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  • Feature An Ode to the Owl: The Inside Story of Psygnosis

    Ex-Psygnosis staffer Richard Browne pays tribute to the legendary UK studio

    Back in August 2012, Sony closed the doors of Studio Liverpool. Formerly known as Psygnosis, the studio was arguably most famous for its Wipeout series of futuristic racing titles, but it's easy to forget that it enjoyed a rich and vibrant history long before it was acquired...



  • News Sony Studio Liverpool To Be Cut In Half?

    Last week we reported the sad news that there was a "restructuring" process going on at Sony's Studio Liverpool

    News this morning from Develop suggests that the "restructuring" is likely to result in a cull of 50%. An affected staff member told Develop that the layoff was looking "heavy", estimating “around half us may be gone”. Sony are still refusing to comment on the..