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  • News SEGA: Yakuza 3 Sales In The West "Positive"

    SEGA's made a comment on Yakuza 3's sales, which launched earlier in the year exclusively on Playstation 3

    The game's overt Japanese nature made it a tough-sell for many consumers, and many were worried about how the game would be received. But SEGA's come out to say, "hey, it was all good", providing the following statement on the SoA forums:"As was mentioned a couple times above,..






  • News Amazon Germany List Yakuza 3 For Retail, SEGA Say Nothing

    A mysterious Amazon listing for SEGA's Yakuza 3 seems to hint at a Western release for the popular Japanese Playstation 3 title at last

    The listing on Amazon Germany, uncovered by TSA, lists a retail price of €62.99 with a March 2010 release. VG247 got in touch with SEGA and were told, “No comment from me, I’m afraid." Please let it happen SEGA. Please. Please. Please.


  • Rumour Yakuza 3? Dude It's Already Being Localised As We Speak...

    The Yakuza 3 saga continues

    At first we weren't getting it. Then it became a possibility. Now 1Up.com are hinting that the game's Western release is definite. They claim the game is already being localised for "the US and European markets". Please make it happen. Please make it happen. Just stick subtitles at the bottom, we don't care about voice acting. Get it over here.

  • News Blimey Oh Riley, Yakuza 3 Is Not Doomed In The West

    Remember when it seemed like Yakuza 3 was never going to come out in the West

    Well, there's still a chance it might. SEGA man Aaron Webber’s posted on the US PS Blog claiming:"Yakuza 3 is not cancelled – and the possibility for localizing it does, in fact, still exist. "The original news story that went around about Yakuza 3 being declined for the US was false, and localizing the game..



  • News These Girls Are Auditioning For A Part In The New Yakuza Game

    SEGA have been auditioning nice young ladies to feature in an upcoming sequel to the Yakuza franchise

    Between May 8 and June 19, there were over 1,500 applicants. Groups of 2-3 were interviewed by the game's creators. They were asked to read lines and questioned things such as whether they liked karaoke. Apparently all this is an essential part of making a good game. Personally, we just wish..

  • News SEGA Seek Out Real-Life Host Club Stories For Use In A New Yakuza Game

    Host clubs are common part of the Japanese and East Asian night-life

    Visiting such a club entitles you to paid conversation with attentive ladies. It seems rather ludicrous but it's popular in the East. Alas it's something SEGA want to incorporate into a coming Yakuza sequel. They're asking for real-life stories and one winner will have their story "built" into the game and their name..


  • News SEGA Already Have Another Yakuza Game In The Works

    We haven't played Yakuza 3 yet because it's looking unlikely SEGA will ever slap subtitles on it and release it in the West

    The game however has managed to be a huge success without Western sales mind. Over a half a million people in Japan own the game making it a rip-roaring success. Enough for another entry in the series, which Toshihiro Nagoshi claims will not neccessarily be a direct..


  • News Sony Dominates The Japanese Software Sales Charts Yet Again

    Playstation 3 has been kicking some ass in Japan lately

    Literally. With the Wii floundering of late and the 360's lack of presence, the charts have been open to Sony domination for a few weeks now. This week is no different, with six Sony titles in the Japanese top ten. Resident Evil 5 slipped to second place after an amazing launch. It fell to the hands of Warriors Orochi Z which sold 112,000..

  • News Sony Dominate 49.9% Of The Japanese Hardware Market Last Week

    The release of Yakuza 3 should put an end to Sony doom-slaying

    The PS3 continues to sell very well despite the economy and its high price tag. SEGA's Yakuza 3 is the latest game to prove that Sony's console can shift units, with 372,000 copies sold in its first week. Naturally this had an effect on the Playstation 3's overall sales, where it overcame all competition (even the DS and Wii) to top the..

  • News Yakuza 3 Has The Second-Best PS3 Launch, Ever

    The numbers are in

    It's official. Yakuza 3 didn't sell 300,000 copies but actually more — 372,000 to be precise. That puts the game right behind Metal Gear Solid 4 as the PS3's biggest Japanese seller. This also pushed PS3 system sales up to 35,000 — early reports are indicating that's 23,000 more systems sold than Wii. Those "PS3 is dead" doom prophecies from late last year seem like..

  • News Yakuza 3 Sells Big In Japan

    We reported last week that Yakuza 3 had sold 232k copies on its first day

    But it seems that number has risen a little with lead designer Toshihiro Nagoshi claiming the game has sold 300,000. Either way, it's a bumper first few days for the SEGA exclusive and really improves the chances of a localised version making it to the West. We'll keep our fingers crossed SEGA.