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  • Guide When and Where to Watch PSX 2017

    Press conference, panel times, and predictions

    This year’s PlayStation Experience is sounding like the biggest yet, with double the floor space and more games than ever before. But unless you’re actually heading out to the Anaheim convention, you could be forgiven for thinking the opposite: Sony’s confirmed that it won’t be holding a...





  • Feature What Are Our PSX 2016 Presser Predictions?

    Predicting the press conference

    With the Tokyo Game Show declining in importance and Sony glossing over Gamescom and Paris Games Week this year, it hasn't been a vintage 12 months for PlayStation press conferences. Don't get us wrong, its E3 2016 showcase this summer was spectacular, ditching the small talk in favour of a 90 minute barrage of...




  • Feature 33 PS4, PlayStation VR Predictions for 2016

    Looking to the future

    We're knee deep into 2016 already, which means that we should probably put up some PlayStation predictions before it's, like, way too late. Our very own Kell Andersen was scarily prophetic in our previous article, so this time we're all trying to get a glimpse inside the gaming crystal ball. We've compiled three predictions...





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