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  • News Grab a Serious Move Bargain This Thanksgiving

    Plenty to be grateful for

    We're going to come out and say it: this might be the best value Move bundle we've seen yet. Best Buy is offering a serious package to anyone wanting to get started with Move in the world of first-person shooters. The PlayStation Move Mayhem Bundle is currently on sale for just $119.99, a bargain considering it contains:...


  • News Kevin Butler Returns for Resistance 3

    General Butler rallies his troops

    Self-proclaimed Vice-President of Sony PlayStation, funny man Kevin Butler returns in his latest video commercial for the upcoming PlayStation Move compatible shooter, Resistance 3. Butler dons a horse while armed with the PlayStation Move Sharp Shooter, and rallies up his troops to resist the Chimeran invasion...



  • News Here's How the Sharp Shooter Evolved

    It wasn't always sleek

    The PlayStation Move Sharp Shooter is a serious bit of kit, but it didn't just come together overnight, as the latest PlayStation blog post explains. The idea for the add-on sprang into the head of Guerrilla's Mathijs de Jonge while demonstrating Killzone 3's PlayStation Move controls to the press: We had several Helghast...

  • News Don't Want to Spend $40 on a Sharp Shooter? Make Your Own

    Might not be quite as pretty though

    The PlayStation Move Sharp Shooter is an awesome-looking piece of kit, with stacks of buttons, sliders, stocks and triggers, but it's also a pretty costly $40/£40. There must be a cheaper alternative, right? Movemodo Kussuth thinks so, and shared this photo of a home-made Sharp Shooter alternative fashioned from...