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Afghanistan vet, full time college student, long time gamer.

Wed 28th Nov 2012

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Cadiman1983 commented on Talking Point: Does the PS4 Need to Do More Th...:

I agree with Fils-Aime's to a certain extent. Having all the processing power in the world won't mean squat without good games. But the same is true for the input devices. The major difference for me is that I feel Sony is the only console manufacturer left who really cares about the games. Microsoft wants the Xbox to replace your cable box and all that jazz, and Nintendo doesn't play well with third party developers (no matter what they keep saying, we all know it is true). Am I excited to see what lies ahead for the next generation, of course I am. But to imply that Sony/Microsoft will be left behind because they don't come up with some gimmicky new controller is very short sighted.