Tgs 2015 - News



  • News These Are the Games Square Enix Is Bringing to TGS 2015

    Dragon Quest! Final Fantasy! Star Ocean!

    PAX Prime will provide a fleeting distraction this weekend, but the Tokyo Game Show is the next big gaming convention in our calendar. And a month prior to the Japanese event opening its doors, Square Enix has announced some of the titles that it'll be showing on the hall floor: Dragon Quest Builders, Final...

  • News Prepare Yourself for PlayStation's Pre-TGS Press Conference

    Tokyo's turn

    Gamescom 2015 may have been dismal for PlayStation fans, but Sony's setting up a grandstand finish to the year. Not content with Paris Games Week and PlayStation Experience, the platform holder has now dated its annual pre-Tokyo Game Show press conference, which will take place on 15th September. The event will kick off at 16:00PM...


  • News SEGA: We Want to Win Back Gamers' Trust

    Quality over quantity

    SEGA's reputation as a game publisher has been all but completely tarnished over the past ten or so years, thanks to a slew of lacklustre Sonic the Hedgehog sequels and an astoundingly poor job at importing Japanese hits to the Western market. The company seems to be trying to turn things around, though. In an interview with...