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  • Rumour Sorcery Studio Is Building Borderlands 2 DLC

    Wand waving

    Gearbox has some fairly aggressive DLC plans in place for Borderlands 2 – and it looks like it’s enlisting on the assistance of fellow studios to help achieve its aims. According to online super sleuth Superannuation, Sorcery developer The Workshop is working on an expansion based on Borderlands 2’s fictional Torgue weapons...



  • News Brand New HD Sorcery Trailer Looks the Business

    Details and more inside!

    Must-have Move game Sorcery is back in action after a long absence, with a brand new trailer right below these very words. There's a new fact sheet too, confirming the game is single-player only, so there'll be no online magic battling for you. The Workshop's magic title is now down for a release in spring 2012, meaning we...

  • News Sony Discusses 'Re-Tooled' Sorcery

    It's evident from yesterday's reannouncement that Sorcery has grown since its promising debut at last year's E3

    While the PlayStation Move exclusive includes the same precise motion control mechanics as its original demo, it's visually prettier and much bigger in scope. "Coming out of E3, we knew there were some things we weren't happy with," design director Brian Upton told the..

  • News Sorcery Video, Screenshots and Details All Inside

    Due in spring

    It's been a long wait to see more of Sorcery, but Sony finally lifted the game's invisibility cape this week to reveal more of what The Workshop has in store for 2012. Revealing differences since the game's well-received E3 2010 showing, design director Brian Upton says: What we showed at E3 was largely organized around a dungeon...

  • News Sorcery Enchants Stores In Spring 2012, Looks Hella Pretty

    Sorcery was the first game to make people take notice of the PlayStation Move

    Debuted at E3 over a year ago, The Workshop developed motion exclusive generated buzz because it felt like the title gamers had been calling for ever since the Wii was released. Family oriented, yes, but with a deep underlying core. A year later, Sony's re-revealed Sorcery to the North American press. And, as we'd hoped,..


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