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  • Guide Best PS4 RPGs

    Roll the dice

    What are the best PS4 RPGs? Well, the PlayStation 4 is home to a vast library role-playing games. From MMOs and open world epics to niche Japanese RPGs (or JRPGs) and traditional adventures stuffed with text, there's something for just about everyone. It's an expansive genre in which East meets West, and we see numerous takes a similar...

  • Guide Best PS4 Open World Games

    Out and about

    There are a lot of good free roam games on PlayStation 4. The genre may not be universally praised these days, but a great open world game can really pull you into an experience like few other genres can. Typically boasting huge sandbox environments for you to explore, open world titles roared onto the mainstream scene during the last...

  • Guide Best PS4 Sports Games

    The best sports games on the PlayStation 4

    What are the best sports games on the PS4? Whether you’re a die-hard footie aficionado or a casual basketball watcher, there’s no question that sports games are among the most popular on consoles these days. Whether it’s hardcore simulations or more arcade-like adaptations, we’ve compiled the very...


  • Guide Best Free to Play PS4 Games

    The best free games on PlayStation 4

    What are the best free to play PS4 games? There are hundreds of excellent games on Sony's console, but almost all of them require you to cough up some dough. If you're feeling the pinch, there are a number of great free titles on PlayStation 4 that you can play without spending a penny. These free games can be...

  • Guide Best PS4 Online Games

    The best online multiplayer games on PS4

    What are the best PS4 online multiplayer games? If you're a PS Plus member, you have access to a huge library of online games, from football with cars to constantly changing shooters. It can be tough to decide what to play with so many options, so we've compiled a list of what we believe are the best online...


  • Guide Best PS4 Pro Games

    The prettiest PlayStation 4 Pro picks

    What are the best PS4 Pro games to take advantage of your spangly new 4K television? It’s been a few years since Sony launched its supercharged system, and there are a huge selection of games that take full advantage of its additional horsepower. In this article we’re going to list off the best PS4 Pro games...

  • Guide Best PS4 Remakes and Remasters

    Blast from the past

    What are the best PS4 remakes and remasters? For years now, we’ve seen games ported, remastered and remade, so that they can be introduced to new audiences. And rose-tinted 'nostalgia vision' is no bad thing, especially when your old favourites look this good on Sony's system. Below, we've compiled a list of what we think are...

  • Guide Best PS4 Racing Games

    Which PS4 driving games are on the podium?

    It's no secret that the PlayStation 4 hasn't had the greatest selection of driving games over the years. Arcade racing games especially have mysteriously disappeared, leaving PS4 owners with little choice when they want to put the pedal to the metal. Having said that, we've still been able to rustle up a...

  • Guide Best PS4 Horror Games

    The scariest games on PlayStation 4

    What are the best horror games on PS4? The good news (or perhaps bad news for the scaredy-cats among you) is that the PS4 is home to wealth of creepy releases, from blockbuster franchises like Resident Evil through to psychological indie adventures such as Inside. We’ve put together a list of the best PS4 horror...

  • Guide Best PS4 Co-Op Games

    The greatest couch co-op or online co-op on PlayStation 4

    What are the best co-op games on PS4? Which coop games should you play with your friends? If you’re reading this article then we’re guessing that one of your preferred pastimes is playing the PlayStation 4 with pals. Playing together in couch co-op or online can be one of the most...



  • Guide Best PS4 Games

    PlayStation 4's top games

    What are the top 50 PS4 games? The PlayStation 4 is in the latter half of its lifecycle now, and with age comes a substantial library of games. With such a huge selection of top quality titles, it can be tough deciding what to buy or play, and that's why we've put together this list of what we think are the best games on...

  • Guide Best PlayStation VR Games

    Every PSVR must have

    PlayStation VR has been going strong for a few of years now, and it’s amassed a surprisingly impressive selection of software in that time. Of course, with new fans entering the virtual reality realm for the first time every single day, we figured that we’d compile a list of the best PSVR games to date. These are all must...

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