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  • Deals The Best Cheap PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro Bundles

    Get a great deal today

    There's never been a better time to buy a new PlayStation 4, whether it's the light as a feather PS4 Slim or super-powered PS4 Pro. With the opening months of 2017 bringing a cavalcade of quality software releases, now is the right time to either upgrade your system or pick up your very first. And just for you, we've put...


  • Guide PS4 to PS4 Pro Data Transfer

    Copy over all those Games and Saves to a PS4 Pro

    So, you've got your hands on a brand new PS4 Pro, and you may be wondering how to transfer all of your games, saves, and other data across to the supercharged system. Alternatively, you may have bought a PS4 Slim, and be looking to move all of your content across. But what's the easiest way to do this...



  • Poll Will You Be Buying a PS4 Pro?

    You knew this was coming

    Aaaaand here we are. It's been roughly two days since the PlayStation 4 Pro was announced at Sony's PlayStation Meeting, and it's reasonably safe to say that opinions are divided. For some, the Pro is exactly what they expected, while others are a little disappointed that it isn't something more. Naturally, this means that...

  • News PS4 Slim Is 'Whisper Quiet' According to Full Digital Foundry Report

    Slim is smaller, cooler, and has better wifi

    The tech heads over at Digital Foundry seem impressed with the PlayStation 4 Slim, stating that it's generally far, far quieter than standard PlayStation 4 models. It also consumes much less power, its surface doesn't get near as hot, and it boasts 5GHz wifi. Not bad for a console that's currently being...

  • News Japanese Ad Combines PS4 Slim and Persona 5, the Result Is Mental

    Both release next week in Japan

    Well, we don't really have much to say about this other than we... kind of like it. Maybe. Combining the PlayStation 4 Slim with Persona 5, both of which launch next week on the 15th September in Japan, Sony's crafted a rather crazy advert that we can't quite take our eyes off. It features singing, dancing, gameplay...

  • News So, Where Did Those Leaked PS4 Slims Actually Come From?

    The UAE, apparently

    The PlayStation 4 Slim will be officially announced on the 7th September at Sony's PlayStation Meeting - that much is guaranteed at this point - but where did all of these leaked consoles actually come from? If you haven't been keeping up to date on this story, Slims, in all of their real, physical glory, have been found in the...

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