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Tue 18th Aug 2015

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Feena commented on Some of These Plans for Final Fantasy XV Sound...:

the crazy thing is that the game in its current state (even if it has a few rough edges) is insanely packed with stuff to do...even when you get the platinum trophy, you're still very far from completing the game's true challenges.

I think they really want to extend the life of the title on the shelves and make you feel glad that you purchased it...I am ok with thus (especially since they are talking about free updates as well as dlc), don't really understand what is bad about getting more content later on if the game is meaty to begin with.



Feena commented on Final Fantasy XV Ships Over 6 Million Copies, ...:

They don't need to sell 10 million copies to break even lol, it was the developer's "dream spot" for lifetime sales. 6 millions in less than 2 months is pretty good! I hope Tabata gets to do another main game following his vision from day 1 ;_;



Feena commented on Minecraft Vita Is Sony's First Japanese Millio...:

TBH it must also be said that people tend to buy Sony's hardware for a variety of reasons, not just Sony published software while after N64's era you basically buy a Nintendo console to play first/second party titles only. With this I don't mean to undervalue Nintendo's exclusives appeal, they are pretty stellar games most of the times, but especially with the WiiU they were basically the only interesting software on the console, so it's logical they will sell a lot.



Feena commented on Soapbox: Street Fighter V Is the Best Worst PS...:

I understand where Sammy is coming from but the game changed a lot since release, saying Capcom doesn't give a damn is really unfair and untrue. A big patch full of changes and tweaks was just released last week and that's the latest of many...



Feena commented on Game of the Year 2016: #4 - Final Fantasy XV:

Favourite ps4 game so far. It's not perfect by any means but it has got a big soul and does everything I want a jrpg to do...I am about to pass 100 hours of playtime and there's still a lot to do.



Feena commented on Feature: The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine Is the ...:

I loved the game, It really was an immersive made me read the novel series and really became a big chunk of my life last year.

It really is the game of the generation but it has to be said the battle system is nothing to write home about though. It's really basic, even when playing on death March. Almost nobody acknowledge this. The OST is also subpar compared to most contemporary RPGS.



Feena commented on Hands On: NieR Automata Seems Like Yet Another...:

I love Bayonetta (the second one is in my all time top ten) and I generally like Square Enix JRPGS but this demo bored me to tears: too many pointless enemies and not many combat options though it definitely feels like a very dumbed down Bayonetta.

What totally kills this for me is the color palette and art direction, I really don't want to spend 30-50 hours looking at all these subdued browns and greys...this world doesn't pull me in at all.



Feena commented on Poll: Who Is the Best Final Fantasy Protagonist?:

@HeroOfTime32 I know right? They were surprisingly transparent about Van, though: he's been put in the game cause they felt Ashe and Bash wouldn't appeal to the younger demographic lol. It's like on wikipedia if you look it up. By no means I mean to insult the LGBT community, but I found it hilarious than when XII came out my brother, then in his early thirties, texted me "the game is mighty fine but the I am not sure about the protagonist, who is a gay child who goes around killing tomatoes."



Feena commented on Dragon Quest XI Deploys in 2017, Dazzles in Ne...:

@rjejr Ueah, that would make total sense as 2017 Xmas release.
As it is, there is an incredible amount of things to do in the game anyway, you won't regret it...I hit the 50 hours mark in chapter 3 before deciding to move on a little bit more hastily since I was ridiculously overleveled for the main quest. 😅



Feena commented on Dragon Quest XI Deploys in 2017, Dazzles in Ne...:

@rjejr Switch version is very probable imho, I don't think this game has too much going on on a technical level to make it "a difficult port". While probably more demanding, I can see XV being a great fit for the Switch as well, hoping for a port that includes some of the patches /dlc. It could do great in Japan.



Feena commented on Dragon Quest XI Deploys in 2017, Dazzles in Ne...:

Mmm I am actually a bit underwhelmed, but it could be the art style: I've never been a great fan of how consistently this saga aims for the same look and feel over and over again. If it ends up being great, I'll play it of course! Much more hyped for Ninokuni 2 tbh (speaking about cell shaded games)



Feena commented on Poll: Who Is the Best Final Fantasy Protagonist?:

People who voted Cloud can't complain about Lighting it's the same person with a wig! Hope they reference this in the remake when he crossdresses.

I voted Terra! She has the most interesting story!
Tidus is also very likeable and he's a dream who plays soccer underwater... Not a person you meet everyday.

Noctis is surprisingly allright!thought I w as going to hate him...Must be the hairdo

P.s.Van is more the POV of XII'S events, the real protagonist is Ashe imho



Feena commented on Japanese Sales Charts: Yakuza 6, The Last Guar...:

@themcnoisy I hope they can make it. It reviewed very well, even getting a 40/40 on fans are the key to this. In the West word of mouth is doing great and many sceptics are planning to buy the game down the line... I hope the same will happen for Japan but you can't do much with 3 millions ps4



Feena commented on Valkyria Revolution Invades the West on PS4, V...:

I tried the demo on the Japanese psn store last month (you had to register and get a code), I am truly unimpressed: the original is my favourite game from last gen. In this, the combat is all melee (musou style) with just some tactical elements and the art is more generically anime will give it a try if the reviews are positive enough. Would it be for demos alone, i wouldn't have played XV....



Feena commented on Feature: What Do Longtime Final Fantasy Fans T...:

@Frank90 those are exactly my favourites. XII has a 91 on metacritic we can't be the only ones loving it XD though I can understand why some people don't like it.

FFXV is an addicting, wonderful mess, I feel terrible because it came so close to being a true masterpiece. It needed like one more year in the oven...I know it sounds crazy but I honestly think Tabata got 2-3 years tops to actually work on it. Anyways, I played every FF and I love it: I hope the same team gets to make XVI with a similar structure (first part of the game), it feels like they totally can give us a a timeless modern FF.
Will support XV in every way, looking forward to new content



Feena commented on Game of the Month: Top 4 PlayStation Games of ...:

I am loving my time with the four dudebros! Really taking it slowly.
Next: the last guardian. I find a lot of comfort in the thought that when I finish XV there will be another special thing ready for me.



Feena commented on Review: Final Fantasy XV (PS4):

Nice review! I can't really disagree with any of the faults you highlight but I do feel like this game is somehow bigger than the sums of its parts, so it feels more like a 9 for me in the end. As @johncalmc pointed out it feels like they now got a vision of how to deliver a modern final fantasy and if a XVI chapter comes out, it has the potential to be epic. As it is, best chapter since IX for me.



Feena commented on Review: The Last Guardian (PS4):

So the controls and lack of hand holding make it sound a lot like SOTC and while that's good for continuity I can clearly remember times in SOTC when I wished Wonder's control were as intuitive as Link's or other caharacters.



Feena commented on Rumour: Final Fantasy VII Remake, XIII Trilogy...:

I can see the trilogy of Ps1 classics happening...The XIII trilogy is fishy. XIV and XV just did a heck of a job rekindling the love... That said I didn't dislike those games even if the story of XIII-2 and LR was meh. A lot of the things XV has going on were experimented in LR tbh.