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Wed 7th August, 2013

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AeroZeppelin commented on Talking Point: Which PS4 Games Are You Most Lo...:

In order
1) Uncharted 4
2) No Man's Sky
3) Batman Arkham Knight
4) Star Wars Battlefront
5) Rime
6) Ratchet and Clank remake
7) Bloodborne
8) Metal Gear Solid 5
9) The Order 1886
10) Forest
11) The Division
12) Just Cause 3
13) Dragon Ball Xenoverse
14) SOMA
15) Final Fantasy 15 please and a lot more i can't think of right now ughh so many games!!!



AeroZeppelin commented on Talking Point: What Did You Think of Sony's Pl...:

Phew... just got done reading Battle Angel Alita Last Order, anyway i didn't watch it but judgeing from the announcements it was really good better then i expected.

Honestly you guys have no one but yourselfs to blame for getting overhyped i don't recall Sony hypeing this that much.



AeroZeppelin commented on Feature: 10 PS4, PS3, and Vita Reveals That We...:

@Gamer83 Saying what others have said WARNING this comment is really long
What eLarkos said Its funny how when a new visual tech comes to movies (e.g. HD, 3D, 4K) the first thing I want them to do is remake the classics so I can watch their brilliance all over again in stunning 3D (4k etc). Yet when it comes to games, people really have an issue with remaking classics.
It really should be said for the people that dont know - These remakes are 95% of the time not made by the creative developers in the industry, the developers who develop the great new games that we are all longing for. Even in the case of TLoU remaster, yes it was ND however it would have been the ground level programers and developers making it. Not the high level creatives potentially working on the next great thing.
If you are still worried that these games are stopping new original titles, I think you might need to realise that without these "easy cash" games no new AAA games could be made. The industry is rough at the moment And please reed this too

I think it's getting easier to see the bigger economic picture:
Casual games maker King Digital (Candy Crush) is going public:
Casual japanese games company Gung Ho (Puzzle and Dragons) is making $:
Meanwhile companies like THQ are going under.
PS3 and PS4 owners can hold up their noses at casual games, but they are taking their toll on the games industry. The ROI of multimillion dollar games is becoming too much of a risk. Look at the smaller games Squenix puts out, and Level 5, my current favorite game company w/ the likes of Dark Cloud, White Knight Chronicles, Rogue Galaxy and Ni No Kuni under it's belt is focusing on upcoming touchscreen friendly RPG Wonderflick:
There are some games like COD and Madden that can still sell for $60, but not too may others. Too much competition. Better to spend $100,000 each making 10 attempts at the next Bejeweled or Angry Birds than $10 mil making Tomb Raider.

I don't think the big game AAA model is completely going away, but there will be less companies making them and less AAA games as a result. And the big companies that put out a big game every year or 2 or 3 will need to put out smaller indie like budget games as well. It's why EA bought Popcap.
Rovio and Ronimo will be swallowed up eventually, but other indie companies will take their place.
Only Majong will stand alone, their game is crack like no other.



AeroZeppelin commented on Fancy a Jill Sandwich? The Original Resident E...:

@voodoo341 Nobody's called you anything but let me be the first one to actually call you a name YOU are nothing more then a troll therefore there is zero point in talking to you since all you wanna do is troll the comment section if that's all you wanna do fine go ahead be my guess i will ignore you from now on