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  • News We Wish You a Merry Christmas

    Compliments of the season to you

    Oh, hello! What are you doing reading Push Square when you should be squabbling with family members and quaffing mince pies? You wanted to see the next entry in our Game of the Year countdown? Fair enough. Well, while you’re here, why don’t you pop off your party hat and indulge us for a minute or two? Merry...

  • Site News Push Square Forum Members Seek Game of the Year

    Help make the decision now

    The annual Game of the Year bonanza is now underway in the Push Square forums, with our resident points tallying pro themcnoisy working to determine our community’s favourite PlayStation release of 2017. There are no shortage of contenders this year, with Persona 5, Horizon: Zero Dawn,



  • Site News Welcome to the New Push Square

    Fresh start

    Do you like what we've done to the place? Phwoar, it's pretty bloody spiffing, isn't it? For the past year we've quietly embarked on a Nathan Drake-esque adventure in search of the perfect Push Square facelift. We loved the previous layout just as much as you do, but the simple fact is that we outgrew it; we create such a variety of...

  • Round Up Push Square's Top Ten PlayStation Games of 2016

    Cream of the crop

    And there we have it: Game of the Year 2016 is done and dusted. As is the case every year, we pulled our entire team together to determine our top PlayStation title of the past 12 months, and while everyone had their own personal favourites, we settled upon a Top Ten that reflects the sentiment of every single one of our...



  • Site News Would You Kindly Take Our Survey?

    Be a bae

    Look, we're know that you're busy trying to finish The Witness, but can you forget about line puzzles for five minutes, please? Our not-so intimidating overlords at Gamer Network have concocted a right stonker of a survey, and kindly asked us to gently nudge it in your general direction. We really, really need your help with this,...


  • News Here's to an Amazing 2016 on Push Square

    Level up

    If you'd have told me 12 months ago that The Last Guardian, Shenmue III, and Final Fantasy VII Remake would be real, I wouldn't have believed you. It's been a roller coaster 2015 for PlayStation fans – and that's without even mentioning Hideo Kojima's decision to partner with Sony on a new PlayStation 4 exclusive. But while the...


  • News We Wish You a Very Merry Christmas

    For the festivities

    I write this on a dark and dreary Wednesday evening ten or so days before Christmas. The build-up to the festive period is always stressful here at Push Square: personal business is complemented by frantic holiday writing, as we attempt to get our Game of the Year coverage in order and tie up any loose ends before we take a day...

  • Site News Our Game of the Year Coverage Starts Today

    The final countdown

    Spoilers: we picked our Game of the Year winner a couple of weeks ago. Since then, the Push Square team has been frantically writing articles in order to keep you occupied over the holidays. This year's, er, end of year coverage is going to be our best ever, with a number of our authors sharing their personal Top Five titles of...



  • Site News Our PlayStation E3 2015 Coverage Starts Now

    Are you red E?

    Buckle up everyone, because E3 2015 is just around the corner. The biggest event in gaming comes around but once a year, and over the course of about a week, we're bombarded with news, release dates, announcements, and trailers from just about every publisher under the sun. For us here at Push Square, it's a time that we both relish...


  • Site News Hideo Kojima Joins the Push Square Team

    Metal Gear developer to move into video game journalism

    Loughborough, England – Push Square, the internationally recognised PlayStation publication operated by Nlife Ltd, has today announced that video game visionary Hideo Kojima will be joining its editorial team as a reviewer. Mr. Kojima is perhaps best known for his work on the critically...


  • News We Wish You a Very Merry Christmas

    Play another day

    It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas – which is handy, because when you read this, the big day will have arrived. Before you get back to peeling potatoes and opening presents, though, we just wanted to take advantage of the season to leave you a message thanking you for all of your support in 2014. Push Square...


  • News We'd Just Like to Wish You All a Very Merry Christmas

    Play another day

    The carpet of discarded wrapping paper beneath your feet and the ill-fitting party hat atop your head suggests that your Christmas is well underway. As we write this a few hours before the big day, we’ve got our fingers crossed that everything goes to plan for you and your families. However, before you get back to your roast...


  • News We Wish You a Merry Christmas

    Rockin' around the PS3

    It’s only been Christmas for a few hours, but we suspect you’ve already witnessed a ferocious family feud over the dinner table. How do we know? Well, because it’s much the same scenario in our neck of the woods too. We never imagined that spilled gravy would lead to the equivalent of World War III. Still, while the...


  • News The Push Square Forums are Now Open!

    Come say hello

    We've just opened our forums so you can jump into discussion about which Vita game you're most looking forward to, whether Final Fantasy VIII is better than Final Fantasy IX or share your PSN ID, the Push Square forums are the ideal place to do it. We have an official introductions topic for you to tell us a little bit more about...

  • News Introducing the Push Square Team

    Meet your new friends

    Whether you're a long-time Push Square reader or this is your first visit to our corner of the web, we want you to come meet a few people. We've assembled a stellar team to provide you with top notch PlayStation content, from news and reviews to features and interviews for years to come. Let's get introduced. Editorial: James...






  • News Merry Christmas From Everyone At PushSquare.com!

    It's Christmas

    No seriously it is. Ok, it's not. We're writing this on a dismal Sunday afternoon sometime in early December. Consider this a message from our future-self or something. Did we even say that right? Goodness knows. All we know is that this post will get published on Christmas morning, and we do genuinely wish you all a very Merry Christmas. If you don't celebrate Christmas then have..




  • Feature Push Square's Sammy Hits 2,000 Trophies: At Last!

    20 days later than the original specified date, I've finally hit my 2,000 trophy target

    Ta very much Vancouver 2010, Dark Void and Army Of Two: The 40th Day review duty! Now I have 2,000 trophies, I feel very much the same as I did while I was sitting in the 1,900's - wishing I had the patience to replay older games just to pick-up all those...

  • News PushSquare's Sammy Hits 2,000 Trophies: Not Quite

    My quest for 2,000 trophies came to a rather abrupt end shortly after my last post

    See, the thing is, not only was I getting a little tired of the hunt, I'd also made contingency plans. "I'm never going to hit 2,000 with just old games," I told myself, "Need to strengthen my backlog by two games, and I'll do it easily." Of course, said two games are still stuck somewhere in the..


  • News PushSquare's Sammy Hits 2,000 Trophies: Part Two

    I promise "you are a loser" I'm closing in on a couple more platinums

    Please approve. You're my lone drive now. Thanks to my addiction to Borderlands I'm practically on the verge of platinuming the game. And I now have just 90 trophies left to go to achieve my task. I feel pretty much done with Batman right now, having completed all the Riddler...

  • News PushSquare's Sammy Hits 2,000 Trophies: Part One

    It was Christmas yesterday

    I got some time in with Borderlands but otherwise, I spent the day staring blankly into space wondering why I set myself a ridiculous challenge (to hit 2,000 trophies by January 4th if you were wondering). The 23rd was spent plonked in front of Colin McRae: DiRT 2, reminding myself why I rarely go for platinums. As...

  • News Seasons Greetings From PushSquare!

    If you're reading this then you're probably stuffed full of turkey, and surrounded by a host of new Playstation content

    At least, we hope you are. And in fact there's nothing much else for us to say really. From the whole team at PushSquare (and Twiggy!) we wish you a very merry Christmas. Stay tuned to the site as we countdown our Playstation top-ten.

  • News PushSquare's Sammy Hits 2,000 Trophies: Part Zero

    It's Chrissssssssssssstmas

    And that means time-off. And that means we don't have to play the games the publishers want us to. And that means Sammy's going trophy hunting. Over the course of the next 2 weeks, Sammy's going to get his digital e-peen on. Stay tuned to PushSquare as he endeavours to hit over 2,000 trophies before January 4th. His...

  • News Calling Time On Year One For PushSquare.com!

    That's it

    We're done. Year numero uno of PushSquare.com is over. Sorta. While we're shutting down the computers and heading home, a backlog of our work over the entire month of December is set to appear: namely our Game Of The Year countdown which will run everyday until January 3rd. There are also some reviews popping up from time to time. And Sammy will be dropping in every now and then to update..

  • News Disaster Announcement: PushSquare Computer System Is Borked

    Hello from the local library

    Yes, library. Since last night, the PushSquare office has been aflame with computer errors, crashes and viruses. This is bad news because it means we can't load up Firefox for long enough to tell you about amazing Playstation games. Boo! After many hours, braving the storms of computer code, the PushSquare technicians (i.e. Sammy) decided it was time to call in the..




  • News Welcome To The PSP Minis Portal!

    Here at PushSquare we are supremely excited about the glut of micro-games headed to the Playstation Store entitled PSP Minis

    Thus we'd love to introduce you to our second home for all PSP Minis content — the PushSquare PSP Minis portal. We don't add in new content categories here at PushSquare very often, we like to keep content compact and our...

  • News Don't Forget That We're On Twitter! Please.

    Whaddup folks

    We just wanted to let you know that PushSquare are on Twitter and we're updating all the time. Not only do you get access to all the latest PushSquare headlines, but we also tell you a little bit about what we're playing, what's coming up on the site and what's in our mailbag. You could do worse things. Like following Phillip Schofield. So why not follow us? It'll take no more than..


  • News Welcome To PushSquare's New Home... *UPDATED*

    Welcome one and all back to PushSquare

    We're sorry about the most dreadful day you've probably all had without us. As you may know, we moved hosts earlier today. As far as we can see the move has gone pretty smoothly. We're still looking at a few things we need to fix, but we're working closely with our new hosts to solve that. If you do have any queries, or you have found something broken, you..

  • News We're Moving Servers Y'all!

    Hey welcome back

    Yup, you couldn't get on PushSquare in the past hour. We were down again. You may not be totally aware but we've been in an ongoing tussle with our hosts (they are supposed to make the site stay online) for the past few months. That means we're waving goodbye and moving home. Will that make things better? We sure hope so. We're being put massively out of pocket because of all this..

  • News Don't Be Alarmed If Something Breaks!

    Hey, we're about to bring you that new PushSquare

    We're plugging it in and hitting the switch. And that means fireworks will fly. Literally. It wouldn't be a launch if stuff didn't... well, stuff up. We think we have everything in place to make this as smooth as possible - but this is the Internet and computers and we've all been there; it's never straight forward. If you see errors, if you get..

  • News Hey PushSquare, What Have You Been Doing?

    We'll admit it, it's been hard

    Last Thursday we said to ourselves, "You know what PushSquare, you're the best Playstation site on the 'Net, but you could be better." So we brainstormed. Then we brainstormed some more. We come up with all the things we liked about the site, and all the things we didn't like. Our biggest concern was with the homepage. We felt like returning visitors were..


  • Introducing "PushSquare Review Golden Oldies"

    Since PushSquare's launch in January 2009 we've covered pretty much all the big PSP and PS3 releases

    But something we've been missing on is a database chock-full of Playstation content. Something which we aim to change over the coming years. "PushSquare Review Golden Oldies" is our new post heading in order to allow us entry to reviewing the wealth of PSone, PS2 and early-PS3 content. We..

  • News Use Your Facebook, Twitter Or Disqus Accounts To Comment On PushSquare

    We've just got done setting up a new commenting system for PushSquare this weekend

    The system allows you to use your Twitter or Facebook accounts to comment on articles, entitling you to tracked commenting (with your respective avatars and profiles) without registering for a new account. Neither your Facebook nor Twitter account details will be stored on our server, it just acts as a bridge to make..

  • E3 2009 Stat's That Then

    E3 2009 is over

    Normality returns. And thus, we'd just like to give you some quick stats to mull over. We posted 152 articles about E3 this year. 31 of which were trailers. We Tweeted over 300 times. We had over 40,000 readers... ... And a 70% increase in subscribers. We uploaded over 100 images. We hope you had a blast. We loved every second of it. See you next year?

  • E3 2009 Important Information About The PushSquare Coverage

    Hey guys

    Sony will be hitting the stage in under an hour. We're practically bubbling with excitement. You've heard our predictions, you've heard our ideas for the perfect conference and you've probably followed Nintendo and Microsoft over the last two days. The pressure is firmly on Sony's shoulders to be abrupt, concise and decisive. And we'll be...