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  • News PS4 Pro Stock Is Scarily Low in the UK Right Now

    Fight for the right to 4K

    If you’re in the market for a spangly new PlayStation 4 Pro and you live in the UK, then good luck finding one. Stock has been on the short side for some time now, and while major retailers like Tesco and Currys have recently received new shipments, the system is only available through third-parties at



  • News Sony May Not Have Enough PS4 Stock in Europe This Holiday

    Sell out

    Regular readers may recall our obsession with PlayStation 4 stock last Christmas. Sony’s next-gen system was a smash hit at launch, and we were busy scouting out UK and US stores in order to provide you with as much information as possible on fresh supply. Things have, understandably, eased out over the past twelve months – but SCE...


  • News PS4 Stock Situation Has Prompted Lost Sales, Sony Laments

    Console's still selling very well, though

    No one could accuse the PlayStation 4 of getting off to a slow start. At last count, Sony had sold seven million next-gen super machines, and that number is almost certain to be nearer to the 10 million unit milestone at the time of typing. However, while the company is incredibly satisfied with the...






  • News Not Got a Pre-Order? Here's Where You Can Buy a PS4 in the UK

    Cutting it fine

    You really should have pre-ordered a PlayStation 4 a long time ago if you wanted to get one in time for launch, but there is still hope at some stores around the UK. To be in with a chance of nabbing a wild console, you’re probably going to need to consider queuing up soon as we’re expecting the system to sell out quick. Still,


  • News PlayStation Move Shortage Draws Anger in New Zealand

    Questionable practices going on

    Standalone Move controllers are as rare as hen's teeth at the moment no matter where you live in the world, but particularly in New Zealand where the controller has been sold out for over three weeks. Has that stopped unscrupulous retailers from advertising the controller as "in stock" to get more sales?...


  • News New Zealand Stores Suffering from Low Move Stocks

    May not be able to meet demand

    And so the struggle to find Move commences. Retailers across New Zealand are reporting that their stocks of Move won't be enough to satisfy their customers when the controller is launched on September 16th. Sounds like Sony has a monster hit on its hands then, right? Well, no: Simon Barton, of retail chain Mighty Ape,...