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  • Guide How to Buy Spider-Man PS4 Pro and PS4 Slim Console

    Limited edition, in 'Amazing Red'

    Spider-Man PS4 launches on the 7th September alongside limited edition PS4 Pro and PS4 Slim consoles. These consoles are available to pre-order at various online retailers both in the UK and in North America. Both the Spider-Man PS4 Pro and Spider-Man PS4 Slim feature the same Spider-Man logo design on...



  • News Amazon Instant Video Sneaks onto PlayStation 3

    Out of nowhere

    Last week’s official PlayStation Blogcast teased the arrival of a new on-demand video service for PlayStation 3, and, after much speculation, that feature has sneaked its way onto the system’s XMB today. Those in North America will find a new icon under the PS3’s TV heading, unlocking access to Amazon Instant Video. From there...


  • News Sony: "We Underestimated Demand for Move Controllers"

    Might struggle for stock over Christmas

    When putting together your PlayStation move set-up you probably didn't encounter many issues getting a Starter Pack, console bundle or Navigation sub-controller, but you may have struggled to lay your hands on a standalone Move controller. Peter Dille, Sony's marketing senior vice president in the US, has said...