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Male, 30, United Kingdom

Loved gaming on Atari com64 megadrive and Dreamcast, dabbled on Xbox and then ps3. Looking forward to my new ps4. All time favourites are pit fighter, street fighter, mortal kombat, mega bomber man, shenmue, soul cal, Sega bass fishing, PGA golf, fall out and championship manager.

Sat 9th Nov 2013

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Bad-MuthaAdebisi commented on Sony Opens the First Window of Its EU PS4 Deal...:

I still find it disgusting that they think it's perfectly acceptable to charge 50% extra for the current gen version. Surely this game was made for PS4 and most of the 'extra' work was done to make it run on PS3. Take a hike unwelcome discount.



Bad-MuthaAdebisi commented on Review: Super Star Wars (PS4):

I enjoy reading about and watching retro games but I've no need to go back and play 16 bit games, I still have a few for my megadrive but they don't really see light. A nice little history lesson there I guess. I can never understand why so many people apparently dislike/loathe the prequel films IMO with the exception of Bink's its all good.



Bad-MuthaAdebisi commented on PES 2016 Scores a Free-to-Play Version on PS4,...:

I hated FUT probably because I just didn't play the game enough during Fifa 14/15, managed to bag a free copy of Fifa 16 so maybe I'll try it again. I think Konamis aim is to reduce the gargantuan number of Fifa players as much as possible, I assume they would love the licence but I don't see that happening.



Bad-MuthaAdebisi commented on New The Witcher 3 Trailer Reminds Us Why It's ...:

I'm probably gonna play the expansions this time next year, pick the game up again in some way or another. Still have the game but not planning on keeping it. Got bored of the slog of contracts, the story driven extra content will bring me back for more.



Bad-MuthaAdebisi commented on Site News: Vote for Your Push Square Forums Ga...:

I still prefer dragon age to witcher 3 so it only got 3rd for me. Fallout 4 is my game of the year and nothing else can touch it. I've not played enough of ESO to judge it yet. Not played Bloodborne or MGS V Phantom Pain, I reckon phantom pain or maybe Just Cause 3 could have knicked a spot for sure though. 2nd goes to blood bowl 2. Love it the way many here seem to love rocket league.



Bad-MuthaAdebisi commented on Review: Game of Thrones: Episode 6 - The Ice D...:

Yes, I've been underwhelmed. I'll finish episode 6 but I won't be touching a new series unless they update the engine, facial expressions are hilarious too. I'd be more than happy with a new Walking Dead or Wolf Among Us but not this. Season 2 looks like it'll be bargain bin or rental.
@mrobinson91 I just didn't think the writing was good enough, it didn't really move anywhere near as slow as the books or TV show for me, they could have filled it with a lot more chatting and I'd have been pretty happy