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Fri 25th Jan 2013

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DarthDiggler commented on Soapbox: Why I'm Worried About Star Wars Battl...:

This article would have been far more useful as feedback in the Beta Forums. While the game will look and mostly play the same at launch the issues you bring up here will likely get a balance pass. I think it's way to early to predict doom and gloom. Perhaps you haven't participated in a beta before?



DarthDiggler commented on Sony Bend's PS4 Exclusive Is the Studio's Bigg...:


Perhaps you aren't familiar with Sony Bend Studios, but they do put out quality games. Many fans of the studio are eager for a new Syphon Filter, but all indications are they are working on something different. Perhaps the "open world horror game" rumor was just a means of disinformation.

In any event people are curious what they are up to because of the quality of their past efforts.



DarthDiggler commented on Talking Point: Is Sony Racing into Trouble wit...:


Talking about WHAT exactly? The fact that this author doesn't seem to understand how this industry works?

New IPs are commonplace with new consoles for the reasons I explained above. If the author really thinks this is a "talking point" it is due to a lack of knowledge about console launches. Perhaps this person was too young to remember what happened between PS2 and PS3.

If they were around for the last change of the console guard, why is this guy asking me things that they should already know?

The author is suggesting that Sony doesn't have a plan for the PlayStation brand. That claim is ridiculous, anyone who was around when the PS2 and the PS3 was launched knows there are never lots of launch titles that are PlayStation staples.



DarthDiggler commented on Talking Point: Is Sony Racing into Trouble wit...:

Cleverly you hid this comment near the end of the article...

"Of course, we still don’t really know enough about DriveClub to know for certain whether it’s stepping on Polyphony Digital’s toes."

You don't know, we don't know so this whole article is purely speculation and really smacks of "hey I am new to the video game industry". The fact is console platform creators and especially Sony always introduce new consoles with new IPs. No one wants to see their big guns come up against lack luster sales due to a minimal install base which every system has at launch.

Remember God of War 2? Why did Sony release that for PS2 when the game came out well after PS3 was released? The same reason, you generally don't break out all of your big guns for a launch. If Sony were to launch with all their biggest titles — how will they follow that up? Sequels?

There is more than enough room in the marketplace for 2 PS4 exclusive Racing games. Considering Gran Turismo comes out once every 3-6 years and MotorStorm had 3 releases in the span, I don't think there is much fear of over-crowding.



DarthDiggler commented on Talking Point: Should God of War Follow in the...:

They can't just do God of War: Egypt and you guys should really give David Jaffe credit there, that was one of his ideas (to see Kratos going from Mythology to Mythology).

They have already missed out on the chance to make GOW cross mythology without it seeming tacked on.

Why not just make a new game based on other Mythology and not shoe-horn it into the God of War series?



DarthDiggler commented on Talking Point: What if the PS4 Is Not Backward...:

@fchinaski The VITA and PS3 trophies are all showcased under Trophies on the XMB, they may add some more UI elements to sort and separate, Sony would be stupid to make any obstacles coming from PS3 to PS4 and considering there were none for PS VITA I doubt there will be for PS4.