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Mon 11th Jan 2010

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Chozo85 commented on UK Retailer GAME's Got Some Big PS4 Bundles In...:

I'm absolutely appalled by the way GAME have sought to take advantage of the limited stock of PS4s by forcing people to buy these obnoxiously expensive bundles. It is proof, if it were needed, that the company has learnt nothing from the experience of almost going out of business. Why did this happen? Because their products were overpriced and they took their loyal customers for granted. I actually discussed the PS4 situation with one of their employees in my local store in Birmingham. I asked her how the company could justify only selling PS4s as part of these egregiously expensive bundles? Her reply was that the people who purchased them would simply put them on ebay to make a profit. Apparently by selling them as part of these bundles it ensured they would reach the 'true gamer'. I think this is a pretty cynical and pessimistic approach to your own customers. I pointed out that I was a 'true gamer' (28 years of age, been playing games since I was 7) and that I wanted a PS4 but could not afford to spend over £400 and that if I purchased one I would NOT put it on ebay. To this she had no answer. I made the suggestion that actually GAME were seeking to do nothing more than take advantage of those people (in many cases long suffering parents) who HAD to have a PS4 before the 25 December to prevent a riot on Christmas day. Again, no answer.

Oh and I'm not going to sit here and say that I hope GAME go out of business because I don't. It is peoples jobs and livelihoods and the high street needs a specialist game retailer. But what I will say is that the company need to have a good long hard look at themselves because their customers simply will not tolerate being taken advantage of again and again. There is an old saying about how only fools make the same mistake more than once and GAME are making the same mistakes over and over again.



Chozo85 commented on Review: Killzone: Mercenary (PlayStation Vita):

Thanks for the review Sammy! I think most vita owners have been looking forward to this one and it is a relief to hear that it is a triumpth. It's great that the Vita finally has a worthy FPS after the rush jobs of Resistance and COD. Guerrilla Cambridge deserves praise for creating a PS3 comparable experience. A five hour campaign is perhaps a little on the short side but with levels focused on replayability and online multiplayer, I anticipate this being in my vita for some time.



Chozo85 commented on Nintendo's Reggie Fils-Aime Not Very Impressed...:

Breathtaking hypocrisy from Reggie. 'Its all about the games' he says. If only Nintendo had actually adopted that policy with the Wii U, it wouldn't be collecting dust on the shelves of retailers world wide. Instead Nintendo served up an utterly abysmal launch line up and has been playing catch up ever since. It is also very misguided to say its 'all about the games', clearly one of the reasons that the Wii U has struggled is that it is based on current generation tech. People don't want to pay £300 for a console that is no more powerful that their PS3.



Chozo85 commented on Talking Point: Is Sony Putting Too Much Faith ...:

I've never played a Killzone game but will definitely buy the vita version. Those dual analogue sticks are crying out for a good FPS after the crushing disappointments of Resistance and Cod. I agree with the sentiments of the article as far as the vita is concerned. No doubt Killzone will prove to be popular among existing owners, but I'm not sure it will sell too many systems on its own. The franchise simply doesn't have the mass market appeal of the Uncharted or even God of War series.



Chozo85 commented on Review: PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale (P...:

Brilliant review Sammy! As one of the few people who owns a Vita but not a PS3 I've been looking forward to this one but also slightly concerned that the experience might be compromised on the handheld. Your comments reassure me that it is not the case. I actually think this is a very important game for the vita. With some of the recent releases on the Vita attracting mixed reviews its nice to have a game that is probably exceeding expectations. A recurring theme throughout the reviews I've read is that this is not a smash bros knock off but very much its own game. It looks to be great fan service to the playstation brand. I can't wait to pick this up on Friday and face off against my PS3 owning friends.



Chozo85 commented on Rumour: Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified W...:

In view of this I think a lot of the blame has to lie with the publisher. The vita is supposed to provide console quality gameplay on a handheld. There is no way a game like this can be developed in the space of five months and turn out anything other than abysmally. I've read reviews stating that the single player campaign lasts less than an hour. That is disgraceful for a full priced commerical game. They know the game will sell well because its Call of Duty. Shame on Activision for their lack of respect for the platform and for their own customers.



Chozo85 commented on PlayStation Vita Slumps to Its Saddest Defeat ...:

This is a massive shame. I love my vita and I'm sad that it is struggling so much because it is a wonderful console. I hope Sony can find a way if turning around. The price needs to be dropped and they need to release some quality games. Nintendo were able to revive the flagging 3DS with a price drop and the release of Mario Kart 7 and Super Mario Land 3D. I'd love to see Sony be really aggressive and drop the price to around £150. Some new games being announced wouldn't hurt either, after Christmas there is nothing on the horizon.



Chozo85 commented on Sony Bend on the Struggles of Creating a Convi...:

A really interesting read. I enjoyed the insights into the development of the game and the frank assessments of what went well and what didn't. Uncharted was the first game I got when I purchased a Vita and it remains one of my favorite games on the platform. I think the critics were actually quite harsh, it averages something around the 80 mark on metacritic. In my opinion its a much better game than that. I think it suffered in comparison to the PS3 games. It may not not be up to those standards but for a handheld game I found it mightily impressive.



Chozo85 commented on Store Update: 17th October 2012 (Europe):

Does anyone know when Castlevania is coming to psn in Europe? It was announced at the beginning of the month that it would be released on the 12th but is still yet to make an appearance. Its one of my favorite games of all time and I'd love to be able to play it on my vita.



Chozo85 commented on Black Ops Declassified Has Been Built Specific...:

I like the idea of a tailor made game for the vita but when they say "Declassified is not about the big campaign storyline" you immediately start to worry. I don't think CoD has ever been known for long campaigns. I really want this to be good but having played Burning Skies my expectations are very low.



Chozo85 commented on Sony Shuts Down WipEout Developer Studio Liver...:

This is a massive disappointment. Studio Liverpool were (contrary to the above posters statement) one of Sony's most talented internal development studios. Wipeout 2048 is the best game on the Vita in my opinion. I have wider concerns for the future of Wipeout. Once the series was synonymous with playstation, but it seems to have slipped dramatically down the pecking order. As good as HD was, it was download only for some time. When 2048 was announced as a launch game it seemed to restore the series to the forefront of Sony's thinking, not for long apparently.