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Cause sometime its good to be human

Male, 29, United Kingdom

Loved gaming on Atari com64 megadrive and Dreamcast, dabbled on Xbox and then ps3. Looking forward to my new ps4. All time favourites are pit fighter, street fighter, mortal kombat, mega bomber man, shenmue, soul cal, Sega bass fishing, PGA golf, fall out and championship manager.

Sat 9th November, 2013

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Bad-MuthaAdebisi commented on Weirdness: Sony Yanks The Interview Amid Inten...:

The world is a big scary place apparently, perhaps we should all make like cowards and morons and choose not to offend anyone, perhaps its best we all travel to north Korea and offer our lives as slaves. Free speech is obviously overrated I mean what did it ever do to make any human life any better. Anybody that defends Sony's actions are the same type of people that allowed the holocaust to happen, sick.



Bad-MuthaAdebisi commented on Learn if Life Is Strange in January on PS4, PS3:

I might be interested once all 5 episodes are complete, I will never pay full price for a bit part game such as destiny, driving club or the episodic fad that's around now. Anyway It'll be a rental. Premise sounds interesting enough though.