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Fri 11th January, 2013

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BornOfEvil commented on Believe It or Not, PS4 Has Way More Games Than...:

@JaxonH There's much more than those few AAA's, those are just the only ones people can seem bothered to notice for some strange reason.

I do agree that it needs more games that'll attract the mainstream crowd, but if it can keep pulling in the niche JRPG lovers, then I can see Activision and EA taking notice of the growing install base and putting out a real Call of Duty or Battlefield/NFS.



BornOfEvil commented on Review: SingOn (PlayStation Network):

"... it allows you to focus on other things without having to worry that someone mashing buttons might accidentally uncover the cache of “personal” videos stored on your XMB."

I know those feels.



BornOfEvil commented on Review: Conception II: Children of the Seven S...:

@NintendoNaut Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but yours is just plain ridiculous. Most dubs are very well done and sometimes pack an equal amount of, if not more emotion, than their subbed Japanese counterparts.

If you've yet to hear a good dub, then you're either purposefully avoiding them or haven't even attempted to give one a chance, because there are a plethora of very good dubs out there. I will admit that some dubs are pretty awful (Fairy Tails Animax dub, etc.), but to say that all of them are "jarring," "forced" or "emotionless."



BornOfEvil commented on PS4 Firmware Update 1.70 Will Add New Sharing ...:

@baconcow It's only been a few months, I'm sure theyre working on everything you're unhappy with. But if you really want your voice to be heard, then you can Twitter-bomb Shuhei Yoshida and he'll talk to the team behind the updates if enough people have similar complaints.



BornOfEvil commented on Opinion: Could SHAREfactory on PS4 Become a Bi...:

I'd shove my money down Sony's throat if they made some TLOU, DriveClub and The Order: 1886 transitions and stickers. Of course, they'd have to be reasonably price. I'm thinking 50cents for stickers and 1.00-1.25 for transitions would be good.

@Paranoimia Get out. Im kidding, I think the inability to upload footage to YouTube is weird too, but most people seem happy with Twitch and Ustream.



BornOfEvil commented on Are the Sony Vegas Pro People Collaborating on...:

From the videos and pics I've seen, UI on the share screen looks really easy to use and doesn't need anything that will complicate the process. Not that Sony Vegas would complicate it, I'm just saying that small additions are best for it.



BornOfEvil commented on Soul Sacrifice Delta Will Make an Honourable S...:

@bbq_boy The game didn't sell "bucket loads" because MH is essentially the CoD of monster hunting games. Basically, it has a large fanbase, but that fanbase has all but convinced themselves that MH is the only game of its kind.

And Sony has many games with good heroes, but most people would rather play as an anti-hero than a hero.



BornOfEvil commented on How Did Sony's Shuhei Yoshida React to Faceboo...:

The Facebook acquisition was hilarious. As soon as IGN posted about it on Facebook, the comments were flooded with "Oculus Rift is dead," which really reminded me of how fickle people - especially gamers - are.

Facebook buying Oculus is good for VR because as Shuhei said, it gives VR mainstream presence.



BornOfEvil commented on Microsoft Ponders PlayStation's Commitment to,...:

Sony has a lot more experience in this area, so I'm not worried about their level of commitment. I just hope Sony Pictures Animation gets in on the action and decide to finally make an Infamous, God of War, Jak & Daxter, Uncharted or Ratchet & Clank animated series.

If Sony really wants this to take off, then they'd be smart to approach Warner about funding the 3rd season of Young Justice.