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Fri 19th Nov 2010

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Bonymove commented on Review: Planet Minigolf (PlayStation Network):

I liked this game before it was patched for Move but i have to say i thought Move control was well implemented. I played and won my first round using the Move controller - the same round took me several attempts with the DS3.
My biggest issue with the game is the occasional frustrating levels which ramp the challenge up too high.



Bonymove commented on Review: Tumble (PlayStation Network):

This is possibly my favourite Move game and one which really shows what Move is capable of - hopefully other Move game developers will be inspired by it.



Bonymove commented on Review: PAIN (PlayStation Network):

This is one game i was disappointed with having bought it ages ago. Hearing about the Move controls i decided to load it up again only to be greeted with 8 updates, each one around 250Mb-400Mb. Some time later.... when i eventually got to try the Move controls i was left utterly disappointed again. The catapulting mini game in TV Superstars demo was more fun imo. I guess if i didn't warm to it before, Move wasn't going to make much difference.