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Some nerd from Houston who loves Music Movies Art anime Manga Video games Toys and Comicbooks I'm a optimist

Wed 7th Aug 2013

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DopeSamurai commented on Talking Point: Which PS4 Games Are You Most Lo...:

In order
1) Uncharted 4
2) No Man's Sky
3) Batman Arkham Knight
4) Star Wars Battlefront
5) Rime
6) Ratchet and Clank remake
7) Bloodborne
8) Metal Gear Solid 5
9) The Order 1886
10) Forest
11) The Division
12) Just Cause 3
13) Dragon Ball Xenoverse
14) SOMA
15) Final Fantasy 15 please and a lot more i can't think of right now ughh so many games!!!



DopeSamurai commented on Talking Point: What Did You Think of Sony's Pl...:

Phew... just got done reading Battle Angel Alita Last Order, anyway i didn't watch it but judgeing from the announcements it was really good better then i expected.

Honestly you guys have no one but yourselfs to blame for getting overhyped i don't recall Sony hypeing this that much.