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  • News Zen Studios Bundling FPS, Pinball, More on PSVR

    Quite the collection

    One thing that’s become common on the PlayStation Store over the past few years are custom bundles, and Zen Studios is readying one of its own, stuffed with four of its PlayStation VR games. Fronting the bundle is Out of Ammo, the suspect first-person shooter which we didn’t think too highly of in our review. Fortunately,...



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    Review Out of Ammo

    Empty chamber

    On paper, Out of Ammo sounds like a good idea ­– but any positive notions are squashed almost as quickly as the game can boot up. Out of Ammo is a blend of real-time strategy and first-person shooter. You take control of a squad from above and build your base, with the ability to switch and control any individual on the ground at...


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    Review Pinball FX3

    Flip the light fantastic

    So, has Zen Studios finally settled on a name, then? Pinball FX3 is the successor to Zen Pinball 2, a game which itself was named Pinball FX2 on other platforms. The good news is that despite the adjusted moniker, you can import practically all of your tables from the previous version into this all-new release – although...


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    Review CastleStorm VR

    Castle crashers

    Zen Studios must be contractually obliged to port CastleStorm to every viable platform, because it seems to get around like a king on a crusade. It’s a weird one because the game has never, in this author’s opinion, been all that exciting – but people must enjoy it otherwise it wouldn’t keep popping up like a bad smell...

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    Review Infinite Minigolf

    Tiger W∞ds

    Infinite Minigolf may be a bad name, but it’s a potentially accurate one. Zen Studios’ follow-up to forgotten PlayStation 3 putt-‘em-up Planet Minigolf is packing some nifty cross-console features, meaning that its pool of user generated courses can be accessed regardless of your system of choice. This means that you could,...

  • News Zen Studios Putts Infinite Minigolf on the PS4 from 25th July

    Join the club

    If the excruciating wait for Everybody’s Golf is killing you, then Zen Studios is hoping to pad the wait with Infinite Minigolf, the long over-due successor to Planet Minigolf which launched on the PlayStation 3 almost a decade ago. The title – which includes full PlayStation VR support – allows you to create your own courses,...


  • News Pinball FX3 Tops the Scoreboard on PS4 This Summer

    And you'll be able to import most legacy tables for free

    Pinball FX3 will fire to the PlayStation 4 this summer, replacing Zen Pinball 2 as the home of Zen Studios’ fan-flippin’-tastic fantasy tabletop series. The game’s promising a wealth of new features and functions, though before we get into those it’s worth pointing out that the...



  • DLC Review Batting Balls with Bethesda Pinball on PS4

    Fallout bore

    At this point, there are a fair few tables available for Zen Pinball 2, most of which are based on licensed properties such as Star Wars, Spider-Man, or even Bob's Burgers. While we're a very long way from Zen Studios releasing the Antiques Roadshow table this reviewer has been holding out for, the firm continues to seek out the sorts...

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    Review Pinball FX2 VR

    Flipping out for real

    You could never accuse developer Zen Studios of being particularly selective about which platforms its pinball titles appear on. Thus, the number of people who'll be surprised to hear Pinball FX2 has arrived on PlayStation VR will probably be close to zero, especially since it provides a rare opportunity to do something a bit...




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    Review Zen Pinball 2: South Park Pinball


    Building up its repertoire of table tie-ins, Zen Studios has bizarrely added comedy hit South Park to its post-release Zen Pinball 2 purchasing roster. With two tables on offer in this double pack, does the satirical NSFW show make a successful transition to the more traditional silver ball structure? The staple Super-Sweet Pinball table is...


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    Review CastleStorm: Definitive Edition

    It's reigning Zen

    Blurring the line between tower defense and real-time strategy, CastleStorm proved a surprise hit when we reviewed it last year. This time, Zen Studios’ clever mash-up is back on the PlayStation 4, with all of its previous DLC and a few new surprises up its sleeve. But how does this version stack up against the game that we...


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    Review KickBeat: Special Edition

    Kick it into touch

    KickBeat: Special Edition is the re-release of Zen Studios’ rhythm fighting game for the PlayStation 4. Now, you may be asking yourself what a rhythm fighting game actually is – or you may not be. Either way, picture a fusion of Mortal Kombat and DJ Hero, and you’ll more or less have the right idea. Sadly, this game sounds...

  • News KickBeat: Special Edition Delivers a Flying Kick Next Week on PS4

    Realistic moshpit action

    When KickBeat launched on the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita, it proved that it had all of the right moves – as it received a groovy 8/10 in our review. If, however, you're one of those desperate for next-gen graphics to go along with your rhythmic butt kicking, your wait has finally come to an end. KickBeat: Special...



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    Review Star Wars Pinball: Heroes Within

    Sith grade

    When Zen Studios started churning out Star Wars pinball tables a couple of years ago, it promised a total of ten would be available by the time that it had finished. So, with the release of its latest quartet of machines – titled Star Wars Pinball: Heroes Within – it’s added the remaining four needed to complete the full set, and...


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    Review Zen Pinball 2

    Zen out of ten?

    One of two pinball titles flipping onto the PlayStation 4 prior to Christmas is Zen Pinball 2, a game that previously graced both the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita. This next-gen version provides gamers with a chance to battle friends and strangers for the highest score on a range of tailor made tables, a number of which bear...

  • News Zen Pinball 2 Sets a High Score on PlayStation 4

    Flippin' fantastic

    Steel your flipper fingers for the ultimate tabletop experience, as Zen Studios has announced that Zen Pinball 2 is set to ping onto the PlayStation 4 on 17th December in North America and 18th December in Europe. Even better, the re-release's tables will be available for free if you’ve already spent money on the score-chasing...


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    Review CastleStorm

    Shocking, in a manner of speaking

    Building castles, slaying enemy troops, and launching farting sheep. CastleStorm is built around the idea of both building and destroying castles using a variety of customisable methods. You'll control a massive ballista, which you'll employ to send out a variety of troops, some awesome special attacks, and a...


  • Interview Kickin' Back with KickBeat Developer Zen Studios

    Pull shapes

    Kick! Punch! Dance! It’s all in the mind! Zen Studios may be best known for its exhaustive roster of pinball tables, but the studio has been quietly perfecting its mastery of dance over the past few years. KickBeat, which was originally announced as a PlayStation Vita exclusive over a year ago, has been in production for some time now,...

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    Review KickBeat

    Fists of melody

    The concept of fusing fighting and rhythm games seems so obvious, as the act of combat already has a rhythmic feel to it. Timing is, of course, crucial to both pastimes, with complex moves requiring metronome-like precision, just like the beat of a song. KickBeat, then, is pretty much the perfect marriage of genres, and the Zen...



  • News Zen Pinball 2 Finds the Force, Loses It Again

    Into the garbage chute

    A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, developer Zen Studios revealed that it was working on a new batch of Star Wars themed tables for its free PlayStation 3 and Vita application Zen Pinball 2 – but the announcement was yanked faster than the Millennium Falcon in hyperspace. Still, there’s nothing stopping us from...



  • News Catch a Glimpse of KickBeat's Groovy Moves

    Four to the floor

    If you’ve been desperately awaiting gameplay footage of Zen Studio’s upcoming fist-heavy rhythm action title KickBeat, then you’re bang in luck, because the developer has released a five minute video of pure in-game action. The footage – set to Celldweller’s “I Can’t Wait” – reveals exactly how KickBeat’s blend...

  • News Marvel Pinball Avengers DLC Nudges PSN Next Week

    Saving the world one ball at a time

    The Avengers will once again assemble in digital pinball format on the PlayStation Network next week. Steel ball wizards Zen Studios has announced that the eagerly awaited Marvel Pinball: Avengers Chronicles expansion will launch on Sony’s digital storefront on 19th June in North America. We’re guessing...

  • News Zen Studios' First PopCap Pinball Table Launching Soon

    Plants vs. Pinball

    Hungarian developer Zen Studios may be working on a cavalcade of other properties – including the exciting looking KickBeat for Vita – but it has not forgotten about its most important title: Zen Pinball. With the sequel to the well-supported simulation on the horizon, the developer has announced that its first collaboration...


  • News KickBeat Pirouettes onto PS Vita

    Music combat

    While martial arts and music don’t appear to have much in common, Zen Studios has found a way to connect the two disparate activities. Inspired by the heavily rhythmic choreography of old-school kung-fu movies, the developer has concocted KickBeat, a brand new music title developed exclusively for Vita. The game introduces familiar...

  • News The Avengers Assemble for New Marvel Pinball Table

    Assembly line

    As far as timing goes, it’s hard to imagine this Avengers themed Marvel Pinball announcement coming at a better moment. Zen Studios has hopped onto the PlayStation Blog to announce the impending release of the just launched film's digital pinball adaptation. It's set to ship as part of the upcoming Marvel Pinball: Avengers Chronicle


  • News Zen Pinball 2 Rolls Out on PS3 and Vita This Spring


    If the recently announced Pinball Arcade wasn’t enough to wet your flip-happy whistle, then you might be excited (and somewhat surprised) to learn that Zen Pinball 2 is on the way too. Developer Zen Studios announced the PS3 and PS Vita follow-up overnight, meaning, like the Pinball Arcade, you’ll now be able to challenge your...

  • News Channel Your Rage with World War Hulk Pinball Trailer

    "You wouldn't like me when I'm angry"

    While a spot of casual nudging is accepted when you’re playing pinball, we're not sure the table's owners would be too impressed if you opted for a full-on Hulk smash. The green giant is renowned for his destructive temper, as evidenced by this trailer for the World War Hulk table heading to Marvel Pinball...


  • News Avengers DLC Spinning into Marvel Pinball This Spring

    About flipping time

    Four new tables are headed to Marvel Pinball this spring, developer Zen Studios has announced. The tables – based on Marvel Comics’ World War Hulk, Fear Itself and The Infinity Guantlet storylines – will include more character interaction, dialogue and action than any of the developer's previous tables according to the...


  • News Epic Quest Adds Loot to Zen Pinball

    +6 HP

    You have to admire developer Zen Studios for its commitment to expansion. Zen Pinball has been available on the PlayStation Store for almost three years now, and it’s still playing host to some great DLC. What’s even more incredible is that with each new download, the developer’s ambitions get that little bit greater. Take the latest...







  • News Planet Minigolf To Feature YouTube Replay Support

    There's a better case for arguing what isn't in Planet Minigolf

    With Zen Studios having already announced Playstation Move support and an extensive "Play Create Share" sub-mode - what could possibly be left? Well, YouTube upload support for one. Which is something the developers of Planet Minigolf have now committed too - stating the game will allow you to directly upload some of your..