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  • News Guess What Snakebyte's cam:clip Does

    Oh, you got it

    If you're still without a camera mount or clip for your PlayStation Eye, Snakebyte's just released its cam:clip in Europe. The clip can be adjusted to fit most plasma and LCD TVs, and is available now for €9.99. It's not quite as imposing as this PS Eye, Kinect and Wii Megazord, but then what is? snakebyte announces cam:clip for...

  • News Snakebyte Announces First Vita Accessories

    Quick off the draw

    Snakebyte has jumped the gun by being one of the first accessory manufacturers to reveal its range of Vita peripherals for next year. There's not too much exciting here — screen protectors, cases, chargers etc. — but if you're already planning how to carry around your Vita and keep it safe, you might want to investigate...

  • News Snakebyte Move Controllers to Take Centre Stage at E3

    Centre stage at booth 5744, that is.

    Accessory manufacturer Snakebyte is working hard to bring its own-brand Move controllers to market, with the company announcing they'll be shown to the public for the first time at E3 in early June. While we expected the Move controllers this month it now seems they won't be available to buy until after June's...

  • News Third-Party Move Controllers On the Way in April

    From Snakebyte

    Back in November we brought you shots of the first third party Move controllers from Snakebyte, with the expected release date set for January 2011. As you probably already surmised from their invisibility on shop shelves across the world, this date passed without event, but the controllers are now expected to launch worldwide in...

  • News Someone Made A Third-Party PlayStation Move Controller, For Reals

    German peripherals manufacturer, Snakebyte, has announced a new line of third-party PlayStation Move devices

    The range includes a Move wand, navigation controller and camera. The devices are expected to reach retailers in January, though there is no word on price yet. The devices look decent enough, but the PlayStation Move is already pretty cheap on its own. We can't imagine these third-party..

  • News Snakebyte Announces the First Third-Party Move Controllers

    And they don't look bad

    German manufacturer Snakebyte has emerged as the first manufacturer to offer its own line of PlayStation Move controllers, starting in January 2011. Recent PS3 firmware updates have rendered some third-party controllers out of action, but Snakebyte has a cunning plan, equipping its controllers with the ability to receive...