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  • Soapbox I Should've Scored The Witness 10/10

    Stephen reflects on his original 9/10 review

    There comes a point in any reviewer's writing career where they'll wish they'd scored something differently. Personally, there are a handful of games I've tackled for Push Square over the years which deserve higher or lower scores than I gave them. I won't be going through all of them here, although let's...



  • News The Witness Physical Version Witnessed on Amazon Italy

    Blown it?

    Jonathan Blow's masterful puzzle game The Witness is set to hit store shelves with a physical edition, if a listing on Amazon Italy is to be believed. At the time of typing, the product page is pretty barebones, featuring placeholder box art and, well, not much else. However, backing this up to a degree are Blow's own comments about a...


  • News The Witness Will Look Even Prettier with PS4 Pro

    Regardless of which TV you own

    The Witness will be one of the many titles updated for free on the PlayStation 4 Pro – and contrary to common misconception, you'll get a better experience whichever television you own. Jonathon Blow explained on the game's official website that those with 4K televisions will be able to enjoy the game at 1440p or...


  • News PS4 Puzzler The Witness Selling Very, Very Well

    Breaking records and Blow-ing minds

    We're currently seeing lines in our sleep, and it sounds like we're not the only ones. The Witness – which launched on the PlayStation 4 last week – is selling almost as fast as graph paper right now, with creator Jonathan Blow revealing that the title has already raked in $5 million of revenue after selling...


  • Soapbox The Witness on PS4 Is a Special Kind of Brilliant

    Seeing things differently

    There are puzzle games, and then there is The Witness. As those of you that have spoken to me over the past few days will know, I wasn't convinced that Jonathan Blow's long-awaited magnum opus was going to be for me. I hated predecessor Braid with a passion, for starters – but all of this chatter about mind-numbing...

  • News Try Not to Witness This Game-Breaking Bug in The Witness

    Hopefully this will all Blow over

    Jonathon Blow's beautiful new project, The Witness, is finally here, and many PlayStation players - including many Push Square staffers - are pumped to play through it. However, some users have been complaining that the game's save system is subpar, claiming that the title doesn't automatically back-up saves and...

  • Round Up Witness the Reviews for The Witness on PS4

    That headline sounded better in our head

    The Witness is here. After approximately eight years of development, a budget bigger than every cent earned by Braid, and a press campaign that included rocking up at the PlayStation 4's reveal event, Jonathan Blow has finally put the lid on his 80 hour puzzler. But is it any good? Well, we don't know,...

  • News The Witness Will Cost You a Pretty Penny on PS4

    But it will also last, like, 80 hours

    The Witness certainly falls under the bracket "indie game", but much like the upcoming No Man's Sky, creator Jonathan Blow's open world adventure is not your average pixel art side scroller. And subsequently, the Braid maker is commanding a premium fee for the puzzler: $39.99 in North America, and £29.99 in the...




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