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Male, 23, United Kingdom

Video Editor & Staff Writer for Push Square, Voiceover for hire and weekly Video/ Podcast Producer for the award-nominated PlayStation Radio UK.

Thu 8th November, 2012

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Batman commented on Feature: Meet the Man with 40,000 PlayStation ...:

Great read! Puts everyone else to shame really. I earned 5 platinums in the past 2 weeks, but that comes after a long break from hunting, and I certainly couldn't keep it up for an extended period of time!



Batman commented on Geoff Keighley's Game Awards Will Return in De...:

I love McHale, but clearly he was the wrong choice for it a couple of years back.

This is gonna be another one of those 'hide until it's all over and then watch all the trailers on YouTube' events, isn't it?



Batman commented on He-Man Proves He's the Master of the Playroom ...:

There are more prices in this story than there are sentences! If they knew the premium content was what most people would be interested in, wouldn't it make sense to charge more but have them be part of the main game?



Batman commented on Weird and Wonderful PS4 Exclusive Everybody's ...:

Definitely looking forward to this, even if it's a little slow. I've got all the time in the world for indie games with interesting stories to tell. As long as they're not 2D side-scrollers. I'm very sick of those.