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Sat 30th April, 2011

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HeroOfCybertron commented on Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD Remaster Dries Its Eyes...:

They guy who posted the article about FF IX/IX 2 remasters on the official Playstation blog said the Vita versions are still coming they just weren't ready to reveal any info about them yet and that the PS3 version will also be on the PSN as well as retail.



HeroOfCybertron commented on Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate Stalks the Pl...:

I can't decide which version to get the one for the 3DS or the Vita although when the same game comes out for both 3DS and Vita I usually pick the Vita version unless the 3DS has a good exclusive and the only time that has ever happened was with Unchained Blades because the 3DS bottom screen could always displayed the map.



HeroOfCybertron commented on escapeVektor Makes a Swift Exit on PlayStation...:

Didn't know this game was coming out for the Vita too if the release date for NA is around the same time as the 3DS version I wonder which version (although there is a good chance I may end up getting both versions since I liked the WiiWare version so much) I should get.



HeroOfCybertron commented on You're Probably Going to Want This Gorgeous Ni...:

The steelbook case looks nice and I'm going to reserve the game anyway but I'm not sure if I would want the steelbook case since the outer case seem to scratch easily and whenever I take a Blue Ray/DVD out of a steelbook case it feels like I'm going to break the Disc.



HeroOfCybertron commented on Super Hang-On Races onto PlayStation Network N...:

Been wondering when the PSN would get Monster World IV, when I saw that it came out on the Wii VC I wanted to get it but I knew it was coming out on the PSN too and I would of preferred Monster World IV on my PS3 since I play it more than the Wii.



HeroOfCybertron commented on Sony Schedules PSN Maintenance for 1st March:

I hope they fix the PSN store so I stop getting error messages whenever I'm in the store and fix the error with syncing trophies, whenever I try to sync my trophies it stops at around 15% and then I get an error message and when I do finally sync my trophies if I look at my trophies again or my profile or my friends trophies it asks me to sync trophies again even though I have not earned any more trophies.



HeroOfCybertron commented on thatgamecompany's Journey is Complete:

Finally! I have been waiting for this game for a long time I was getting tired of always reading about it and no word on when it would be done. And the right time to release it is next Tuesday because I and a lot of other people have been waiting a while for this game.