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Godsire- commented on Review: Destiny (PlayStation 4):

This is exactly what I predicted the game to get: a 7 or an 8. Metacritic has it at a 75. It sounds like a game that is still very good, but just not the genre changing experience people were expecting. While that's not necessarily a bad thing, it's just that the things peope DON'T like about it, (lame story, repetitive) are the things that I was hoping it would do well to stand out from the usual multiplayer FPS crowd.

I was hoping for a game that told an epic story while also delivering great multiplayer. Bungie has shown in the past that they are capable of doing so with Halo. Unfortunately, it doesn't sound like Bungie has pulled off that feat......yet.

What I & other people, should keep in mind, however, is as much as they don't want to call this an MMO, that is really what it sounds like it is. And MMO's evolve over time & maybe Bungie has some plans to improve the things that some people are complaining about. Or maybe they don't, who knows?

In the end, like it or not, "hype" can be a damaging thing. With the pedigree of Bungie & a massive marketing budget behind Destiny, people are going to expect greatness or near perfection. That can, ultimately, lead to disappointment. But a 7-8 is still a very good score. At least it didn't completely bomb, & it does have a lot of room for growth.



Godsire- commented on Here's a Really Bad Resident Evil: Revelations...:

They better not screw this game up.....

Resident Evil is really starting irritate me. Capcom is destroying (or has destroyed) one of the best franchises in gaming. And the REALLY irritating thing is, it's bc of completely ridiculous design decisions that leave me shocked as to how anyone at Capcom even have jobs at this point.

I am just waiting to replay the Resident Evil remake (awesome game, btw), then this series can go f@#% itself.

.......(steps down from soap box). Lol.



Godsire- commented on Sony: PS Vita's Remarkably Resilient, and Won'...:


When you can get Rogue Legacy or Counterspy, for example, for your PS3/PS4, why would you buy them for Vita?

When a company creates a handheld, then openly says it won't make any more big retail games for said handheld bc of low sales (even though it's that company's fault it isn't selling well bc of mind blowingly stupid decisions), then that handheld is.....dead.

Just my opinion. It is a shame, bc the Vita is an amazing piece of hardware & had so much potential.



Godsire- commented on Round Up: Destiny PS4 Reviews Shoot for the Moon:


Fair points. Although, I never said you shouldn't be able to criticize a review that you disagree with. Hell, I do that all the time myself.

What I was saying is that you shouldn't criticize the reviewer's right to express that opinion whether you think he/she is qualified to review that game or not. That person is just doing their job.

Btw, I a HUGE fan of sci-fi shooters (sci-fi anything, really) & am on the fence about getting this game, so I am like a sponge right now.......soaking up all the info I can about it to make a decision. I will definitely take your opinion, on how the game turned out, into account.



Godsire- commented on Wait, Resident Evil: Revelations 2 Is an Episo...:

I swear, Capcom can't get out of their own way about anything related to this series. What is the point of releasing this in an episodic format? Why is the retail version $15 more?! Why does Claire look like Toby Maguire?!! Why did RE6 suck so mu......Oh wait, wrong topic.

I have been a loyal supporter & apologist of this series since day 1, but Capcom's mind numbing decision making regarding this franchise just continues to blow my mind.



Godsire- commented on Round Up: Destiny PS4 Reviews Shoot for the Moon:

This game has a 7 or 8 written all over it. Reviews will say the game looks great & is fun to play, but the story sucks & it's repetitive.

Overall, it really sounds like a game that if you are like me & want a story & more of a solo experience, then avoid this game. If you want a grind like experience to get some cool loot (like a FPS Phantasy Star Online), then give it a shot.

We'll see as more reviews come out, but I probably won't be picking this up.



Godsire- commented on Feature: Man on the Moon - Our Early Intergala...:


And Activision is, arguably, the worst publisher at "whoring" anything they can to make more $. They single handedly killed off the music game genre by releasing countless expansions, DLC, & controllers & overcharged for all of it. And we've all seen what they have done to the once great, 'Call Of Duty' series. Absolutely ran it into the ground & ruined 'Infinity Ward' in the process.

Hopefully they don't do the same with Bungie.



Godsire- commented on First Impressions: What's Call of Duty: Advanc...:


Kevin Spacey does rule beyond words. "DETECTIVES.......I think you're looking for me." (if you get my movie reference there) Chilling.

Like you said, the campaign is the key for me. It doesn't have to be long, but remember how awesome the MW1 story was? Short, exciting, & fun to play.



Godsire- commented on First Impressions: What's Call of Duty: Advanc...:


Like you said, this is the first COD I am actually looking foward to since Infinity Ward's heyday. I loved the first 2 COD's & MW 1 & 2. I played MW3 to finish up the story & didn't think it was too bad considering the turmoil going on at IW at the time. After playing COD 3 & WAW, Treyarch is dead to me, however. And Ghosts sounded incredibly underwhelming & it shows IW is a shell of it's former great self.

Hopefully Sledgehammer can save the series. They have a good pedigree with the early Dead Space games (some of the guys used to work at Visceral), so I am hoping they go back to making a great campaign along with the multiplayer. I think that is an area where they can really pull ahead of DICE & it's Battlefield series.......give us good single player too!!



Godsire- commented on Feature: Man on the Moon - Our Early Intergala...:

A question I have is w/ people hitting the level cap already, is this going to be one of those games where Bungie held back content & then they will release DLC to make $ & then raise the level cap.

If that's the case, I wouldn't be surprised considering the cost of making the game, the online only nature of the title, & the greed in the industry these days. But still......I hope that's not the case.



Godsire- commented on Feature: Man on the Moon - Our Early Intergala...:


Yea but like a Michael Bay film, I don't just want something that looks good. I want sonething with substance & a good story. I am just not sure this is my cup of tea, so to speak.

Who knows though? Most MMO type games struggle out of the gate with some things. I am assuming Destiny is going to be around long enough to evolve as time goes on.



Godsire- commented on Feature: Man on the Moon - Our Early Intergala...:


No, you are not. I am too. VERY tired.

I do hope the game ends up being good, but it's clearly not a must-buy regardless. A lot of "reviews in progress" are bringing up the same complaints as Sammy had. The online only thing, for me, pretty much kills it. We'll see.



Godsire- commented on Sorry! PlayStation Plus Will Play Host to Plen...:


Exactly. I would take it a step further......NOBODY would subscribe. Even these Sony, indie loving apologists at this site wouldn't (even if they say they would).

However, what big AAA games (that aren't third party) is Sony going to put up there? Most of their exclusives have ranged from "Ehhh..." to "they suck" & there aren't many of them anyways.

Sony knows you have to pay to play online now, so we'll get a steady stream of this type of game.



Godsire- commented on Talking Point: Is Indie Becoming a Defunct, Di...:

"Indies" are selling well (if that's even the case"), bc Sony isn't doing what they should be doing, which is provide bigger "AAA" experiences. So early adopters of the PS4 have nothing else to play. Consumers are going to spend their $ on something to justify paying $400 for a new game console. It doesn't help that the few "AAA" exclusives on the PS4 (Killzone, inFAMOUS, etc.) have performed somewhat poorly, critically speaking.

I could care less if a game is considered "Indie" or "AAA" to be honest. But a console needs a fine balance between smaller & bigger gaming experiences. That way nobody will complain & everybody's happy. Sony is, currently, not providing that balance.

And Sony, as a company, pushing this "Indie" craze is so fake, it's not even funny. The only reason they are or did was because Microsoft has pissed off a lot of indie developers in the past several years & Sony knew they didn't have much in the way of first party, exclusive AAA content coming. So they have to promote something to sell their new console.

If Sony's development companies start putting out good games, like they should've been doing then this whole discussion would be a moot point.



Godsire- commented on PSN Temporarily Offline Again as Attacks Ramp ...:

I would love to be put in a room with no windows, cameras, or witnesses w/ these hackers......alone.......for about 20 min.

I guarantee they wouldn't want to hack anything ever again. I hate hackers. Bunch of gutless punks.

please watch the language -Tasuki-



Godsire- commented on Sony's Done a Great Job with Indies, Says Form...:


Not really, obviously. I am just saying there is plenty of innovation in larger budget, AAA games. Just because EA, Activision, Ubisoft, etc. have games that are pure cash cows, doesn't mean every game they release is that way.

And when a cash cow series gets started, there is usually some great ideas there or the series wouldn't have made it past the first game or two. Sure the companies milk the hell out of what used to be original ideas, but that's what companies do to try to make $. Doesn't mean we have to buy them.

For ex., I love the original COD, COD2, & the first 2 Modern Warfare games. The rest of the series can blow me. Treyarch sucks & Infinity Ward is a shell of it's former self. Maybe Sledgehammer can do something cool with 'Advanced Warfare', but who knows? If they do, then I will buy COD games again.

In other words, I think the original Modern Warfare, for ex , was a very innovative title & changed FPS to this day. Did Braid do that? Did Journey? Did Limbo? Did Retro City Rampage? Um no. Not even close.



Godsire- commented on Sony's Done a Great Job with Indies, Says Form...:


If you really have been playing games as long as you say, you wouldn't need friends that have been "making games for over 20 yrs." (if that's even true) to tell you what you say they tell you.

I am not saying indie developers don't take more risks in games. But just bc they take more risks doesn't mean the games are actually any good or that they "innovate the industry". Some do, but for every one that does, there are 10 indie games that are garbage.

And of course you can give examples of AAA games like COD that just recycle the last year's game. But what about the original COD? Of the first Modern Warfare? Those games were WAY more innovative than sone game like Limbo or Fez. Lol. Not to mention games like Mass Effect, BioShock, Skyrim, etc. Give me a break.



Godsire- commented on Minecraft on PS4 Fails Quality Testing, Gets B...:

I hate to sound like an old fart (which I am), but "back in my day" developers FINISHED a game before putting in on a cartridge or disc & releasing it. None of this day 1 patch b.s. because they had no internet.

Glad to see Sony is maybe taking a step to putting a stop to this nonsense.



Godsire- commented on Sony's Done a Great Job with Indies, Says Form...:


Oh yea, the one minute I spent to read this article really set me back. Lol. Besides, I am free to speak my mind just like you are. So if you don't like my opinions, nobody is forcing you to read them.

Also your comment is typical nonsense. Indie studios aren't giving bigger publishers ideas. It's the other way around. You think those indie platformers, for example, created that genre? Of course not. AAA games did back in the day. Ever hear of Mario Bros.? And that's just one example. Just bc you slap some 8-bit graphics on a game, make it very difficult, give little to no story, make it last only a few hrs., & put a $15 price tag on it (instead of $60) doesn't make it innovative or unique.

And you have things completely backwards. If there weren't AAA games (or the promise of them in the future), indie developers wouldn't be putting games on the PS4. There wouldn't be a PS4 at all. AAA games & the promise of them in the future are what sells consoles & drives the industry. Not the other way around.

And while I am interested in No Man's Sky too, it's not even out yet & we don't know if it's any good. In fact, we know very little about the game. So let's not start calling that some "innovative" title yet.



Godsire- commented on Sony's Done a Great Job with Indies, Says Form...:

Ugh.....ANOTHER article on this site about how genius Sony is for having indie games? Snore.

How is this news? Is this just Sammy being bored, trying to start another "AAA vs Indie" discussion in the comments section?

Let half the people here say thay Sony's doing a great job, blah, blah. Let 30% say that the PS4 needs more AAA games, blah, blah (I am in this camp). And let the last 20% say that we need to all just get along, blah, blah.

Now let's move on to articles about actual interesting news.



Godsire- commented on Whatever You May Think, Hellblade Is Not Heave...:


I really liked Heavenly Sword, too. The combat was a bit of a God Of War rip off, but still fun. The game had AMAZING cutscenes (especially for an early PS3 release), with Andy Serkis as evil King Bohan being one of the best I had seen up to that point. And Anna Torv as a redhead.......:-)

Unfortunately, due to Sony's arrogance of releasing the PS3 for $600 & several other hyped up exclusives bombed (Lair & Haze, for ex.), the system didn't sell well & HS kind of got lost in the shuffle. After the first Uncharted came out & Sony dropped the price of the console......well, the rest is history.

I really think Ninja Theory missed an opportunity when Sony came up w/ trophies, as they decided not to patch it. Whether you like trophies or not, trophies do get people to play games they normally wouldn't sometimes or get people to come back a game (like MGS4 did) & HS could have used that word of mouth to get a potential sequel going.

Either way, it's a shame if we don't get another game in the series & it would be missed opportunity for Sony & Ninja Theory. Obviously there is a fan base for it. Just give us what we want & we'll buy it.