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Godsire- commented on Round Up: The Last of Us Remastered PS4 Review...:

@Demi_God completely agree. I would give the game an 8/10 on PS3. Thought it was a good game with some great moments. But it's too soon for a remaster, if it needed one at all. The IGN review is a complete joke. Colin Moriarity apparently lobbying for a job at Naughty Dog's PR dept.



Godsire- commented on Failing to Consider The Last of Us 2 Would Be ...:


A new Jak & Daxter would work too. I just don't want to see such a talented studio held down to just 2 IP's. Uncharted is the type of franchise that can have sequels. The Last Of Us is the type of game that thrives on the emotional connection the chatacters have with each & with the player & should only get a sequel if that is the case again. In other words, they shouldn't force it.



Godsire- commented on Failing to Consider The Last of Us 2 Would Be ...:

Personally, I thought The Last Of Us was slightly overrated (meaning I would give it an 8 as opposed to all the perfect scores it got), but I still liked it. I just don't think it needs a sequel regardless. Sony is probably all ovet Naughty Dog to make one since it would sell like hot cakes. Glad to hear that ND isn't just going to shlep out some sequel just to make $. I would like to see another new IP from them.



Godsire- commented on Bethesda Won't Show Us PS4's New DOOM Game, So...:

@LDXD I didn't say I love Doom 3 as much as 1 & 2, but it's a great game regardless. Everyone has their own opinon, right or wrong. You would give Doom 3 a 7.5, calling that "generous" & calling the game "average" just sounds crazy to me.

Doom 3 is better than iD shoveling out the same game every time. Would you rather have them just make the same game over & over? If so, go play 'Final Doom'. Basically a more difficult add on pack dressed up as a full game.

Hopefully Doom 4 gives people some new stuff while still having that old feel to it so we can have some middle ground.



Godsire- commented on Bethesda Won't Show Us PS4's New DOOM Game, So...:

@LDXD player reviews on Metacritic are a joke, as we should all know by now. I am playing MW3 right now, and that got on 88 by critics, and player reviews game it a 3.1! That is ridiculous. Reading or using player reviews on Metacritic is like pissing into the wind.....pointless.

And who are "lots of people"? I grew up playing 1 & 2 along with a lot of people I know & 3 was still liked a lot. I just don't get the hate.



Godsire- commented on Bethesda Won't Show Us PS4's New DOOM Game, So...:

And to be honest, Sammy calling Doom 3 "disappointing" is based on what exactly? Personal opinion? If that's the case, then state the comment that way. Don't just make it a general statement like it's common knowledge or something.

Doom 3 on Metacritic: 87%. Doesn't sound like that many people were that disappointed.



Godsire- commented on Naughty Dog: An Uncharted Collection Would Be ...:

More milking......this is getting ridiculous. Put out some new, original games! Give me a reason to own a PS4! Stop wasting our time with constant remakes this early in a generation.

And yea, what the (bleep) is PlayStation Now for then?



Godsire- commented on Let's Be Honest, Heavenly Sword: The Movie Loo...:

I have no idea why this movie is even being released at this point. I did like Heavenly Sword quite a bit (especially the story, cutscenes, & Andy Serkis is AMAZING as the villain), but the game didn't sell well & a sequel never got past the planning stages. In fact, Ninja Theory has said that they have moved on.

But here's what they need to do: Repackage up the game, re-release it with trophies (trophies weren't around back when it was released), & put this movie in with the package. Sell it for a discount price & see if people give it a shot. If it sells, finally give us a sequel. The game didn't get a fair shake, in my opinion, as it came out during the dark days of the PS3 (after the huge flops Lair & Haze and before Uncharted) when the PS3 wasn't selling.



Godsire- commented on Alien: Isolation's Pre-Order Bonus Is Turning ...:

Since I am a flat-out Aliens whore, I will be buying this no matter what & get all the content in some form eventually. But this whole situation is a bit confusing & it doesn't have to be. I just hope the game is good. I am still trying to wash the stink of that dung pile known as Aliens: Colonial Marines off of me.



Godsire- commented on Could PS3's Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Come t...:

I'd be happy to have this on my PS3. I could care less if this came to PS4, as it will be just some marginal upgrade (since it was clearly made with the PS3/Xbox 360 in mind) & I don't plan on owning a PS4 for awhile.

People who want this badly on PS4 are either huge Borderlands fans or people who forked out $400 for a new system before it actually had games that justified people spending $400 on said system, so they are starving for anyhing new to play. Either way, I'll take all the good PS3 releases I can get.



Godsire- commented on Uncharted Collection a 'Good Candidate' for PS...:


Exactly. I loved the Uncharted series.....a lot. But even I wouldn't purchase a collection. And I question why this would make sense for Sony. Yes, I am aware the collection would sell well, but wouldn't this type of situation call for PlayStation Now? And Sony has obviously dumped a lot of $ into that.

Now I would like to see Uncharted: Golden Abyss come to consoles due to the Vita dying a slow death.



Godsire- commented on We're Not Saying It's Doomed, but These DOOM C...:

@Gemuarto @Scollurio

If you don't care why are you commenting here? I am 38, played Doom when it was released (and it's sequels actually), & consider it the most revolutionary game of all time. Your comments reek of immaturity & stupidity, quite frankly. The fact that Doom is still even article worthy (no matter what you two think), even with no game since Doom 3, should tell you how important the franchise has been to gaming. Any new Doom game is news worthy & I hope the game is awesome.



Godsire- commented on Shuhei Yoshida Doesn't Understand People Who D...:

@voodoo341 completely agree. If they give me indie games that I want or am.intrerested in, then I will buy them. But I don't spend $300-400 on a console to only play quirky indie titles. If you tell me ahead of time, that's all you are going to offer, then fine. My fault for expecting different. But when Sony promises AAA games & then doesn't deliver, that's on them. Same problem on the Vita. Except the situation will change with PS4.

When a remake of "Flower" (a PS3 game) is the highest rated PS4 game on Metacritic, you're doing it wrong.



Godsire- commented on Sony: There Are 'Many, Many' First-Party PS Vi...:


Exactly! I refuse to buy the Vita & be railroaded into paying ridiculous memory card prices for what? Indy & quirky Japanese titles? No thx. I love my PS3 but Sony blew it with the Vita.

And as others have said, this was pure damage control at it's most obvious. For ex., why hasn't the Vita got a God Of War game? The PSP got 2. It's bc Sony isn't putting any more $ making big AAA titles for a dying system.



Godsire- commented on Wrap Your Head Around Kingdom Under Fire II's ...:

Yea the developer putting huge breasted, unrealistic women in videogames should have ended years ago. Don't get me wrong, I like a sizeable......well, ya know......but this reeks of, "Hey! You! 14 yr old boy! Buy this game bc of the fake digital women!"



Godsire- commented on Talking Point: What Does E3 2014 Tell Us About...:

Sony has an amazing piece of hardware that they, apparently, have no idea how to market. While most VITA owners will tell you there are tons of great games for the system, a lot of people aren't just interested in obscure Japanese releases or the constant flow of indie titles. Sony promised AAA gaming on a portable & just hasn't delivered.

That and the memory cards are still insultingly expensive to the point of ridiculousness.



Godsire- commented on Reaction: Poor Pacing Disrupts Otherwise Excel...:

While it was a good show, I disagree with it having some great ending. Uncharted 4 is great news, of course, but GTA 5 & The Last Of Us are remakes. Snore. Overall, other than the subpar pacing, I was pleased with the news overall. LBP 3's surprise announcement being the highlight.



Godsire- commented on Feature: What Will Sony Reveal for PS4, PS3, a...:

If they spend more than 2 min. on The Last Of Us remaster, that will show that they don't have as much going on as I would have hoped. Time to stop with the PS3 remakes & start showing REAL PS4 games.

And I am hoping for some original IP's. I like Uncharted as much as the next guy, but it's safe & predictable. Just like if they show, yet another, God Of War game. That'd be nice, but I want something new. Remember when great new IP's like BioShock, Mass Effect, etc. were announced last gen? That type of stuff. Not just rehashed franchises. We have Nintendo for that.



Godsire- commented on 2K Marin to Be BioShock's Big Daddy Moving For...:


I agree. The multiplayer wasn't popular from day 1. I got a few of the quick, easy tropies but even those weren't fun to get. It ranks up there with Batman: Arkham Origins multiplayer as the most unnecessary mode of this generation. And it's never a good sign when the campaign & multiplayer modes are made by seperate companies.