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  • News Psychonauts 2 Seems to Be Coming Along Nicely

    'Nauts to see here

    Psychonauts 2 is the impossible sequel that we often forget exists. But exist it does, as this ‘First Playable’ milestone that Double Fine has revealed evidences. Now, let’s be clear: the game is still some way away and this is all very much work in progress, but essentially the studio’s managed to collate enough content...




  • News PS2 Platformer Psychonauts Is Out on PS4 Now

    Well, in North America

    PlayStation 2 platformer Psychonauts is getting a sequel as well as a PlayStation VR spin-off, but you may be wondering what this series is all about. The original's a bit of a cult classic, launching to muted sales but real critical acclaim, and now it's getting another shot at success on the PlayStation 4, courtesy of...


  • News PS2 Platformer Psychonauts Levitates onto PS4 This Spring

    Raz more like it

    Psychonauts was what you'd call a cult classic back on the PlayStation 2 - and it's now on course for a PlayStation 4 release in the relatively near future. As with the other last-last-gen titles that Sony's been allowing onto its newest console, we assume that it'll feature trophy support, and will more than likely boast enhanced...