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Godsire- commented on Project Morpheus Will Change the Way You Play ...:

Why would anyone trust Sony with this type of thing at this point?

First off, like someone else said, this reeks of a gaming fad.

Secondly, Sony has shown they will bail on support for a device (not named PlayStation) very quickly if things don't go perfect. The Move & Vita are great examples of this.

Anyone who pays big money for this deserves what will happen to their money.



Godsire- commented on Review: Helldivers (PlayStation 4):


Oh ok. This game does sound interesting & fun. I normally don't like multiplayer only focused games, but I was thinking about giving this one a shot.

However, with it not being compatible with PSTV, I am not going to buy it. When lots of other indies can find the time to make their games compatible, why should I give $ to the ones that don't? I know it's available on PS3 & 4 too, but this just had "perfect for the Vita" written all over it. Oh well.



Godsire- commented on Ubisoft's Going to Put More Modern Day Stuff i...:

I played AC1 & found it to be one of the most overhyped, repetitious games I have ever played. And it had nothing to do with the modern day, Desmond parts.

The game just wasn't that good. I have heard AC2 is, apparently, great........but how this series went annual & still sells, I have no idea. Especially after the Driveclub-like debacle known as Unity.



Godsire- commented on Mortal Kombat X May Yet Have 2015's Campest Ca...:


You have to understand how this website works:

This site will hype some indie or Japanese game that you have never heard of (and 90% of the gaming world doesn't care about), but they'll make fun of games like Mortal Kombat.

This site will also have "news" articles that are really more opinion blog-like articles where objectivity is thrown out the window.

This is also the biggest PlayStation fanboy site in history, so take some things with a grain of salt. For example, this is the only site I have seen that actually defends DriveClub to a ridiculous degree. You also get about 35,749 articles a month on PS4 sales & how indies are better than AAA games.

So why come here? They are very up to date on news. They give the Vita the attention it deserves. They review almost everything PlayStation related. The site also has a lot of actual hardcore gamers that frequent it, so the level of complete idiotic, casual gamers is kept to a minimum. And even though you clearly are not a fan of Sammy, he does write some good articles.



Godsire- commented on UK Sales Charts: PS4 Exclusive The Order: 1886...:

Being #1 in sales for the week means squat. Like Hollywood movies, big releases rarely come out during the same week so this news isn't really news.

I really hope the game is actually good. It's my kind of game & I love story-based games. I don't really care how long it is as long as it's fun.



Godsire- commented on DriveClub: PlayStation Plus Edition Still Bein...:


Your point makes no sense towards the argument here. Driveclub didn't get cancelled. They lied about a free version they were offering & using to try to sell systems & get people to sign up for PlayStation Plus. That's not even close to the same thing as Blizzard cancelling a game.



Godsire- commented on DriveClub: PlayStation Plus Edition Still Bein...:

IGN says that the guy who was interviewed wouldn't commit to the PS+ version coming at all. Ever. In fact, the whole tone of the same news was completely different on that site & others.

This site, which is filled with Driveclub apologists for some reason, will obviously paint this news in a different light, which may not be entirely accurate.

Either way, it sounds like the chances of this game coming to PS+ are best.



Godsire- commented on Opinion: How Reviews Can Colour a Game's Recep...:

I do feel that Metacritic works as intended as long as you ignore the ridiculously stupid user scores. Sure I think games like GTA, The Last Of Us, Journey, Braid, etc. are overrated on there, but they aren't bad games so I don't get upset if I find a game that I end up trading in even though it got a '94' on that site.

On the flip side, I just played Killzone Mercenary & thought it was great, even though it only got a score in the 70's.

Using reviews as a base guide can be very helpful. Where it gets tricky can be in the 65-80 (Metacritic score) range, but that's where reading actual details in the reviews can be beneficial. Either way, I think written (I hate video) reviews are important. Videogames aren't cheap, so it's nice to have a guide.

And don't listen to Sammy.........written reviews aren't going anywhere for a long time.



Godsire- commented on Opinion: How Reviews Can Colour a Game's Recep...:


I completely agree. I check out many reviews for a game before purchasing. Like you said, I look for common complaints or patterns. And I would NEVER pre-order a game these days. That's just stupid at this point. So I usually always end up playing quality games.



Godsire- commented on Heavenly Sword's Art Director Has Returned to ...:


Yea I agree. It's become tough to find Heavenly Sword for the PS3, if you don't get it used. And even then, it may not be in great condition. And like you said, it's not available digitally on PSN.

I am really looking forward to this game. Ninja Theory rules even though they never gave Heavenly Sword a trophy patch.



Godsire- commented on Review: The Order: 1886 (PlayStation 4):

Well, Sony drops the ball on.......yet another.......exclusive. This is actually starting to get worrisome, even though Xbox One isn't exactly doing much in exclusives either.

I really wanted this game to be great, as I love single-player, story driven games. I will still give it a rent & hope for the best. Looking at the Metacritic scores, if you take out the ridiculous, click-bait '20' Digital Trends gave it, then it seems the general consensous is about a 6-7 out of 10. Not bad, but certainly sounds like a rental to me.



Godsire- commented on Picking Up a PS4 Soon? You Could Also Get a Fr...:

I have PS TV and love it. It was very cheap & enabled me to fall in love with Persona 4 on my big screen. Also, Killzone Mercenary is great.

I got Muramasa, Ninja Gaiden, & Final Fantasy X HD waiting. I hate handhelds, so this was a great purchase for me. I am upset that Sony isn't patching more games for it (especially Uncharted: GA), but I got my money's worth on Killzone & 80+ hrs (and counting) of Persona 4 alone.



Godsire- commented on We Hope You're Not Expecting DriveClub PS Plus...:


Oh I get it & "am there". I just think your point is idiotic & has very little, if any, relevence here. But, as someone pointed out earlier, apparently that's the norm with you.

And yes, this probably is a waste of our time. I am sure you have many other articles to start up pointless arguments in. By all means, move on to those.



Godsire- commented on Sony's Approach to Indies Is Good for the Enti...:


I agree. I don't mind the occasional retro looking game, but there are way too many now.

But developers are jumping on that retro indie bandwagon because hipster douchebags like Phil Fish (just one example) hate modern, AAA gaming so they try to make a game that is "old school". At the same time, making an 8-bit game in 2015 & charging you $15 for it is ok? They are hipocrites & most weren't even alive or old enough to really remember gaming on the NES.

I am with you. Why not make a game that feels like a classic game, but with current-gen graphics? Indie developers may argue that they don't have the budget or time for that. I would then argue that maybe they go do something else for a living because others have done it. Why can't they? Either way, they won't get my money.



Godsire- commented on Sony's Approach to Indies Is Good for the Enti...:


I couldn't have said it better myself. I only want good games, indie or AAA. I don't care.

But yea, when I read a review of an indie game at this site, I instantly drop it down a number (at least) due to the reviewers here giving almost every indie game the usual '8' or higher.



Godsire- commented on We Hope You're Not Expecting DriveClub PS Plus...:


Exactly. As I have said in the comment sections of many other related articles at this site (and gotten attacked for it), there is no way in @%`# I am ever going to support this game.

Sony & Evolution's handling of this game & their flat-out lies have been disgraceful. Supporting this type of behavior just sends the wrong message. And other than fanyboys in the comment sections at this website (who blindly defend this game, for some reason), I have not seen any articles anywhere even talking about this game anymore.



Godsire- commented on Just Cause 3's First Trailer Is Far More Serio...:

Just Cause series.........a B-movie version of GTA on an island.

I kinda liked JC2 in a way that you rent it from Gamefly, beat it, send it back, & never play it again. I don't regret the time spent, but it didn't get me excited for a 3rd entry.