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Godsire- commented on Wait, Did Sony Just Accidentally Reveal the Un...:


Yea exactly. This was so predictable. Sony releasing old PS3 games on the PS4 is getting ridiculous. Any developer wasted on this project is one developer not being used to get Uncharted 4 out the door quicker.

Although, if it somehow helps get Golden Abyss on PSTV, then that would be great.



Godsire- commented on Push Scare: The Thing About PS2 Horror The Thing:

This is my absolute #1 game I want to replay if Sony brings it to PlayStation Now. In fact, I would kill for an HD version.

I am a HUGE, gigantic, massive fan of the movie. I still use lines from the movie in real life......"You've got to be fu#%@ing kidding me." & "Back off! Way off!", etc. & was shocked how good this game was when it came out. Such an underrated classic.

Great article!



Godsire- commented on Destiny's First Expansion Will Cost You £19.9...:

It's shocking how Bungie has just completely screwed this game up. I have no idea, whatsoever, why people continue to support this game.

It's a perfect example of what's wrong with the gaming industry these days. Other companies should watch what Bungie & Activision are doing with this & do the exact opposite.



Godsire- commented on Push Scare: Resident Evil 3: Nemesis Is an Und...:


That's not even close to correct. Lol. Only RE1 got a remake on GC. The other two RE games on GC were RE Zero & RE4.

But back to the original topic.....while I loved all the early RE games up until 5, I always thought RE3 was the weakest, by far, of the 4. Still a great game, though. It's just that the other 3 were legendary titles.



Godsire- commented on Wait, Did Techland Just Cancel the PS3 Version...:

Techland.......the company behind, 'Dead Island'?

So that means us PS3 owners aren't going to get a trailer that winds up being WAY better than the actual game, while also not being representative of the final product in any way?

Oh darn.

When this game gets a 6.5 on Metacritic, PS3 owners still won't care.



Godsire- commented on Push Scare: The Resident Evil 4 Cabin Encounte...:

Yea I love RE4. It's an amazing game to this day & I an in the middle of playing Code Veronica again & RE4 is next. Then I am giving Revelations a shot. I am a huge Resident Evil junkie since the original on the PS1.

I thought the cabin part was cool, but just overall tension was the best part for me. The series had grown a bit stale w/ zombies at that point & RE4 changed it forever (added more action) for better or worse.

I thought RE5 was good, but it wasn't scary and there shouldn't be co-op in games like this. And the less said about RE6, the better.

But, RE4 remains the last great Resident Evil game. It combines the perfect amount of sheer tension & has moments of fear. And it finally ditched the hideous controls that plagued the series for years. It wasn't the scariest game ever made, but it remains one of the best.



Godsire- commented on Does LittleBigPlanet 3 Look Much Better on the...:


So "last-gen" exclusives need to stop, why? Because you went out & paid $400 for a system? That's your problem. If people are still buying games for the PS3/Xbox 360, that means that a lot of people aren't on board with paying what you did to get good-to-average games.

Nobody put a gun to your head & made you go all PS4. If you want to play those PS3 exclusives so bad, then go buy them for your PS3. If you don't have your PS3 anymore.....once again.....your choice & your problem. But millions of PS3 owners shouldn't be punished because you have no patience & made an impulse $400 purchase.



Godsire- commented on Round Up: Shadow Warrior PS4 Reviews Go for th...:

Didn't they just do this with Duke Nukem? Lol.

In all seriousness (and I am aware this isn't the same situation as Gearbox & Duke Nukem, etc.), this has that feel of......if you were around in the 90's, owned a PC, played FPS on it, then you may like this game. If not.....probably not.

So, in that case, I am interested.



Godsire- commented on Does LittleBigPlanet 3 Look Much Better on the...:


Who cares? Both consoles get the game &, hopefully, both versions will be good. Everybody wins.

The PS3 has life bc millions of people still play it & want games for it. Just because most at this website feel it's a good idea to go drop $400 on a console that has very few exclusive, non cross-gen great games for it, that doesn't mean that the general public feels the same.

Besides, 2015 will be the year where companies start putting out big non cross-gen games. Whether they are good or not remains to be seen. You just have to be patient, I guess.



Godsire- commented on Does LittleBigPlanet 3 Look Much Better on the...:


Yea I was always going to get this on PS3. These cross-gen games are not worth getting a PS4 for, if you don't already have one. The PS4 needs it's killer exclusive, non cross-gen game. Until then, I will enjoy my PS3 & MAYBE a PSTV.

A big maybe on that last one.

A good baseline to go by is if the PS3 version is being made by a different developer, then avoid it. For instance, Shadow Of Mordor, PS3 version, is being developed by a different company & they have said they had to scale back parts of the gameplay. Advanced Warfare is another one I would avoid.

But, a lot of these games started off as PS3 games that were then upgraded to take advantage of the next-gen systems. The Evil Within, Alien: Isolation, even MGS: Phantom Pain are all great examples. I have heard Destiny is just fine on "last-gen" consoles. Dragon Age: Inquisition is another. Those are the games I wouldn't worry about getting on the PS3. LittleBigPlanet 3 falls right into that group.

It just takes a little research & taking it on a game-by-game basis to make the correct call. But if someone already has a PS4, I would just get the "better" versions since you already spent the $400.



Godsire- commented on Er, Where's the PS3 Version of Grand Theft Aut...:

Rockstar would be completely idiotic to NOT release this on PS3 at this point. And the amount Microsoft would've had to pay them to keep it exclusive to Xbox 360 would be a dumb way to spend $ considering where we are in the lifecycle of 360/PS3.



Godsire- commented on Could Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas HD Be on t...:


Yea I always say Rockstar is one of the most "overrated" companies in gaming. Not because any of their games suck (well, that table tennis game on the 360 was crap, in my opinion), but because I usually rate their games in the 8-8.5 range as opposed to all the 10's they get. They make very good-great games, not perfect my opinion.

However, one thing I give them a lot of credit for is for not "whoring out" the GTA franchise like Activi$ion did w/ COD or EA is doing w/ Battlefield. Or what Ubisoft does w/ Assassin's Creed. Yea their games take years to finish, but that's how it should be. And they make quality titles every time.

It would be real easy to start putting out a GTA every year (basically $60 expansions) or create some stupid spin-offs, etc. just to make a quick buck. But to your point, they are deliberate......but that's a good thing. So yea, maybe they haven't had time to re-do all their PS2 games in HD.



Godsire- commented on Sony Deploys Deadly Hallowe'en Discounts for P...:

Yea the NA version of this sale blows. Not even close to this many games. And the ones we did get, that I would want, I got last year during the '13 version of this.

For ex. Why is Dead Space 2 on our NA sale, but none of the other Dead Space games? Makes zero sense.



Godsire- commented on Could Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas HD Be on t...:

They should just remaster all of the GTA PS2 games & get it over with.

Being an 80's kid, Vice City was my favorite. And I think I am one of the only 5 people on the planet to not play San Andreas yet. So I would be interested in this.

What's interesting to me is how Rockstar would get the licensed music back in the game.



Godsire- commented on Yes, There Will Be Exciting Game Announcements...:

Since it's a PlayStation event, I doubt there will be any big 3rd party breaking news.

Maybe Guerilla will finally unveil their new IP with some footage.

I still feel like a Syphon Filter game will make an appearance one of these days.

And I rarely say this, but if Sony is ever gonna reveal a new Vita game, this would be the time (with PSTV just being released).



Godsire- commented on Review: DriveClub (PlayStation 4):

I was very intetested in this game before the disasterous launch & the lack of cars out of the box. I am not a 'gear head' or car nut, so this game sounds like something for me as I have no interest in tweaking every aspect of the engine, etc. The AI sounds incredibly frustrating though.



Godsire- commented on Interview: Will Tom Clancy's The Division Deli...:


Didn't get Ghosts, eh? Your mom cut off your gaming budget after Black Ops 2?

And if you would've actually READ my comment, instead of reacting to it like a pentulate child, I said that companies should make games that offer BOTH single & multiplayer modes & actually make them BOTH enjoyable. How could you actually argue against that? You would still get to yell at your 14 yr old friends online & you would get a good campaign to boot.

But no. You would rather hand Bungie/Activi$ion $60 of your mom's hard earned money to play an online only game that tries to disguise it's DRM. If we speak w/ our wallets & make companies give us BOTH, then they will.

And ripping on single player games overall is just idiotic. BioShock, Mass Effect, God Of War, Uncharted, Metal Gear Solid, Arkham Asylum/City, etc., all called to laugh at your existance.



Godsire- commented on Interview: Will Tom Clancy's The Division Deli...:


Don't get me wrong, I don't mind dlc if it's done correctly. Meaning it's not overpriced content pulled from the game just to make extra $. Bethesda's games are a good example of how to do dlc.

But even if DriveClub releases those other cars for free, why weren't they in the original game? They already delayed the game & still had a disasterous launch. What were they doing that whole time? Releasing a racing game w/ only European cars is completely ridiculous & it effects the out-of-box original product. Whether it's free or not, gamers shouldn't have to wait to get at least the minimum amount of cars available in most racing games.



Godsire- commented on Interview: Will Tom Clancy's The Division Deli...:


If you are going to call someone a "crybaby" for voicing an opinion that is different than least spell correctly.

And you are the type of idiotic gamer that lets these companies ruin the industry. Online only games are NOT "the best". How about games that offer BOTH a single and multiplayer experience? Those are the best. Then everybody is happy.

Now go back to playing 'COD: Ghosts' & leave us adults alone.



Godsire- commented on Interview: Will Tom Clancy's The Division Deli...:


Games are "starting to get better" about DLC? Are you high? Lol.

Destiny releases in a condition where it's obvious that story elements had been pulled from the game. Guess where that stuff ends up? Yea DLC.

The new PS3 Borderlands (the pre-sequel) has already been caught holding back characters, etc. And you honestly believe DriveClub is only going to have European cars in it? And you think those Japanese, American, etc. cars aren't on the disc?

Companies are getting WORSE about DLC, not better. I am not saying this game will do that, but multiplayer focused games tend to do that sort of thing.



Godsire- commented on Interview: Will Tom Clancy's The Division Deli...:


Most potential to you maybe. The guy answering glazed over the campaign question, of course. Not every game needs to be a co-op or multiplayer experience.

But I get that's what this game is about, so maybe this just isn't my type of game, in general. That doesn't make it a bad game, just not a game for me.



Godsire- commented on Good News, PS4 Exclusive DriveClub Almost Work...:

Just an absolute disaster of a launch. People should boycott this game to show these companies that, as consumers, we won't put up with this junk.

To make it worse, as another comment said, the game even got delayed. What the hell were they doing that whole time? And don't get me started on the game not having cars outside of Europe......until the DLC comes, that is.

I will not be purchasing this load of dung.



Godsire- commented on Review: The Evil Within (PlayStation 4):


You'd probably be safe buying the PS3 version. Like most of these 'cross-gen' releases, this game started as a PS3 game & they 'upgraded' it to PS4.

The ones you want to avoid are ones like 'Shadow Of Mordor'. The PS3 version of that was made by a completely different company.