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  • E3 2018 New Content, Game Modes Coming to PREY on PS4

    New Game Plus! Survival mode! Multiplayer!

    Remember PREY? It came out just over a year ago, was well received, and is beloved by its players. In an effort to possibly counteract poor commercial performance, Bethesda has announced a slew of updates and new content heading to Arkane Studios' sci-fi horror adventure. A free update has already hit the...


  • News PREY Was Originally a New IP, Name Suggested by Bethesda

    Lead designers confirm

    Upon its release last May, much of the chatter surrounding PREY revolved around its lack of any connection to the 2006 edition. While it was a great game, it was almost as if the name had been slapped on after the fact because it sounded cool, and now we have confirmation of that. Speaking to Danny O'Dwyer's NoClip, former...


  • 43


    Review PREY

    Would Yu kindly?

    2017 has been a magical year for games thus far. The first few months were crammed with more amazing titles than we’ve seen in entire years before. But this hot streak must end sometime, right? Well, Arkane Studios – specifically, the company's second studio in Texas – has ensured it's not the ones to end this streak, as...

  • Round Up PREY PS4 Reviews Are a Real BioShock

    Arkane at it again

    The first batch of PREY reviews are in, and they’re overwhelmingly positive. Bethesda obviously maintained its policy of not sending out review code until launch day – actually, we got it 24 hours earlier, but still not quick enough to bring you our verdict just yet – but that hasn’t stopped a handful of sites from zipping...

  • News PREY Amps Up the Volume in PS4 Launch Trailer

    Fight the invasion

    PREY may share a lot in common with BioShock, but you’d think it’s more akin to DOOM if you just watched this launch trailer. Bethesda clearly feels that the best way to sell its new first-person shooter is by turning up the volume, and so there’s just under 120 seconds of unadulterated action on display here. Are you...


  • News Play the First Hour of PREY Free on PS4 Right Now

    Pray for PREY

    A quick heads-up for those out of the loop: PREY's demo is out now on the PlayStation 4 – in Europe at least. The opening hour is still planned for release in North America, but it looks like Bethesda has hit a snag that it's trying to rectify as we type. Hopefully that'll be sorted over the next few hours. Still, for those of you...

  • News Play the Opening Hour of PREY Free Before It Launches on PS4

    No strings

    There's an argument that PREY is flying a little too fancifully under-the-radar – especially seeing as it looks like the new-gen BioShock we've all been twiddling our thumbs waiting for. The best way to rectify that problem is by letting people play the game, however, and thus you can look forward to testing out the opening hour for...


  • News Take Control of a Toilet Roll in Prey on PS4

    Cushelle then

    Our very own Ben Tarrant wrote a brilliant hands on piece for Prey a week or so ago, outlining all of the systems you can expect to find in the final game. But for as good as his write-up was, he probably only needed one sentence: you can transform into a toilet roll. Sold.

  • Hands On Jumping at Shadows in Prey on PS4

    A player chooses, the prey obeys

    Welcome to the first-person perspective of Morgan Yu, the androgynous protagonist of Prey. Once you've assigned Morgan a gender (a choice with no experiential ramifications) you awake in Morgan's apartment, decorated in a style delicately coined 'neo-deco' that somehow feels like a familiar sight. It's here that Prey...


  • News Pray for Prey from 5th May on PS4

    Talos all you know

    It's been flying under the radar since it was re-announced, but there's a small chance Prey could scratch that BioShock itch you've been desperately trying to ignore. Bethesda has announced that the first-person shooter – created by Dishonored developer Arkane – will face-off against an extraterrestrial threat starting 5th...


  • Gamescom 2016 Prey on PS4 Will Mug You Off

    Coffee break

    Bethesda's released a short snippet of sci-fi horror Prey's gameplay, demonstrating how you can assume the shape of well… Office mugs in order to navigate the alien infested space station Talos I. We're not entirely sure why the publisher's opting to demo this reboot in drips and drabs, but we do reckon that the BioShock-inspired...

  • News Here's Your First Look at PS4 Reboot Prey

    Arkane Studios' latest steps out

    Pray tell us more about your PlayStation 4 reboot Prey, Bethesda. Oh, you're going to drop a gameplay trailer out of nowhere? Well, if you insist. As you can see from the embedded video, Arkane Studios' latest very much falls under the psychological sci-fi shooter umbrella – with BioShock powers to boot. It's set...



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