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Have a better one.

Male, 30, United Kingdom

Loved gaming on Atari com64 megadrive and Dreamcast, dabbled on Xbox and then ps3. Looking forward to my new ps4. All time favourites are pit fighter, street fighter, mortal kombat, mega bomber man, shenmue, soul cal, Sega bass fishing, PGA golf, fall out and championship manager.

Sat 9th Nov 2013

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Bad-MuthaAdebisi commented on Film Critics Aren't Being Kind to the Ratchet ...:

I saw the trailer for it when I watched Jungle Book earlier in the week, I thought it looked okay and im watching it tomorrow morning, it was followed by trailers of Top Cat and Angry Birds, both looked utterly dire. Jungle Book seems to have had great reviews despite the fact that Idris Elba has only ever been good in Luther and is one of the most overrated actors around, his performance is more or less adequate but hardly inspiring for a main character, Christopher Walkens performance is utterly underwhelming.



Bad-MuthaAdebisi commented on Poll: So, Which Souls Game Is the Best?:

Not played them all, in fact only DS II so far. So didnt vote. They're probably all great so it's more like what's your favourite, from what ive heard the lore in Bloodborne is somewhat lacking. Demon Souls to DS III is all more of the same so I don't think i'd be able to choose a favourite if you ignore the graphical upgrades of the later games.