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Cause sometime its good to be human

Male, 29, United Kingdom

Loved gaming on Atari com64 megadrive and Dreamcast, dabbled on Xbox and then ps3. Looking forward to my new ps4. All time favourites are pit fighter, street fighter, mortal kombat, mega bomber man, shenmue, soul cal, Sega bass fishing, PGA golf, fall out and championship manager.

Sat 9th November, 2013

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Bad-MuthaAdebis commented on Ubisoft Reckons You Wouldn't Want to Play an A...:

This guy is an idiot. People buy the same games every year, EA, CoD, Ubisoft itself churns out the same games with a new skin. Seriously, what the f*** is he on about. So what he's saying is, Ubisoft are incapable of making something new and original. Nevermind.



Bad-MuthaAdebis commented on Bungie Aims to Shoot Down Criticism of Destiny...:

@Punished_Boss_84 lol trading my copy in this week, for me they've probably ruined the franchise, I'm going to 'miss' the good stuff because I'm not prepared to pay double for the game. Fairly happy I only paid about 30 quid for my copy, game was a slight disappointment but I wasn't expecting to be blown away, if they down hack up the next game and they release a 'complete editoon' that I can rent for this title then I might be tempted but for now the franchise is already dead to me.