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Podcast Editor and Staff Writer.

Thu 8th Nov 2012

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Batman commented on UK Magazine Play Calls Paper Based Issues a Day:

@Gamer83 The sad fact is that the majority of business for them would've been the novelty of being in physical form. Digital is where originally-physical mags go to die - it's an overcrowded market where the established sites do what they do but without a cost for entry.

Still miss PSM3.



Batman commented on And Here's Battleborn's PS4 Launch Trailer:

I love Borderlands, and while what Gearbox did with Aliens; Colonial Marines should never be forgotten, I still believe in them as a studio, but this does absolutely nothing for me.

Looks like someone slowed the trailer down to half speed. Does it not play faster than that?



Batman commented on Podcast: Episode 5 - What Makes the Souls Game...:

@DerMeister Allow me to clarify: I have played Ratchet and Clank before (borrowed it/played at friend's house), but never really got into it enough to own any of them.

I understand what they're about and see the appeal, but it's not really for me. Also, it's not even close to being on the same shame-o-scale as having not played Uncharted!



Batman commented on Podcast: Episode 1 - The Pilot:

@mrobinson91 We had a big list of sample names to begin with, and it was surprising how many of them popped up in that forum post

However, I am willing to change the name to 'Push Square Podcast as named (kind of) by Mr. Robinson91.' Pretty catchy, eh?