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  • News Sony Seemingly Censors Controversial Senran Kagura Mode

    Booby trap

    Senran Kagura Burst Re:Newal will not include its controversial ‘Intimacy Mode’ on the PlayStation 4, which effectively allows you to fondle the private parts of its questionably aged cast of anime characters. Previous instalments on Sony’s system have included this feature, as does the Japanese version of the same game, so it seems...


  • News XSEED: We Love the Vita and Will Continue to Support It

    Get a room

    Sony's slowly dropping support for the PlayStation Vita, but it remains flush with Japanese titles and indie ports. This puts the portable in a unique position: it remains incredibly relevant – but only among a very specific niche. Fortunately, publisher XSEED – the organisation responsible for bringing the likes of Akiba's Trip:...



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    Review Brandish: The Dark Revenant

    Resurrect an old friend

    Brandish: The Dark Revenant was originally released on the Super Nintendo in 1991. Despite its rocky reception, it was eventually ported to the PlayStation Portable in 2009 in Japan. And, after six years, it's finally travelled overseas, with a full English localisation. The big question is: has it been worth the wait? The...

  • News Corpse Party: Blood Drive Hops on the Highway to Hell

    XSEED registers domain for Vita exclusive

    There may be a dearth of big budget blockbusters on the PlayStation Vita right now, but there are bags of indie titles and quirky Japanese curios. Corpse Party is one franchise that blossomed into popularity towards the end of the PlayStation Portable's life, and it looks like its Vita exclusive successor,...


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    Review Akiba's Trip: Undead & Undressed

    Take off your pants and jacket

    Welcome back to the land of the undead and undressed, where you are a modern day vampire roaming the streets of Akihabara, stripping others of their finest threads. Akiba’s Trip: Undead & Undressed has been doing the rounds on Sony’s systems for a while now, finally arriving on the PlayStation 4 following a...




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    Review Akiba’s Trip: Undead & Undressed

    Undressed to kill

    To describe Akiba’s Trip: Undead & Undressed as a simple action role-playing game would do it a disservice – a bit like describing a vampire as a mere blood gulper. The aforementioned nocturnal beast has gone through several iterations over the years, ranging from fear inducing monsters through to promiscuous teenagers –...





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    Review Killer Is Dead

    Crud on the moon

    Killer Is Dead is unashamedly stupid. Executive producer Goichi Suda – better known by his nickname Suda51 – has made a living out of his bonkers plots and premises, but the latest product to drop off Grasshopper Manufacture’s production line takes the nonsense of No More Heroes and kits it out in a straitjacket. This is a...

  • News Duh, Of Course Juliet Starling Is Going to Be in Killer Is Dead

    Girl power

    Killer Is Dead hero Mondo Zappa will have yet another reason to pull out his controversial gigolo glasses this year, as Lollipop Chainsaw protagonist Juliet Starling is set to make an appearance in the game. The bright-eyed cheerleader will flash her pom-poms at some point during the title’s over-the-top campaign, but it’s not yet...





  • News Valhalla Knights 3 Strides into North America This Fall

    Follow the leader

    Not content with this morning’s Killer Is Dead confirmation, XSEED Games has announced that it will be bringing Valhalla Knights 3 to North America this Fall. The customisable PlayStation Vita exclusive will allow you to select from a list of 21 different jobs and seven races to create the perfect party. We fancy building an army...

  • News Killer Is Dead Stabs Western Regions This Summer

    Spilling overseas

    As expected, Grasshopper Manufacture’s gorgeous assassin action game Killer Is Dead will arrive in western territories this summer. The title will be published by XSEED Games in North America, while Dead Island overlord and new Saints Row owner Deep Silver w

  • News Corpse Party: Book of Shadows Haunts Europe Later Today

    Hide behind the sofa

    The genuinely creepy Corpse Party: Book of Shadows will begin terrorising the European PlayStation Store later today, publisher XSEED Games has announced. The PlayStation Portable visual novel – which spooked North America earlier in the month – will set you back €14.99, and will be compatible with the PlayStation Vita at...

  • News Sumioni: Demon Arts Inks European Vitas Next Week

    Feels like some kind of brush

    Almost a year after its original debut in North America, publisher XSEED has announced that it's drawing its beautiful PlayStation Vita puzzle platformer Sumioni: Demon Arts onto European shores. The title puts you in control of a demon named Agura, who is empowered by his ability to paint. Using different brush...

  • News Corpse Party: Book of Shadows Sets a Spooky Date

    Be very, very afraid

    Corpse Party: Book of Shadows, the sequel to the scariest game that we’ve ever played, will haunt your PlayStation Portable and Vita from 15th January in North America, publisher XSEED has confirmed. The nightmare simulator will set you back just $19.99, which sounds pretty reasonable to us. A European launch will follow, but...


  • News Orgarhythm Boogies onto the PlayStation Vita

    Shake it, shake it

    Patapon fans disappointed by the lack of tactical rhythm action on the PlayStation Vita may find themselves drawn to Orgarhythm, an incredibly difficult to spell real-time strategy title from Acquire. The game – available now from the North American PlayStation Store – encourages you to tap, slide and drag your finger to the...

  • News Corpse Party: Book of Shadows Spooks PSP This Winter

    Cuddle up

    The sequel to Team GrisGris’ outstanding PlayStation Portable exclusive Corpse Party is coming to the PlayStation Network this winter. Corpse Party: Book of Shadows features a collection of eight self-contained scenarios set in the shadowy Corpse Party universe. “[The sequel is] divided into eight chapters, each of which tells its own...

  • News Ragnarok Odyssey Strikes North American Vitas on 30th October

    The bigger they are, the harder they fall

    Anticipated PlayStation Vita action RPG Ragnarok Odyssey will attack on 30th October in North America, publisher XSEED has announced. The game will be available for $39.99 from retail outlets and the PlayStation Store, but a $49.99 Mercenary Edition will also be made available. The latter will bundle a...

  • News Orgarhythm Taps Its Feet to the Beat from 23rd October

    Kooloo limpah

    For a platform that apparently has no games, there sure is a lot of content releasing for the PlayStation Vita right now. XSEED has just announced that its wacky rhythm strategy game Orgarhythm is set to join the party on 23rd October. The game will be available as a digital exclusive, and will cost $29.99. The release date adds yet...


  • News Ragnarok Odyssey Scoops Slick Mercenary Edition

    Pretty packaging

    Upcoming PlayStation Vita RPG Ragnarok Odyssey will be getting a special edition in North America. The so-called Mercenary Edition will include the game, alongside an art-book, soundtrack and set of playing cards. The bundle will set you back $49.99, which is just $10 more than the standard edition. Ragnarok Odyssey is an action...

  • News Way of the Samurai 4 Swipes Its Sword on 21st August

    Dig out your kimono

    Upcoming action title Way of the Samurai 4 is set to sneak onto the North American PlayStation Network on 21st August, publisher XSEED has announced. The quasi-historical samurai adventure will set you back $39.99, and will feature full Japanese dialogue alongside English sub-titles. The game promises plenty of customisation, an...


  • News Ragnarok Odyssey Stomps onto Western Vitas This Year

    Orgarhythm too

    XSEED may have scrapped plans to release Vanillaware’s gorgeous Grand Knights History overseas, but it has replaced the PSP RPG with a handful of hotly anticipated Vita titles. The localisation specialist has confirmed that it will be bringing the Monster Hunter-inspired Ragnarok Odyssey to North America, in addition to Acquire’s...

  • News XSEED Cans Plans to Publish Grand Knights History

    A tragic tale

    XSEED has scrapped plans to publish Vanillaware’s gorgeous PSP role-playing game Grand Knights History in North America. The publisher said that unfortunately the “development resources required to localise the game were not available, necessitating its cancellation”. The publisher continued: We regret not being able to bring...


  • News Follow the Way of the Samurai on PlayStation 3

    Giant enemy crabs

    North American gamers need no longer be jealous of Way of the Samurai 4’s confirmation for Europe, because XSEED has just announced that the PS3 exclusive is headed to USA too. There’s still no date or price attached to the sandbox samurai period drama, but the confirmation alone should be enough to get you to dust off your...


  • News Sumioni Inks the PlayStation Network on 20th March

    Practice the demon arts

    The PlayStation Vita’s launch line-up was undeniable hugy, but we’re already starting to hear murmurs of people asking what’s next. Thankfully it looks like the system’s going to avoid the usual new platform drought, with Unit 13 and the gorgeous Sumioni: Demon Arts both due out in North America in March. XSEED...