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Cause sometime its good to be human

Male, 29, United Kingdom

Loved gaming on Atari com64 megadrive and Dreamcast, dabbled on Xbox and then ps3. Looking forward to my new ps4. All time favourites are pit fighter, street fighter, mortal kombat, mega bomber man, shenmue, soul cal, Sega bass fishing, PGA golf, fall out and championship manager.

Sat 9th November, 2013

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Bad-MuthaAdebis commented on Destiny's Impossible Raid Can Be Beaten in Und...:

@ShogunRok yeah, I don't know what was going on in the crucible in one match I played, dudes were just not going down, found a guy spawned and not playing, took two full clips to the head, a knife throw and a good few stabs to kill him, might just be the case of I'm lvl 21 he's 25 but that stinks a bit.



Bad-MuthaAdebis commented on Don't Forget to Set Aside a Moment to Download...:

@Demi_God Yeah, most of the time I was kicked off I was just patrolling but one time I was literally half way through a story mission. Grrrr.

Dragged myself from Level 14 to 19 yesterday evening, gonna try for another few levels today. Really gotten into the crucible, in the beta I hated it. Jump, Jump, Stab, Shoot, Chuck knife in your face, win.



Bad-MuthaAdebis commented on What Happens When a War Photographer Plays The...:

History = War, History = Tedium, there are 7 billion people on earth, a whole lot of wars and a whole lot of nasty, I have better things to dwell on than what many many vile humans happen to get up to in this time in history. Therefore desensitised, no, its a choice not to care, how can anybody care enough to feel empathy for all the wars and all the death, the hate that causes this would send one insane, no thanks. I choose not to be a voyeur of murder.



Bad-MuthaAdebis commented on Review: Destiny (PlayStation 4):

Nice. The actual gameplay and shootering up stuff is definitely the best thing about this game and that's right, its first and foremost a shooter, anyone expecting a whole lot more of everything else was maybe nativity.