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Sun 2nd Sep 2012

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Autobot-69 commented on How Much Would You Pay to Play Shenmue 3?:

I absolutely loved Shenmue on Dreamcast. Unfortunately, my friend touched the lens and my Dreamcast was kaput before I could finish the game. I hope one day they release the first 2 for playstation as a download if not on a disc.



Autobot-69 commented on Talking Point: Does the PS4 Need 4K Resolution?:

Not a good gamble. Anyone that buys a PS4 will need to buy a new 4k TV to enjoy it. How many people will buy an expensive (new technology) TV just to enjoy a PS4 (will take years for movies and everything else to catch up). In my opinion, to release a truly successful console that will sell you have to make it superior than any other console and utilize technology that is currently in most living rooms. Sales of the new console will be weak until the 4k TV is in most living rooms.



Autobot-69 commented on PlayStation Vita Slumps to Its Saddest Defeat ...:

While the Vita had some decent launch titles.... it took months for them to release any decent titles following that. From what I recall there was only a handful of decent releases between February and September.

With all the bragging they did about the capability of the system there was a lot of lead up to "The first ever true fps on a handheld" game known as Resistance Burning Skies. What a huge disappointment that game was. It felt like a bad PS2 game. I've been gaming since I was 7 back in 1987 and Burning Skies is the first and only game that I've ever returned.

I believe that after such a long delay for releases (post launch) and the drought being broken with such a terrible game (Burning Skies) that much faith was lost with the system. I still have mine and thoroughly enjoy it.... however, I have little faith in the "quality" of future releases.



Autobot-69 commented on PlayStation Network Sales Explode, Plus Subscr...:

PS+ is great!
I've saved a small fortune on my PSN purchases since I've been subscribed.

Since the introduction of PS+ I have been able to buy more & more & more & more from the store due to all the savings I get on my purchases.

A subscription costs less than An Xbox live subscription and The value of the free games and general savings have saved me more than I paid for the subscription. I get nothing from Xbox but useless adds. Also, PS+ does not impact my online play so you can't tell the difference between a PS+ subscriber and non-subscriber when you play. Thanks Sony.