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  • News Dollhouse Brings Noir Horror to PS4 on 24th May

    Creeping in style

    Dollhouse, the horrific and fascinating psychological scare-fest from developer Creazn Studios, is set to release on PS4 next month on 24th May. Announced via yet another suitably creepy trailer, you can check out some new footage from the game above. Following on from the title's previous story trailer, we know that protagonist...

  • Review Xenon Racer - Look Ma, No Handling

    Race to the bottom

    Xenon Racer is a racing game. That’s really the only way to kick off this review because there’s nothing memorable about it. Despite its 2030 setting it doesn’t try anything new – not necessarily a bad thing in itself, but something that becomes worse when you realise developer 3D Clouds hasn’t even got all the basics...


  • News Xenon Racer Gears Up for Launch on PS4 with a New Trailer

    Gotta go fast

    Where have all the arcade racers gone? Well, PlayStation 4 is slowly seeing them return, and Xenon Racer is the latest indie attempt to revitalise the struggling sub-genre. It's looking pretty slick, too -- give the above launch trailer a watch for some Ridge Racer vibes. We're liking the look of it so far, and the good news is it's...

  • News Xenon Racer Zooms onto PS4 on 26th March

    Start your engines

    Announced in the tail end of 2018, Xenon Racer is a futuristic arcade racer speeding its way to PlayStation 4. It's almost here, too -- the game will cross the finish line on 26th March, a couple of weeks from now. We've embedded a trailer to get you up to speed on what the game is all about, as it's looking pretty good...



  • News Xenon Racer Brings 90s Arcade Goodness to PS4

    Need for speed

    Isn’t it interesting how the bottom has effectively fallen out of the arcade racing market so smaller studios have started to pick up the slack? Enter a new game called Xenon Racer, which effectively looks like it’s stepped straight out of a 90s Club SEGA arcade. The title’s being published by SEODESCO and developed by...


  • News Owlboy Gets a Swanky Limited Edition on PS4

    Boy oh boy

    D-Pad Studio's wonderful platformer, Owlboy, is already available digitally on PS4, but publisher Soedesco has stepped in to bring the game to retail. At the end of this month, a regular boxed version will be up for purchase, but just announced is a neat limited edition for super fans of Otus' grand adventure. The limited edition, which...


  • News Owlboy Physical Edition Spreads its Wings on PS4 in May


    Owlboy launches on digital storefronts this month - 13th February, to be precise - and we're excited to give it a try. If you're still collecting physical copies of games, however, you're in luck; SOEDESCO is set to publish a retail edition of the platformer. This version of the game will launch a little later in the year on 29th May, so...


  • News AereA Is Diablo with Instruments on PS4

    Sound idea

    We had a different kind of game in mind when we heard the elevator pitch "music-themed action role-playing game", anticipating some kind of rhythm-based release. Instead, the upcoming AereA is quite literally Diablo with instruments. You'll be able to pick from a variety of composers, each of which use their chosen musical apparatus to...


  • News Dollhouse Brings Dark Noir Horror to the PS4

    Corpse bride

    There are an abundance of horror games on the PlayStation 4 at the moment, many of which clumsily follow the blueprint left behind by Silent Hills' infamous playable teaser. But Dollhouse sounds like something a little different: it's a narrative-driven psychological experience where every choice that you make will shape the story in a...