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Tue 26th Feb 2013

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GraveLordXD commented on Game of the Year: #1 - Bloodborne (PS4):

@Gmork___ it will gel after a few thousand deaths man lol
Seriously I will agree the game was pretty brutal when I first played it especially since you can't level up until you beat the first boss and I've been playing souls since demon which was overall harder, I just started this up again with a new character with the dlc and I'm on the 3rd boss haven died yet, once you get past the learning curve and it all clicks with you it's awesome totally worth it
I wouldn't say it's a niche game didn't it sell a few million? Being an exclusive that's pretty good
I'd trade the word niche with unique because outside of souls nothing is like it
This is definitely my goty!



GraveLordXD commented on Talking Point: What Are You Playing This... Ch...:

Just downloaded bloodborne dlc so I'll be getting into that, such a great game after playing through it again I have to say this is probably my favorite game this generation. It's just too good, there's just one part of the game I dread pushing though again lol
I'm also guessing the dlc was already on the disc because it didn't prompt a download after my purchase?



GraveLordXD commented on PSX 2015: Nioh on PS4 Looks Like Someone Mashe...:

Considering dark souls 3 will be the last souls game I'm very much looking forward to this I hope it delivers a better souls like experience than lords of the fallen even though that was a good game it fell short in many ways
And so far the little I have seen and read about this game it looks very promising



GraveLordXD commented on No, Your PS2 Discs and PS2 Classics Won't Work...:

@Tasuki how is discussing emulators illegal on this site? This is something I don't really get I got kicked off a loooong time ago for this but then Nintendo life has a whole article about the gpd and the free emulators and games you can get on it
I'm just confused about what or whatnot can't be said sometimes about the subject



GraveLordXD commented on Fallout 4 Patches Will Copy Skyrim's Approach ...:

Love the game so far level 31
My main complaint is a minor one but it would be nice if dog meat would not jump in my way almost every time I try to loot a corpse, or pick up something from the floor, it's like he does it on purpose lol



GraveLordXD commented on Push Rewind: Fallout 4, Fallout 4, and More Fa...:

@LieutenantFatman don't know what's up with the complaints seems to me like Bethesda has a lot of haters. Sure it's not perfect, stiff robotic animations, same facial expressions as their previous games, some wired dialogue. That said the game runs better on consoles this time and definitely has less bugs than their previous work, the world looks fantastic and is huge packed with content, has better gameplay than previous games, gunplay is much improved and this is what imo really makes the game so much better, playing in 3rd person is way better than I thought in fact that's how I play it
Imo this is the best thing Bethesda has ever done. I can't see how anyone could score this under a 9



GraveLordXD commented on Review: Fallout 4 (PS4):

@Gmork___ imo it looked much better from what they showed us than what we got
I'm not surprised either in fact I would have been surprised if it did look as good as the gameplay footage they showed off



GraveLordXD commented on Review: Fallout 4 (PS4):

@tenderbeefcake I can see some people's gripe with the graphics especially the faces and character animations do look a bit dated but it's still a great game no need to rate it zero just because you don't like Bethesda or just because of the graphics



GraveLordXD commented on Review: Fallout 4 (PS4):

Great review I've only put in a few hrs but love it so far
Don't understand what all the fuss is about metric user reviews are around 4 something
Are gamers really this bitter? Seems like we need to grow up a little, well some of us



GraveLordXD commented on Accessory Review: PS Vita Cases Don't Come Muc...:

Sleek it actually looks like an eyeglasses case than a woman's wallet
I have the hard plastic case and it's great for my vita I can drop it on the concrete and not have to worry
Can't wait for the remake of sword of mana for the vita!



GraveLordXD commented on How Does the Call of Duty: Black Ops III PS4 L...:

@Gamer83 that's the one I just got the blue forza 6 X1, I love it looks nice. Also got the master chief controller and it's really well done not disappointed at all. I must say I'm pretty happy with it sitting next to my ps4 now I won't miss out an any good exclexclusives this generation



GraveLordXD commented on Fallout 4 Is Done and Ready to Go on PS4:

@WARDIE Bethesda is the only ones to blame for skyrims horrible outcome on the PS3
So I guess Sony should have made a completely new PS3 console for Bethesda just for Skyrim
They should have given everyone their money back who bought it for the PS3!



GraveLordXD commented on Watch Square Enix Explain the Many RPG Element...:

only thing I'm wondering is how big the download is as I'm running very low on space and don't feel like spending another $100 or so on a hard drive anytime soon, so now I have to carefully choose what games to get on my ps4
I'm really thinking about picking this up, I love what I've read in most of the great reviews it's been getting don't think I can let this one slip past me, so far the only negative thing I can think of is there's no local co-op



GraveLordXD commented on Sony: We Want to Continue Working with From So...:

I'd love to see kingsfield make a comeback more than anything
But I'll take bloodborne 2 or something different maybe an rpg with less of a gothic tone more colorful and open with some darker looking areas underground keep the awesome gameplay



GraveLordXD commented on Round Up: Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collecti...:

@godslayer1975 Mario maker will last me a lifetime as uncharted I played through once and never wanted to touch it again, as for the storytelling sure it has great voice acting but the story is mediocre and forgettable if I was maybe a teenager I might have a different opinion but I'm not. If you or anyone thinks this is top tier story telling I'd have to say you haven't played many games, seen any good movies, or read any good books



GraveLordXD commented on There Won't Be Any Console Exclusive Extras in...:

@Gamer83 yeah skyrim was a joke on the PS3
As you mentioned though that other developers over time learned the PS3s hardware Bethesda didn't, they didn't have much if any experience with it
Like you I don't let them off the hook either for that because no way in hell should a game be released in that condition. It was after skyrims release on the PS3 when I lost a good bit of respect for them
I really don't think fallout 4 will be anything like that on the ps4 though



GraveLordXD commented on Don't Hold Your Breath for a New PlayStation H...:

@gingerfrog last I checked the 64 gb cards were around $100 which is completely ridiculous
This is the main reason why I don't download many games on it only the few retail games I'll buy here and there
Shame the vita turned out the way it did because it's such a well built system. I personally love the thing, I guess I'll wait another 5 years or so maybe longer when Sony finally lowers the price of those cards to download all the games I want



GraveLordXD commented on Feature: The Best PS4 Games of the Year So Far:

@Gemuarto Ya gotta be kidding me man
Gothic 2 isn't even on the same level as witcher, any of them
Witcher 3 is the best open world rpg to date
I can understand it's not for everyone but as a gamer it should at least be respected. I feel the same way about gta5 as you do about the witcher it's not my cup of tea but I see why people like it