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Wed 7th Aug 2013

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BambooBushido commented on Reminder: Overwatch Is Completely Free to Play...:

@Xaessya Why are you on here again?

I've put almost 300 hours on Xbox into Overwatch i freaking love this game this is not the kinda game you'll love first time playing it have to play it more then just a few minutes you have to play it for a few hours before you start to get it

It's worth your time and money trust me

@dryrain It's not the exact same game it was during the beta



BambooBushido commented on Reaction: Shrewd Sony Looks to Continue Market...:

The existence of this half step is pointless to me Sony easily could have put some of the PS4 Pro suff in the slim model and called it a day they didn't need to make this thing nobody was asking for it Sony could have waited half a year and announced PS5



BambooBushido commented on Talking Point: Did PlayStation Experience 2015...:

Voted good: I really liked it
i thought most of the indie games looked great!

Uncharted 4 and R&C looking great as usual

The VR stuff was REALLY awkward but 100 Ft Robot Golf was a highlight for me some of the other VR games looked interesting too, wish they would give us a price and date for PSVR already

Double Fine and Ni no Kuni 2 were the biggest highlights

I think we can all agree that the ending was quite disappointing

Overall i thought it was a good show that at least started off great it was better then The Game Awards imo, unlike a lot of you guys I'm not that hard to please.