uncalled for. An idea I've been thinking is maybe Sony should just split their conferences in half on two separate occasions.

The 1st would be all about the games and nothing else similar to what Nintendo did. The second on a different day you can have all the corporate guys on stage talking about tech, numbers, people clicked the share button a bazillion times, etc. At least this way people know what to expect and won't hurt their pacing.



Itachi commented on Talking Point: Has Sony's Dithering Turned Off...:

Sony was smart to keep the Vita TV only in Japan. The sales would have flopped and I actually think it would have also confused the messaging of PS4. With Vita still struggling to catch on to a wide fanbase the Vita TV would have been DOA.



Itachi commented on BioWare Is Thinking About Bringing the Mass Ef...:

I think the days of exclusive 3rd party games really is coming to an end, and to be honest in my opinion that's the way it should be. Consoles should be able to sell themselves, that's one of the things I like about PS4/ PS3.



Itachi commented on Square Enix Will Only Remake Final Fantasy XII...:

I thought FF 12 was really good and would love to see a new one in that world. But my question is why won't square make a remake of Final Fantasy 7? "Square Enix Will Only Remake Final Fantasy XII if We Shout" There's been no other FF game that's received more noise to the point of begging and pleading than Final Fantasy 7. Has square lost the rights to that entry or something? I just can't understand why avoid it, I would love to see FF 8 remade too. It's almost like their doing remakes to all the Final Fantasy's except for the ones people really want.



Itachi commented on Pachter: PlayStation Now Doesn't Have a Prayer...:

To be honest I think 2 years is enough. If Sony can get all the PS1, PS2, and earlier PS3 games within that 2 year window, as well as all of their exclusives both old and current I see no problem with content. This is more or less a service that's going to cater to older gamers in their late 20's and 30's as well as casuals that grew up playing games like Crash and Resident Evil. Maybe once they get enough subcribers publishers may be willing to release new content on it and I'm assuming indies will be the 1st to take the plunge.



Itachi commented on Team Ninja Stealthily Teases New Title for the...:

@mibtar Yeah I hear you, but what I'm trying to say is the best parts of the series is the non futuristic stuff. Take Ninja Gaiden Sigma 1 for example. I loved the way the game started out when you were taking on the black spider clan. Everything from the setting, the sword fighting, the mysterious demons, it was phenomenal. All the way till he went to New York as agent, that's when the story started to dip, but it bounced back in the end. I couldn't even continue playing Ninja Gaiden 3, it didn't even feel like Ninja Gaiden. Also i would love a new Onimusha and even the Revenge of Shinobi revamp I thought was pretty good as well.



Itachi commented on Team Ninja Stealthily Teases New Title for the...:

Ninja Gaiden used to be my favorite game on PS3 but their losing me with all the modern day futuristic crap. I just wish they would take the series back to it's roots. No guns, no grenades, no machines, no robots, no soldiers, and no american big city setting. Just keep it all ninja with swords, spears, surikan, shinobi, temples,and of course demons, etc. The same can be said of Assassins Creed, the modern day story line just feels out of place to me with the actual game.

It's like these developers try to make the story lines so complex that it actually takes away the stuff the fans really like. A game like Ninja Gaiden you want to feel like your playing as a Ninja, but all the other crap that goes on makes it feel more like something else entirely. I think that's one of the reasons I used to love Onimusha so much, it never strayed from the path. That's just my opinion though, and that's why I'm not really excited about a new Ninja Gaiden game anymore. Hopefully I'm proven wrong.



Itachi commented on Talking Point: Is the Vita Really Dying a 'Slo...:

I happen to like Patcher and tend to agree with most of the things he says concerning the gaming industry. A lot of gamers hate him because he states the obvious, and a lot of times it's the cold hard truth that we as fans refuse to believe and just dont want to hear. But he's only doing his job and he doesnt get paid for wishful thinking. Personally I think the Vita is going to be alright but no where near as successful as Sony wants and needs it to be. As for Nintendo only God knows where they go from here.



Itachi commented on Use This Video to Explain the PS Vita to Your ...:

it's definitely a bland video. They didn't even mention the remote play features. I can understand not mentioning PlayStation Now as it's yet to be released, but remote play is a reason all in itself to own one. I don't actually own a Vita myself but have been looking into getting one. So far I like the Crystal White version they have on amazon and want to get a 32 MB memory card. I think I can see why not too many people haven't taken the plunge, because it gets expensive when you add things up. But considering how much we all spend on phones and ipads there's no room to complain. Might as well treat yourself especially if your a gamer.



Itachi commented on Japanese Sales Charts: PS Vita Stretches Its L...:

LOL Japan is a tough nut to crack for Microsoft ( seriously, Xbox 360 – 616 ) But on topic I believe Vita sales will grow like wild fire once PS4 launches in Japan. ( remote play ) With all these extra services Sony is rolling out, the Vita is really shaping up to be a beast.



Itachi commented on Reaction: PlayStation Now Clears the Cloud on ...:

@Gamer83 Your right. If they did that by adding a DS4, that would also work as bait and tempt casuals to later buy a PS4. I'm really curious to see how Sony will go about this. Considering they throw in a DS3 with Vita TV it's not that far fetched and DS3 is much cheaper for them to build.



Itachi commented on Reaction: PlayStation Now Clears the Cloud on ...:

This is gonna be huge for Sony. While it's innovative to gamers the fact that it will eventually branch off to other forms of hardware makes it very ambitious. When you think about Netflix you can use Netflix on anything: TV, Computer, Tablet, Phones, Consoles, etc. very easily. With PlayStation Now you can literally have PlayStation everywhere you go just like Netflix, and don't even need a PlayStation console. This is especially great for people who travel a lot and don't have the room to pack up a console but still wanna get their gaming fix.

It's funny they announced this because it was only a couple days ago that I was thinking about some of the games I miss on PS1 and PS2 and the ones I never had a chance to play on PS3. Now their offering a service for just that. And it makes perfect sense when you factor in Apples App store just made 10 billion for 2013, now Sony can kind of pinch into that market a little by now having a service that can even run on ipads and iphones. One thing I think this will do is lure in a lot more casuals depending on the price and how Sony markets this, maybe even throw in a DS3 to sweeten the deal.



Itachi commented on PS4 Stock Arrives in GAME Stores Around the UK:

They need to hurry up and replenish stock because Xbox one is gaining on them. I know a lot of people who are buying Xbox Ones because PS4 is no where to be found. Even I've been tempted. All this waiting is killing their own buzz.



Itachi commented on This Patent May Shed Some Light on Sony's Plan...:

Gaikai has a lot of potential. There is a lot of PS1 and PS2 games that I haven't played in a long time and wouldn't mind playing again. To be honest gaikai reminds me a lot of Sega Channel if anyone can remember that. not sure how Sega Channel sold, I was too young to care but I always thought it was amazing. I used to love it as a kid because even though you didn't actually own all those games it was nice being able to come home and play them and even find games you never played or heard of before. It really does sound like another Sega Channel to me except instead of using your cable service you'll be using your internet service. The best part is that it won't just be tied to your house. If you have a Vita then you could literally have a PS1, PS2, and PS3 in your pocket. Technology really is a beautiful thing when done right.



Itachi commented on What Has Happened to Lara Croft's Face in PS4 ...:

I like Lara's new look. It gives her more of an adventurous and focused look. Before her face had a kind of spaced out lazy look, like a teenager that just wants to go shopping at the mall or looking for the party. Now she looks like more of a dare devil more into hiking and scuba diving.



Itachi commented on Pachter: PS4 Will Surpass Wii U Sales Globally...:

PS4 overtaking the Wii U by spring is inevitable and should come as no surprise. Nintendo made many mistakes in launching the Wii U mostly with marketing and a huge drought in games for the majority of 2013. Not sure what the future holds for Wii U but it's looking like another GameCube generation for Nintendo. Thankfully they still have the 3DS ( which I love ) to keep them respectable.

I wouldn't be too surprised if the Vita overtakes the Wii U by spring either if it hasn't already. That remote-play is one beast of a feature and almost infinitely expands the Vita's original life cycle with it's ability to stream PS4 content. It will only get more amazing as internet speeds improve and not to mention the potential of Gaikai.



Itachi commented on Promised PS4 Stock Availability Pushes System ...:

@BornOfEvil When they talk about the Kinect all they ever talk about is voice commands. Yet PS4 can do voice commands as well but doesn't even need the camera to do it. I thought the big attraction for the Kinect was it's motion controls and this was to somehow revolutionize gaming. Yet all it seems good for is navigating the all those menus and isn't even accurate at that. Motion controls are a like a glass half full. There is a practical use for it but the tech for that use hasn't arrived yet. The only way I could see motion controls really moving the industry forward is with the inclusion of VR like Sony is rumored to be working on. For now it's only good for navigating the menu screen and party games. That is not worth an extra hundred dollars.



Itachi commented on Promised PS4 Stock Availability Pushes System ...:

@BornOfEvil The sad thing about it is i support almost every platform; PC, 3DS, Wii U, Mobile, Vita, and of course PlayStation which I love. All platforms except Xbox One. I was even digging the 360 at one point but I cannot find a single thing I like about Xbox One. Everything from the look and feel of the console is so opposite of the gaming culture. Don't even get me started on the Kinect and all those horrible policies they tried to enforce, but I'm glad Sony decided to remove the camera.

Personally I don't think cameras belong on consoles and seem more like an invasion of privacy to me. Maybe someday down the line I may be willing to warm up to the idea of PS Eye because of Sony's more modest approach, but it all depends on many different factors. For now I'm good with a controller.



Itachi commented on Promised PS4 Stock Availability Pushes System ...:

I'm really glad Sony chose to put the gamers and developers 1st this time. In the beginning when they were saying all that stuff I thought it was just talk, but to see it in action has me truly impressed. They could have easily made the price $500 and seen more of a profit and it still would have sold phenomenal. Some people say it was to under cut Xbox One and that could be true, but the bottom line is the price is consumer friendly so now more people can afford one. That's obviously contributing to the massive sales. For the record, Xbox One aint doing too bad either though it's not my taste.



Itachi commented on Whoa, the PS4 Sold Over Half a Million Units i...:

I'm actually holding out until March when the really good games start coming out, hopefully they have some kind of Infamous bundle. In the meantime I'm gonna catch up on some good ol 3DS. PlayStation is where my heart is but still gotta show Nintendo some love.



Itachi commented on You'll Be Able to Chat to Lara Croft in PS4 Re...:

I think the ability to use voice controls without the camera is a huge bonus on PS4 and is heavily overlooked. Whenever people talk about the Kinect of Xbox One the only thing people even remotely care about is voice commands, but you have to have that big ugly camera to use them. For people like me it's a lot more practical to just be able to use a headset. The same headset you use for chatting online can also be used for voice commands and is a lot fluid because the system can better hear what your saying and you don't have to scream at the top of your lungs disturbing everyone in the house as well as your neighbors. Just my opinion though.



Itachi commented on PlayStation Home Developer Dreaming Up Ambitio...:

I didnt care much for PS home either. It was a cool concept and had a lot of potential but in the end I think it turned out to be a glass half full. It just failed to fully grab my attention and I often overlooked it. One thing that I will say is I think PlayStation Home was well ahead of it's time. When you look at what's going on now with Social network sites like Facebook, Twiiter, Instagram, etc. Some kind of evolution of PS Home seems like the next step. Imagine if Facebook were to do something like this. In fact I expect they will someday.



Itachi commented on You Might Be Hearing About The Last Guardian S...:

I kind of get the feeling this game was actually almost finished on PS3 then at the last minute a decision was made to bring it out on PS4. Coming from the legendary team that made ICO and SOC, this game screams of epicness. I'm not sure what's exactly the deal behind the wait, for all we know this could be one of the launch games for PS4's rumored VR unit given the level of mystery behind it. I just hope whatever they're doing this game turns out to be a masterpiece and well worth the wait.



Itachi commented on PS4 Launch Improves UK PS Vita Sales by 68 Per...:

In the past I've been known to dog out the Vita but I will give credit where credit is do. For the record i just brought my fiance's son a Vita and a copy of Tearaway for Christmas, and I will get one for my self next year after i get my PS4.



Itachi commented on PS4 Outpaces Xbox One in UK Retail Traffic Stats:

I try to avoid these kind of debates because it always gets ruined by fanboys that have a very narrow point of view. The reasons why PS4 is crushing Xbox One is obvious. It's $100 cheaper, has around 100 GB more useable HDD space that is upgradable, almost 50% more powerful, more compact, better design, stronger 1st party exclusives, people have caught on to Microsofts BS such as DRM and 24 hour check ins which they try to act as if it never even happened, and the list goes on. Having said that I wouldn't be surprised if I get attacked by some troll trying to justify what makes Xbox One better. The only possible argument is either your completely sold on Kinect which I'm not, your a huge Xbox fan and can't live without Xbox Live and Halo which is almost understandable, or your just really looking forward to Titan Fall ( unproven ) and Quantum Break which actually looks pretty good.



Itachi commented on Andrew House Is Feeling Pretty Great About the...:

Sony has one of the best PR teams in the industry by far. Not so much because they are likeable, but simply because they know how to communicate to their audience and portray themselves as professionals that know what their doing unlike the opposition.



Itachi commented on Tearaway's Price Chopped in Two at GameStop in...:

@Sanquine I knew my comments would fire somebody up but that's just my opinion and my intent wasn't to anger anyone. Only that I feel this would have been a great game to have on console and it would have seen more widespread success. Like it or not the Vita is struggling and that's a known fact. I'm not picking on it, but it is the truth and even Sony acknowledges that.

Your wrong about not having the same charm on PS4. Infact i think this would've been the perfect type of game to showcase the DS4's new touch screen. Maybe even implement the PS Eye for added interactivity. I guess my problem has more to do with Media Molecule being more focused on Sony's portable than the consoles. They make some amazing games but only a small percentage of people get to experience it because not everyone has or wants a Vita.

I know you may disagree because you love your Vita, but you have to see at least some reasoning in my argument. Make no mistake about it, I am a PlayStation fan and only want to see them succeed, but personally I feel like the Vita is slowing them down. Hopefully the Vita proves me wrong.



Itachi commented on Tearaway's Price Chopped in Two at GameStop in...:

Sony should have made this game for PS3 or PS4. The honest hard truth of the matter is nobody cares about the Vita unless you already own one and that's only a little over 2 million people. If people don't have a Vita by now then obviously there's little interest. The remote play feature sounds cool and all but to be honest I think most people are content with just playing games on their ipads when their laying down.



Itachi commented on PS4 Exclusive inFAMOUS: Second Son Will 'Blow ...:

I think this will be the 1st true AAA next gen game to come out. Kill Zone was okay but Infamous is looking to really get the ball rolling. When you think about what the Infamous 1 and 2 attempted to achieve it seems it was only limited to the power restraints of PS3 but still came pretty close. now with PS4 it seems like Infamous Second Son has unlimited potential. Another game I'd like to see made even though some felt it was a disappointment is a new Prototype game for PS4. Heck I would piss my pants if Konami made a new Zone of Enders for PS4.



Itachi commented on Sony: We Have Some Epic PS4 Reveals Under Wraps:

Of the games already known, I'm looking forward to Drive Club, Watch Dogs, Destiny, Metal gear Solid, Final Fantasy 14, Tomb Raider 2, Infamous, Uncharted, and Far Cry 4.

As far as the reveals still under wraps, I'm hoping for something new and fresh. Whenever Sony comes out with a new IP it's always an instant classic. Oh yeah and I hope their working on Journey 2, and Last Guardian would be nice also.



Itachi commented on 10 Per Cent of All Twitch Streams Since Novemb...:

Sony is tapping into something very powerful with that share button. I remember when facebook 1st came out people thought it was lame or just a myspace clone. Fast forward today and billions of people are using it now even our grandparents. Sony choosing to make the PS4 more social is definitely the right direction and this is only the beginning. I wouldn't be surprised if a couple years from now through updates and user usage, that share button changes the entire look and feel of PlayStation.



Itachi commented on Video: How Fun Is Knack in a Family Environment?:

One thing I've noticed about Knack is the hardcore gaming audience clearly wasn't the target. I think people get that confused when they hear about the games difficulty, but when you think about it, isn't that how all the old platformers used to be? As innocent as the original Super Mario Bros seemed, that game has always been a bit difficult...miss one jump and it's game over, start from the beginning. Even Sonic the Hedgehog was like that. Collect 99 rings and all you need is 1 more to get an extra life, then suddenly run into some spikes and you loose them all. Obviously Knack is a different kind of platformer but the same rules apply.



Itachi commented on Japanese Sales Charts: PS Vita TV Suffers a Sh...:

@craigun That would be amazing and I would definitely be 1st in line to get them. I don't know why these game companies don't think like that. I understand nowadays it's a big investment to make AAA titles but those old Final Fantasies are proven successes and that fan base hasn't gone away. Just imagine your on the couch watching TV and suddenly a commercial comes on showing Squall for FF8 in next graphics. That would just really bring out the kid in RPG gamers.