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    Go-faster stripes

    These days, arcade racers are few and far between, so it's refreshing to see one as bright-eyed and original as Trailblazers launching on PS4. Supergonk's unique racing game has looked promising from the start, with a core mechanic that separates it from its stablemates. With an emphasis on cooperation, and a surprising amount of...

  • News New Trailblazers Video Explains the Basics of PS4 Arcade Racer

    Trailing off

    Trailblazers is a unique indie arcade racer heading to PS4 next week, and what better time to release a video going over the basics? The above trailer shows off how the game's core mechanic works. Basically, a team member in front of you can lay down a trail of your team's colour, which provides you with boost. Team work is clearly a...