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Male, 31, United Kingdom

Pit Fighter, Road Rash, Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, Gunstar Heroes, Soul Calibur, Shenmue, Sega Bass Fishing, Football Manager, Fallout, Dragon Age, Infamous Second Son, The Last of Us.

Sat 9th Nov 2013

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Bad-MuthaAdebisi commented on Review: Moon Hunters (PS4):

Seems cute. I like the ideas and the general look of the thing but it needs to be on vita for me. It's also probably a bit too short for me to bother with.



Bad-MuthaAdebisi commented on Video: We Unboxed a Brand New PocketStation:

Bit like the VMU for Dreamcast, they must have come out around the same time eh. I never played on my VMU and never heard of this, pretty cool. So this was how much and they now charge what for a Vita memory card. Silly Sony.



Bad-MuthaAdebisi commented on Pokémon Go Makes Nintendo More Valuable Than ...:

Pokemon go, what's that? Haha.
How long will Nintendo make 1st party exclusives. I've missed put on Pokémon for years and years because I've no interest and still don't have any interest in buying a Nintendo system. I also have zero interest in mobile games with the exception of pokemon go.