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  • News Sony Surveying Users on Potential PSN Name Changes

    It's happening?

    Sony is sending out a survey on PlayStation Network name changes. An anonymous tipster forwarded us an email from the platform holder regarding the oft-requested functionality, in which the manufacturer ponders whether “gamers are interested in the feature or not”. Surely it only needs to read the comments section of virtually...


  • News Sony Surveying Gamers on the DualShock 4

    But to what end?

    There’s a really interesting survey that Sony’s sent out regarding the DualShock 4, asking all sorts of specific questions about the controller. We can confirm that (select) UK gamers have been invited to complete the questionnaire, but we’ve been unable to confirm whether the form has been shared with players in other...



  • Site News Would You Kindly Take Our Survey?

    Be a bae

    Look, we're know that you're busy trying to finish The Witness, but can you forget about line puzzles for five minutes, please? Our not-so intimidating overlords at Gamer Network have concocted a right stonker of a survey, and kindly asked us to gently nudge it in your general direction. We really, really need your help with this, because...


  • News Evidence of Batman: Arkham PS4 Remaster Appears

    Time to play a little game

    Riddle us this: would you buy a Batman: Arkham Anthology for the PlayStation 4? We heard rumours regarding the hypothetical remaster earlier in the year, when the collection was "confirmed" by IGN Italy's supposed sources. However, now we have a little more evidence to feed into the Bat Computer, as one



  • News Would You Like to Change Your PSN Username?

    Functionality could be coming

    It’s been nearing ten years since the PlayStation 3 launched, meaning that you’re likely to have aged considerably since the console deployed. As such, your PlayStation Network username may not be representative of your current personality – after all, nothing says mature adult quite like ‘xXBongoDongo69Xx’...



  • News Survey Prices NGP at $350 for 3G, $250 for Wi-Fi

    Our survey says...

    While Sony may not talking too much about the details surrounding the release of the NGP, the developers working on the system certainly are. A few days ago some developers claimed to reveal an 11/11/11 release for the device, and now Ubisoft is joining the rumor mill by pricing the Wi-Fi and 3G models of the NGP in an online...