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Godsire- commented on PS4 Conditions 'Tougher' in the US Following X...:


Obviously, you are entitled to your opinion & I respect your view on this, but I just have a question for ya......are you full from eating everything Nintendo shovels ya? Lol.

Are you going to try to me Virtual Boy wasn't a complete disaster next?

Or how Nintendo, basically, created the PlayStation when it screwed over Sony, creating another challenger in the market? Was that part of their genius plan?

Or when they stubbornly stuck with cartridges instead of moving onto CD-ROM, like the rest of the industry, & pissed off every third party developer in the business costing them countless millions when all of those developers moved on to Sony? Including one major trump card that Nintendo had & just pissed away.....Final Fantasy VII. Was that about not bowing down to third parties? Because I am pretty sure the Wii U has games on DISC, right?

Oh and I am sure it was fun for you to type in ridiculous friend's codes while trying meet up with friends in Mario Kart instead of just clicking on soneones profi......oh wait......Nintendo doesn't even have online player profiles?!! What year is it?!!

In fact, according to Nintendo, gamers really don't care about online gaming anyways......yea. They actually said that. Lol.

I guess I must have been wrong about all these examples and Nintendo is just completely ahead of everyone else in the industry with their forward thinking and non-arrogance.



Godsire- commented on Opinion: Why Sony Will Drop the PS4's Price if...:


Yea it is shocking Sony even had the stones to release a console at $600. Video game companies become extremely arrogant when they win the previous generation.

Look at this generation as an example. I know Sony eventually outsold the 360 (and the Wii was a fad joke console), but it would be hard to argue that Microsoft didn't win last gen. Well their arrogance led them to thinking they could force Kinect on every Xbox One owner & force some ridiculious policies (that have since been, famously, recinded) on the consumer. How did that work out? Lol.



Godsire- commented on PS4 Conditions 'Tougher' in the US Following X...:


I was just talking about the US. Sony, as a whole, will be just fine with the PS4. But the Xbox has a very strong fan base here in the states. And Microsoft's coffers are endless. So, in my opinion, Sony needs to start hitting on these exclusives they are putting out. Games like DriveClub are completely unacceptable when Forza is over on the Xbox.



Godsire- commented on PS4 Conditions 'Tougher' in the US Following X...:


Nintendo is not giving the same quality as they did in the SNES era....not even close. Their first party games, maybe (and even that's extremely debateable), but the SNES had third party developers making excellent games for the SNES too. The Wii U doesn't have that.

Ever since the N64 days, Nintendo has made stubborn & awful decisions & design choices that have pushed them away from third party developers. And a console needs those developers to fill in the gaps between the Mario and Zelda games that Nintendo puts out. Until they get those developers back, Nintendo will always be a distant 3rd place and even if the Wii U is a great console, it will be a niche console.

Nintendo survives by dominating the handheld market, producing it's first party games, & by loyal Nintendo apologists, like yourself. If you want to be playing Mario Kart Wii U in 5 yrs.....more power to ya. But I like more variety to choose from when I own a console.

And comparing the Wii U to the PS4 is completely ridiculous. The Wii U has caused Nintendo to lose over 500 million dollars & may cost the CEO his job. They got lucky the Wii caught on as a fad with mothers & grandmothers who loved Wii Sports. In reality, the Wii was a little white box of massive amounts of shovelware, aging technology, & a ridiculously ancient online structure. And to brand their new console, the "Wii U", based off of that fad was a huge mistake.

If Nintendo would've released the Wii U last-gen, Nintendo would be on top right now. But, as usual, Nintendo has to be different for the sake of being different & at the expense of third party developers. No publisher wants to always have a full seperate team making games solely for Nintendo's behind-the-times (technology wise) consoles. It just doesn't make financial sense.

And until Nintendo realizes this, you always have Wii U apologists saying, "Well, at least we have Bayonetta." Lol.



Godsire- commented on Sony's Fighting Back with Some Big US PS4 Bundles:


You should get a PS4 because Microsoft is a moronic company who doesn't deserve anyone's money.

However, if as a consumer you don't feel Sony has done enough to warrant $400 of your $ (which they haven't, in my opinon), then sit tight & enjoy your PS3 until Uncharted releases.

At this point, Microsoft hasn't done squat either. They only dropped the price by $50 & their best exclusive is a remastered collection of Halo Xbox 360 games.

With either console you are, essentially, paying for what's coming. Not for what's here now. Both consoles have been a disappointment, software wise, but hopefully that will change in '15.



Godsire- commented on PS4 Conditions 'Tougher' in the US Following X...:


And trust me, it hurts to type that because I used to LOVE Nintendo. I have owned all their systems & they, single-handedly, brought console gaming back to the US after the Atari debacle in the 80's.

I have been loyal to them a long time, but their arrogance & stubborness has cost them on so many occasions, it's ridiculous.

The Wii U may be a great console, but it's what we should've had LAST generation instead of the Wii. That would have been amazing. Instead the Wii U will probably go down like the Dreamcast. A great niche console that just got lost behind the two bigger "brothers", so to speak.



Godsire- commented on PS4 Conditions 'Tougher' in the US Following X...:


Exactly. I highly doubt this price cut is temporary. That would be a stupid move on their part.

Sony will never be able to compete with Microsoft's unlimited funds. So they MUST get some big name, exclusive games out as soon as possible, & they better be good. That is their upper hand over Microsoft. If they don't, they will be in trouble in 2015.

The Order needs to be great. That's an extremely important game as it comes out early '15 & is a much hyped exclusive. Sony's lack of AAA exclusive dominance & them touting all these damn indie games & PS3 remasters instead of getting their big franchises out there has caught up to them.

If Sony isn't going to play to their strengths, then Microsoft will. And their strength is $. They can afford a price drop this early without batting an eye. Sony would be wise to keep bundles coming & maybe even slap a bigger hard drive inside the PS4.

However, most gamers (especially here in the US) are idiots. They used to have an Xbox 360. Then Microsoft made fools of themselves leading up to Xbox One. Then a lot of people jumped to Sony's camp. But no Uncharted type games & Sony botching almost every big name PS4 exclusive, so far, & a nice shiny price drop for the Xbox One is a tough thing for the casual, idiotic US gamer to ignore.



Godsire- commented on Could the PS4 Version of Beyond: Two Souls Be ...:


Oh, trust will get your wish. An Uncharted PS4 collection is inevitable at this point.

Hell, I am starting to think some epic "Ratchet & Clank Super Duper Mega Collection" featuring all 539 games in that series is next. "All in 1080p with dual shock 4 support" will be the new features on the back of the box.



Godsire- commented on Review: Resogun (PlayStation Network - Vita):

While I will wait to play this on PS4, as it was intended, I think it's great they ported this to PS3/Vita. The more people that give Housemarque $, the better. They deserve it. Super Stardust HD is still my favorite PSN game.



Godsire- commented on Pachter: This Is the PlayStation 4's Generatio...:


Nintendo has also had a full year head start on both Sony & Microsoft & are just now starting to kick out good exclusives at a decent rate.

Also, with Nintendo being Nintendo & releasing a console with "last-gen" tech, for me, it's really hard to compare them to Sony & Microsoft at this point.

The Wii U is a niche console & a good 2nd console to have sitting next to a PS4 or Xbox One.



Godsire- commented on Could a Future PS4 Firmware Update Bring Onlin...:

How was this NOT a function at launch? Completely ridiculous, if you think about it. And people who want a "favorites" section to seperate their friends.......why is a person even on your friends list if you don't want them in your "favorites"?



Godsire- commented on Chaos Will Rise in the Next God of War on PS4:


Ascension was, easily, the worst GOW game. By far. Not even close.

The game was a sad attempt at turning GOW into a multiplayer game & they threw in a mediocre campaign because they knew nobody in their right mind would purchase a GOW multiplayer only title. It's even in the "making of" videos on the disc. The multiplayer was the main focus, the story & campaign is barely even mentioned.

Let me put it this way......I own every GOW game, w/ the exception of Ascension because I traded it into Gamestop for fear it may infect the rest of my collection with it's mediocrity.

So you aren't missing anything, if you haven't played it.