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Wed 7th August, 2013

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AeroZeppelin commented on Talking Point: Should Sony Ditch E3 Stage Show...:

@ohhaime I agree it wasn't as good as Treehouse they didn't show that much new gameplay and like you say it was mostly just developer interviews with the devs listing off the bullet points of there games informative yes but not to entertaining hopefully Sony improves next year



AeroZeppelin commented on Nintendo Thumps PlayStation in E3 2014 Twitter...:

@ELAWIS Everyone is entitled to there own opinion it's ok if you don't agree personally I don't agree either none of them won E3 in my opinion yeah they all had good conferences but they could've been better if there was a gun two my head and i had to choose I'd say Nintendo won why? because there event was more fun to watch they showed more fun looking games i still think none of them won E3 this year why? because to me there wasn't a clear cut winner this year it wasn't like last year were Sony obviously won none of them hands down won E3 not everyone thinks Nintendo won not everyone thinks Sony won not everyone thinks MS won



AeroZeppelin commented on Round Up: What Happened During PlayStation's E...:

@Gamer83 I also thought Nintendo's event was awesome they got me this year now i want a WiiU also would've have liked some bigger reveals my only big disappointment was no last guardian aside from that and Shawn layden it was a good show gotta admit not a souls fan i didn't think Project Beast..aka Bloodborne would excite me but it did definitely keeping my eye on that one



AeroZeppelin commented on Reaction: Poor Pacing Disrupts Otherwise Excel...:

I'll say this from now on people need to keep in mind that each year E3 is becoming lass relevant and lass inportant while GamesCom on the other hand is becoming bigger more relevant and more inportant i say in the future expect big things from GamesCom not E3