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Godsire- commented on Sony: PlayStation Vita Is Proving to Be a Big ...:

Overcharging for memory cards is insulting and ridiculous. Also, I am so tired of the indie gaming fad & have never been a fan of weird, quirky Japanese games. All of this adds up to a no purchase for me. Don't get me wrong, I am sure it is a great system for some people, but it needs some good AAA games to survive & I am sure more people would be interested in the system if it delivered the games more people want.



Godsire- commented on Critically Acclaimed Fez Invades Sony's Consol...:

Phil Fish is such a tool that I would rather toss my money down the garbage disposal than give him any of it. Also, I am so sick of these indie, hipster, retro games. It's ironic to me that Fish is one of these developers who hate AAA type games, but his platforming game wouldn't be around without AAA platformers of the past.

Besides, didn't he retire or quit the industry anyways (not a big loss). Why is his game releasing on Sony's platforms now?



Godsire- commented on Opinion: EA Found Its Call of Duty Killer, and...:

@get2sammyb I agree. This story is very interesting. Two idiotic, insanely rich companies get together and actually manage to cut their own sales by more than half all in the sake of greed.

To be honest, I probably wouldn't have bought this game anyways. Multiplayer only FPS don't interest me much, especially ones with mechs.



Godsire- commented on Microsoft Will Pay You to Dump Your PS3 for an...:


Me not getting an Xbox One and disliking Microsoft is not about being a fanboy. I choose to not get an Xbox One or any Microsoft junk because of my previous experience with their products. My Xbox 360 broke down 2 times in the first 6 months I owned it. That is ridiculous. I also don't want to be forced to pay an extra $100 for a stupid, useless camera that I don't want.

I have no allegiance to any company. They are all designed to do the same thing......make $. I have been playing games since the Atari & Commodore days, and I have seen all of these companies make idiotic decisions eventually. Atari, Nintendo, Sega, Sony, Microsoft, etc.

I liked the original Xbox more than PS2, actually. I liked the Xbox 360, at first, while Sony was busy completely butchering the PS3 launch. Then Xbox 360's started breaking left and right & Microsoft made the moronic decision to go all-in on a stupid motion sensing camera that nobody asked for because the Wii was making lots of $ at the time.

My point of all this is that fanboys are ridiculous. You are right. Being loyal to one company makes no sense, since they are certainly not loyal to any of us in any way. These companies are designed to make as much $ as possible, simple as that. And I have been gaming long enough to know, they all screw up eventually. So I just play whatever console I feel is the best at that time. And right now, that is certainly NOT the Xbox One. That could change over the years, but as of right now.........I would rather stick with my endless backlog on PS3 and wait till I feel the time is right to get a PS4. In fact, I would rather purchase a Wii U then get an Xbox One.



Godsire- commented on Talking Point: Is the Vita Really Dying a 'Slo...:

As long as the Vita remains some quirky independent gaming machine with horrifically overpriced memory cards, it won't sell. That simple. And since it won't sell, AAA game devs won't make games for it. For people who want to play quirky japanese games or an endless string of overrated independent crap & have a high gaming budget, the Vita is for you. Unfortunately for Sony, that isn't enough people & the Vita will die a slow, painful death.



Godsire- commented on The Last of Us: Left Behind Will Be a Lengthy ...:

I have no idea what these people who run these companies are doing. I love Naughty Dog's games, but they have completely blew it in terms of DLC for their games up to this point. How many people would've loved to see some Uncharted single player DLC? And now we are getting only ONE TLOU story based DLC? Ridiculous.

This generation's obsession with multi-player gaming and the companies that want to make a quick buck based on that is beyond annoying. But these companies don't seem to learn that single player, story based DLC can make a lot of money too. Look at all the pub that BioShock Infinite got when it released 'Burial At Sea'. Or when Skyrim released Dawnguard & Dragonborn.

The problem is that single player DLC, especially story based, takes EFFORT to make. Slapping a map pack on PSN and charging $15 for it is so much easier for these companies. And as long as people keep scooping up these map packs, companies will keep prioritizing them over good story DLC.



Godsire- commented on Bethesda Issues a War Cry for 'Bleeding-Edge' ...:

Oblivion was my favorite game of this past generation. Skyrim was easily top 5. I never played Arena or Daggerfall, but I did play Morrowind. In my opinion, Oblivion & Skyrim are a huge improvement over that game. Sure both games had their problems with bugs and some repetitive gameplay (memories of closing countless Oblivion gates still get me enraged), but I think they are two of the best games of a generation.



Godsire- commented on December NPD: Xbox One Hits Back at PS4 in Nex...:

Microsoft is only winning here in the US because of the lack of PS4's in stores. In the end, all this talk about early sales won't make any difference. PS4 will still outsell Xbox One in the states and is already doing it worldwide. They just need to manufacture. Xbox fans gloating are idiots. It's a lot easier to keep the US stocked with Xbox's when the rest of the world doesn't want your product.



Godsire- commented on Talking Point: Will Someone Please Frag Online...:

I actually hate the online trophies in the Uncharted games. Sure you can get the Platinum with very little online play. But when I get 80% of the original trophy list, the they release 5 multiplayer DLC packs, all with trophies, now I have around 49% in UC3. And I have no interest in playing that game online.

Another problem with online trophies is when companies shut down servers so they become unattainable, such as the Resistance games now. And yes, while I liked BioShock 2, there was no need for a multiplayer mode at all, much less with trophies. Arkham Origins is another recent example of a horribly tacked on multiplayer that doesn't need to be there.



Godsire- commented on Naughty Dog: We'll See if the Future Uncovers ...:

Yea this would be a waste of time & resources. If you want to play The Last Of Us, then get a PS3. If you didn't and owned a 360, thus missing out, well that's your own fault for buying into Microsoft's crap. Besides, isn't this what Gaikai is for? Yes. Yes, it is.



Godsire- commented on Soapbox: Why There's No Real Rush to Upgrade t...:

PS3 has so many games I have yet to play, I won't be getting a PS4 for a long time, & am in no hurry to do so. It's always good to wait for a price drop, bigger hard drive, and for them to work out the kinks. It would help PS4 if they actually released games I want (besides Resogun & Killzone) on the console.



Godsire- commented on Looking for a Cheap PS4? You Should Probably A...:

Still way too much life left in the PS3 for me to even consider a PS4. My back log of games is huge. I'll wait for a price drop, bigger hard drive, or some great games. These people paying these prices on Ebay are crazy.



Godsire- commented on Feature: Games of the Generation - Your Five F...:

Disclaimer: I have yet to play The Last Of Us or Skyrim (yes, I know how dumb that is & will, hopefully, be remedied soon). So take these 5 with a grain of salt. In order:

1. Oblivion

2. Bioshock

3. Mass Effect

4. Dead Space

5. Fallout 3

Honoable mentions: Uncharted 2, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, & Super Stardust HD.



Godsire- commented on Feature: Games of the Generation - Greg's Five...:


Yea good call on RE. I liked RE5. I was just diappointed that it wasn't scary. Like you said, it doesn't really feel like a RE game. And then came 6, but that's a discussion for another time. Hopefully, they go back to their roots for 7. I haven't played the latest RE game, RE: Revelations, yet. Hopefully that turns out to be good.



Godsire- commented on Feature: Games of the Generation - Nathan's Fi...:

I know I am going to get killed for this, but I thought Demon's Souls was terrible. I won't waste anyone's time going on a long rant to explain why, but I just hated that game.

Nice to see a Little Big Planet game to make one of these lists. LBP2 was everything LBP was and much more. Great game.



Godsire- commented on Feature: Games of the Generation - Jamie's Fiv...:

I think this is a pretty great list! I especially like the inclusion of Batman: Arkham Asylum over Arkham City. Don't get me wrong, I love Arkham City, but I always thought the original was slightly better (similar to how I like Batman Begins more than the Dark Knight, even though H. Ledger was amazing). Obviously, I am in the minority in this, but both games are great.



Godsire- commented on Feature: Games of the Generation - Ben's Five ...:

Great list! Oblivion & Mass Effect (the original) are 2 of my top 3 games of this generation (BioShock being the other). ME2 was an awesome game as well, even if they did dumb down the leveling of your characters way too much.

Glad to see the original Resistance game to make a list. That game was, arguably, the most important game in the early PS3 library. Sony's PS3 had a rough beginning, so R:FOM had to carry the system for far too long. It's still my favorite in the series, with the third game coming in second & Resistance 2 coming in a distant 3rd. I am not going to count that turd they released on Vita as part of the franchise.



Godsire- commented on Feature: Games of the Generation - Greg's Five...:

Oblivion is my #1 game of this generation. I did like MGS4, even if it was a bit long-winded.

I heavily disagree with the RE5 inclusion though. Being a RE fan since the beginning, RE5 started the major down slide of the franchise, in my opinion. The game wasn't the least bit scary or tension filled. I still liked it, but in no way does it deserve to be ranked on any "best lists".

Awesome inclusion of Heavenly Sword, though. It's one of the most underrated games of the early PS3 library. Unfortunately, it got jumbled up in Sony's botched launch of the PS3 (overpriced console, etc.) and never got the credit it deserved. It also got mixed in with a couple HUGE early disappointing titles like Lair & my most disappointing game of this generation, Haze. Sadly, because of this, we will probably never see a sequel.