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I like Japan, JRPG's, playing piano/guitar, and some other random stuffs~ Xenoblade is awesome and NIER is laaaame~ (Blind Nintendo fanboys/girls are lame too~) That's all you need to know. :3

Tue 3rd May, 2011

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Bacon_Gal_Blaze commented on Sacrifice Your Spirit to the Dark Souls II Bet...:

Yeah, Dark Souls wasn't that hard. I died a lot, but I never felt as if dying was unfair (aside from maybe that Smough and whatsamajig fight). I never did beat Demons Souls though. I didn't enjoy it as much so I guess I didn't have the motivation to see it through to the end. :(



Bacon_Gal_Blaze commented on Reaction: PlayStation Vita Is Moving in the Ri...:

I think this is a good start for Sony. More could be done, but if they carry a similar price cut over from Japan to the West then hopefully the Vita will increase in sales, and that means more games which could in the long-term pose a threat to the 3DS.



Bacon_Gal_Blaze commented on Review: Corpse Party: Book of Shadows (PlaySta...:

@ShogunRok Yes, but there are two important points here. YOU like gameplay; others have differing opinions and would love to play a visual novel. Personally I primarily play games for the music and story.

Secondly, you have to identify the target audience the game is attempting to appeal to. The developers were obviously not intending to create something gameplay heavy, so its a bit harsh perhaps to criticize something a game was not aiming for. No game is going to perfect and encompass every category a reviewer has to analyse, so you really have to identify what the game was trying to achieve and base your score on that.

That said, I think this review did all those things.



Bacon_Gal_Blaze commented on Review: Dishonored (PlayStation 3):

Wow, this game seems to be getting overwhelming praise from everywhere! :o When P4 Arena (eventually) releases, I'll be sure to pick this up. Actually, come to think of it, it may make a good Christmas present. ;)



Bacon_Gal_Blaze commented on Review: Resistance: Burning Skies (PlayStation...:

Completely agree with this review. I personally gave it a 3.5, the graphics were as a general horrendous, gameplay was average, audio was good but the lack of it online was a hindrance. I felt the cast of characters was bland and the online mode was teetering on the edge of being completely broken. Burning Skies was just never given the time and attention it needed. What a shame too. :(



Bacon_Gal_Blaze commented on Review: BlazBlue: Continuum Shift EXTEND (Play...:

Great Review Corbs! I absolutely loved this game myself, but I admit I did have to restrain myself from using the Stylish controls now and again! Just last week, after well over fifty hours of playing, I finally managed to beat Noel's Arcade Mode. :D That shows how brutal Blazblue is in difficulty! :o



Bacon_Gal_Blaze commented on Talking Point: Sony's Bold Move with Vita Firs...:

I don't see why Sony left Europe out, but I think really it's evident that this was Sony's way of getting loyal fans to fork over extra money for an early console. Then again, I'm sure the NA fans will be pleased to be getting their Vita's early!



Bacon_Gal_Blaze commented on Review: PlayStation Vita Hardware:

Great review Corbie. Probably gonna put in my preorder soon. I honestly think the system is amazing, as well as the brilliant launch lineup. If it wasn't for those hugely overpriced memory cards I'd have put in my preorder months ago. From what you've wrote it just makes me even more desperate to get my hands on it come launch! :-)



Bacon_Gal_Blaze commented on First Impressions: Gravity Rush:

Thanks for all the info! Looks like GR is gonna be a really unique and original game, and I love the idea of bending gravity to get around places, defeat enemies etc, I think it could be used in a ton of ways. Can't wait for this! :-)