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  • News Atomicrops Looks Like a Roguelite Spin on Stardew Valley

    We're in

    This cool looking title has seemingly cropped up out of nowhere, but it's certainly caught our attention. Called Atomicrops, this new game from publisher Raw Fury is a farming simulator with roguelite elements set in a post-nuclear world. It has quite the trailer -- we suggest you give it a watch. You play a character who inherits a farm...




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    Review Bad North

    Island hopping

    Bad North is an oddity, as it's quite a niche game wearing a casual game's clothing. It's a rogue-like real-time strategy game, but don't let that scare you off -- it takes a minimalist approach, throwing out a lot of the fiddly stuff associated with the genre in its pursuit of purity. The result is an extremely lean experience that...

  • News Bad North Is a Promising, Cutesy Strategy Game Marching to PS4 Soon

    Good North?

    Bad North was announced a few months ago, but it may have flown a little under the radar for most. As you can see in the above announcement trailer, the game's action takes place on small isometric islands,...