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  • News Will Twisted Metal Ever Come to the PS4?

    Creator David Jaffe weighs in

    Twisted Metal maker David Jaffe has weighed in on the state of the franchise, releasing a video as response to the “numerous” daily tweets he receives from fans asking about the future of the car combat series. In the ten minute clip, he makes clear that he doesn’t own the brand and so any decisions about its...













  • News David Jaffe Talks About Lying To Everyone

    Amazingly, we'd actually talked ourselves out of Twisted Metal on the PlayStation 3 being a thing

    We knew Jaffe was working on something that involved car combat, but we'd given up on that project being Twisted Metal. We'd certainly given up on it making an appearance at this year's E3. But appear it did, in somewhat glorious fashion, and the PushSquare office was prone to the odd squeal of..

  • News Grab Five Minutes Of Sweet Twisted Metal Footage

    Eat Sleep Play's new Twisted Metal game is clearly fairly early in development, but it's still looking damn amazing.

    The game gives us the faintest whiff of Warhawk to be honest — mostly in the game's visual style, but it's also apparent from the striking depth of the multiplayer. The cars look like they handle really well, and the chaotic nature of the multiplayer is clearly still existent here..

  • First Impressions E3 2010: Twisted Metal on PlayStation 3

    Twisted Metal is one of the oldest, most recognisable PlayStation franchises out there

    Despite being shunned aside by bigger franchise power-houses in PlayStation's history (the likes of Gran Turismo, Final Fantasy and Metal Gear Solid), Sony's E3 press conference spelled out quite categorically that Twisted Metal is truly back in bombastic style. This was not an announcement of muted voices and..

  • E3 2010 David Jaffe & Scott Campbell Talk Twisted Metal

    One of the best highlights of this year's E3 was unveiling of Twisted Metal -- a game that David Jaffe had somehow thrown us off the scent

    We truly believed it wasn't coming. But then, right at the end of that E3 conference, Sweet Tooth. The game's looking just as chaotic as it should, which perhaps didn't translate quite as good as it should during Sony's press conference. Which is why, this E3..

  • E3 2010 It's Good To Have You Back, Sweet Tooth

    During Sony's press conference last night, they revealed that David Jaffe and his team at Eat Sleep Play are indeed working on a new Twisted Metal game, with much of the original team still intact

    With an on-stage Sweet Tooth, Jaffe and co demoed some of Twisted Metal's new 16-player multiplayer features. An exciting new addition to the franchise is the inclusion of helicopters, so you'll be..

  • E3 2010 Twisted Metal (Finally!!!) Announced For PlayStation 3

    We've seen the future and it involves flipped cars, burning rubber and falling buildings

    With the help of an on-stage Sweet Tooth, Sony confirmed today that Eat Sleep Play are working on a new Twisted Metal game for the PlayStation 3. A series of multiplayer demos showed just how deep and technical Jaffe and his team are going with the new version of the game, which includes 16-player online..

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