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  • News Sony: US Vita Launch Generated "Exceptional Sales"

    Overwhelming enthusiasm

    Sony’s commented on the sales of the PlayStation Vita in North America, describing them as “exceptional”. SCEA’s Patrick Seybold said in a statement: After months of anticipation, the U.S. launch of PlayStation Vita saw overwhelming enthusiasm amongst gamers, resulting in exceptional hardware, software and peripheral...



  • News Sony Debuts New UMD Dual Packs For The New Year

    The PlayStation Vita may be mere months away from worldwide release, but Sony's not quite done promoting classic PSP UMDs yet

    The platform holder's announced another trio of UMD Dual Packs, each bundling two classic PSP titles for a competitive $15. Bundles include: Patapon and LocoRoco; Hot Shots Golf: Open Tee and Hot Shots Tennis: Get A Grip; or MotorStorm: Arctic Edge and

  • News PlayStation 3 Exclusive 'The Last Of Us' Teased, Dissected

    There are still surprises in the video game industry

    When GameTrailers' Geoff Keighley promised an unbelievable PlayStation 3 exclusive would debut at this year's VGAs, speculation automatically pointed towards the heavily rumoured Sony Smash Bros. But a brand new teaser trailer has proved us all wrong. The Last Of Us is the name of Sony's next PlayStation 3 exclusive. The

  • Report Scott Steinberg And Rob Dyer Leave Sony

    Seems like there's some major reshuffling going on at SCEA at the moment

    With Peter Dille's office barely cold after his departure earlier in the year, Sony's lost another two executives according a report published by Industry Gamers. The site claims that VP of marketing, Scott Steinberg, and senior VP of public relations, Rob Dyer, are both no longer working at the company. According to Industry..












  • News Jack Tretton Writes Rousing Blog On PlayStation 2's Anniversary

    Jack Tretton -- SCEA's top gaffer -- states that the "industry was forver changed by the" PlayStation 2 in a rousing blog designed to celebrate the system's tenth birthday in North America

    Tretton cites the system's introduction of the DVD format, internet connectivity and motion technology from the EyeToy as reasons for why the device was so revolutionary. He also notes that the best part of the..

  • News PSPgo Gets Price Slashed In The US And Japan

    The PSPgo is cheaper today than it was yesterday

    Sony's officially dropped the price of the device by $50 in the US, bringing the unit down to an RRP of $199.99. While that cut is substantial, the drop in Japan is enormous. SCEJ has whipped a whopping ¥10,000 (US$124) off the price, giving the device a new RRP of ¥16,800 ($208) compared to the original ¥26,800 ($332). Price has always been the..

  • News PlayStation Move Passes One Million Units In North America, Demand Exceeding Supply

    Following the excellent sales numbers for PlayStation Move provided by SCEE earlier this month, many folks in the industry have been looking towards SCEA to comment on the device's launch window sales data

    The subsequent silence has led to plenty of scare-mongering from the media; but Sony's finally silenced their critics by stating the motion controller's already sold a million units in North..

  • News Sony Announce New PlayStation 2 (!!!) Bundle For The US

    Seriously, SCEA's just announced a new PlayStation 2 bundle for the US market

    The package, which includes a PlayStation 2 Slim and a copy of Toy Story 3: The Video Game, will set you back a puny $99.99. It's due to release on October 31st in the US. Amazing. There's more on the PlayStation Blog. This kind of news is heartwarming in a way. The PS2's ten years old for goodness sake! And that's a..




  • News Search Added To The PlayStation Version Of Netflix

    Netflix has just become a touch easier to use on the PlayStation 3, thanks to the addition of search functionality

    While the PS3's version of Netflix won't be going disc-less for a couple more months, it will in the least be that tad easier to use. Joystiq reports that you'll be able to sort releases by letter, aswell as being more specific if you choose. Why this wasn't a feature in the first..

  • News LittleBigPlanet 2 Drops November 16th In The US, Gets "Limited" Collector's Edition

    Good grief -- LittleBigPlanet 2 is mere months away

    It's actually just hit us. The sequel to one of the greatest (and most ambitious) games ever crafted, is just over three months away. That's just a quarter of a year, folks. Get hype. The game was originally slotted in for simply "November", but Sony of America's clarified today that the whimsical platformer will drop on November 16th in..

  • News Netflix Goes Disc-Free On PlayStation 3 By October

    While releasing a disc to get Netflix on PlayStation 3 as early as possible was a good move -- we doubt anyone would prefer having to fiddle about with external media when they could have an app for catching up on movies installed onto the PS3 itself

    Thankfully Netflix has got your back, as they're planning to make Netflix Streaming a PlayStation 3 application by the end of October. Delivering the..

  • News Sony: PlayStation 3 Retail Shortages "Resolved"

    Just a quick heads-up really -- Sony's issued a statement alongside last week's June NPD report noting that the PlayStation 3 hardware stock shortages are now resolved

    PS3's have been pretty thin on the ground for the past few months, but apparently, now they are not. That's all there is to say in honesty — no reason was given for the resolution, but we're going to assume it has a little..

  • News Introducing Marcus "PSP" Rivers...

    When Sony announced they were taking a Kevin Butler-esque approach to their latest PSP campaign, we were a little concerned

    The PSP's aiming for a younger audience, and we just didn't think the Kevin Butler approach was going to work. Turns out, with Marcus "PSP" Rivers, they've sort of nailed it. There are a ton of adverts to check out over on Marcus' YouTube page, but we've embedded our..