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Wed 8th Jun 2011

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Doctor-J commented on Movemodo is One Year Old Today!:

Congratulations Movemodo!!! This is the best site about PS Move on the net!
I hope we keep discussing about the best motion control ever made for many more years.



Doctor-J commented on Dominating Online in Killzone 3 with PlayStati...:

I always sucked in FPS multiplayer because of that damn DS3, too clunky, not really sensible, hard to headshot, a lot of crap. But now with move, i can at least match most of the guys who use DS3, it's great!



Doctor-J commented on Medieval Moves: Deadmund's Quest Trailer Rattl...:

I loved the way they used sports champions gladiator in this game, i'm just concerned about the movement, if they used a system like in "The fight lights out" this will be worthless, i hated the movement in "the figtht" you just cant feel natural and all the time when you have to move you are knocked to the ground.
I Hope they invented something more solid, maybe a system where you hold trigger to walk and point the way you wanna go, and the camera turns when you hit the deadzone limit, what you guys think?



Doctor-J commented on E3 2011 MIA: What Happened to Sorcery?:

i just hope after all this waiting, they can deliver a good game that actually uses all of Move's features, and just a handful of games did this.
I don't believe Harry Potter, with it's rushed development, will be a good game, actually i prefer to think it will be a worthless , so i will not be so disapointed.