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  • News You've Been Waiting for This Official Fortnite NERF Blaster

    Maybe you didn't realise it

    The omnipresent Fortnite continues to wheedle its way into every corner of popular culture, with this NERF Blaster representing the natural next step before Happy Meal freebies parachute into McDonald’s restaurants. Due out next summer, the $49.99 dart gun features flip-up sights and a motor, so you can pick off prey at...


  • Weirdness Lara Croft Barbie Looks Deep into Your Soul

    You'll want to protect her

    Few things in life are more terrifying that this Tomb Raider-themed Barbie doll, designed to celebrate the release of the new Alicia Vikander movie. Fresh from her roles as an astronaut, vet, and fashion entrepreneur, the popular toy is now taking a turn as archaeologist Lara Croft herself – complete with steely glare...

  • News Spider-Man PS4 Toys Infiltrate Toy Fair 2018


    Spider-senses are tingling at Toy Fair 2018 in New York this weekend, as Hasbro is showing off some toys based upon Insomniac Games’ upcoming Spider-Man game for the PlayStation 4. These snaps captured by Marvel’s Ryan Penagos show off a plastic version of the popular web-slinger in his latest outfit, with Mr. Negative ominously...


  • News New PlayStation Figurines Look Like Sony Themed amiibo

    Me, too

    Before the Chibi-Robo avatars set fire to the comments section, it’s perhaps worth pointing out that the Totaku Collection – a new line of PlayStation-inspired figurines – is not manufactured by Sony, so perhaps save your obligatory “copy-cat” hot takes for another site. Nevertheless, this selection of plastic models does share...


  • News Funko Announces Horizon: Zero Dawn Pop! Figurines

    Vinyl fantasy

    Any franchise with a modicum of mainstream success is guaranteed its own line of bulbous Funko figurines, and Horizon: Zero Dawn is the latest property to get the Pop! vinyl treatment. Naturally, red-headed protagonist Aloy is one of the characters you’ll be able to buy, but she’s joined by that most memorable of companions, Erend...






  • News Sleep Soundly with BioShock Infinite Songbird Plushie

    You'll have to make do without Elizabeth for now

    BioShock Infinite’s gigantic mechanical guardian doesn’t make the most obvious bedtime accessory, but Irrational Games is moving along with production on these Songbird plushies all the same. The stuffed toys are available for pre-order right now from the developer’s web store, where you’ll...