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  • News Gaming Hardware Company Mad Catz Returns

    Just a scratch

    You may remember that, about 9 months ago, Mad Catz filed for bankruptcy and shut down. The company was a large player in the gaming peripheral world, with arcade sticks, controllers, and much more to its name. Fortunately, it has made a miraculous recovery, and under the name Mad Catz Global Limited, is set to release an all new line...











  • News Sony's Platinum Headset Delayed into January

    Not even PS4's headphones can make the holidays

    It's a truth universally acknowledged that Sony doesn't like the holidays – after all, when's the last time it released a major game in October or November? Exactly. And now it looks like its hardware is set to share the same fate; while the PlayStation 4 Pro is still very much on track for 10th...

  • News Sony's Turning to Third-Parties for an Elite PS4 Controller

    Pro tip

    It's safe to say that demand for an Elite PlayStation 4 controller is mounting, but for whatever reason, Sony seems intent on leaving cash on the table. Despite this, it has appeared to recognise the requests, partnering with Razer and Nacon to release two licensed "pro" controllers in Europe later this year. First up is the Razer...


  • News PlayStation Move Is About to Make a Big Comeback

    And not just in Pog form

    Who would have thought, when the Kinect was tearing up the charts and the PlayStation Move seemed like a lousy waggle copy-cat, that it'd be Sony's motion controller that would have a longer lifespan? Only today, this author played a handful of titles for preview with the illuminating wand – it's definitely on the cusp of...



  • Video We Unboxed a Brand New PocketStation

    Because why not?

    With our attempts at creating meaningful YouTube content either drawing indifference or ire, we figured that we'd do something really dumb today – like, unbox a brand new Sony PocketStation dumb. Your humble host snagged this on eBay a few years ago, and it's been sitting in its packet ever since. Why? Because… Well, that...




  • News Finally! Now You Can Play Your NES with a PS4 Pad

    Playing with power

    For many, the NES is a legendary console – even if ours spent more time on the blink than actually running games. If you happen to have one where the cartridge connectors aren't all mangled, however, then you may be interested in this exciting accessory: the Retro Receiver NES allows you to play your 8-bit games wirelessly using...


  • News Gold and Silver PS4 Controllers Revealed for Europe

    Royal variety

    Sony announced four new DualShock 4 controllers for Japan during its pre-Tokyo Game Show press conference earlier today, and at least two of them will be making the journey overseas. Confirmed on the European PlayStation Blog, both the Gold and Silver handsets will be making their way to SCEE territories – though there's no word on a...


  • News This Portable PS4 Projector Will Let You Play Anywhere

    Never stop playing

    Even under the much more conservative leadership of former PlayStation president Kaz Hirai, Sony can't resist the odd pointless gimmick. Take this pocketable projector, which is about the size of a couple of smartphones and is being marketed alongside the PlayStation 4. Due out in October, the MPCL1 isn't exactly cheap at $350,...


  • News This Licensed PS4 Controller Is for the PC Master Race

    Keyboard warriors

    PC elitists love to remind us how they're superior gamers, spending their days updating drivers and replacing their thermal paste. Unfortunately for them, playing on the ol' desktop precludes them from enjoying some of the PlayStation 4's exclusive titles – but they should feel right at home with this licensed Hori controller...

  • News Looks Like the PS4's Finally Getting a Proper Remote

    Turn on your TV

    Sony's laser focus on gaming may have won it the first part of this generation, but the PlayStation 4 has been lacking in certain areas as a consequence. It's amazing, then, that the system's only just getting a remote, which is set to release in North America on 31st October. The officially licensed device – which can be...


  • E3 2015 Embrace Your Inner-Retro with PSone DualShock 4

    Do not underestimate the power of PlayStation

    On a day where practically every gaming dream one could imagine has come true... Well, why not toss the Anniversary Edition DualShock 4 into the mix, eh? The controller – which was originally only available with limited edition PlayStation 4 consoles – will be available this September in North...

  • News Xbox Expats May Prefer This Hori PS4 Controller

    Asymmetrical sticks FTW

    Data shows that a lot of ex-Xbox fans have made the switch to the PlayStation 4 this generation, but not everyone's happy with the placement of the DualShock 4's analogue sticks. While many of us have grown up with Sony's symmetrical layout, others are more familiar with the asymmetrical format adopted by Microsoft – but...


  • News Need More USB Ports for Your PS4? Here's a Nifty Extension Hub

    Two becomes five

    If you're anything like us, you'll be cursing Sony's decision to only include two USB slots on the PlayStation 4. Granted, it has made amends for the PlayStation 3 by giving the PlayStation Camera its own port – but with wireless headsets, controllers, flash drives, and more, we often feel like we're juggling our spare slots in...












  • News Point Your Peepers at This PlayStation Eye Unboxing

    Down the lens

    “Stop posting amateur unboxing videos,” we hear you scream. Alright, we promise that this is the last one – but even the cynics among you must admit that this is a novelty. It’s not every year that a new console launches, so it’s exciting to see the peripherals of the impending PlayStation 4 pulled out of their respective...

  • News Wait, You Can Use the PS4 Controller on the Xbox 360?

    Cross controller

    Sony’s new input device may only be partially compatible with the PlayStation 3, but you can fully use the DualShock 4 on the Xbox 360, assuming that you’re willing to jump through a few technical hoops. With the PlayStation 4’s revamped controller already out in the wild, consumers have been testing out the peripheral in a...

  • Video There Are Already PS4 Controllers Out in the Wild

    That's a DualShock

    There may still be a few weeks left until the PlayStation 4 officially hits store shelves, but that’s not stopping some shops from selling the controllers early. One lucky YouTube user managed to get his eager mitts on a DualShock 4 from an unnamed outlet – and subsequently posted an unboxing video of the enhanced input...

  • News Slide to Aiden in Beyond: Two Souls' Smartphone Companion App

    Beyond the controller

    Sony made Beyond Touch available on iOS and Android devices in September, a companion app allowing owners of Quantic Dream's Beyond: Two Souls to control all of the game's action using their smartphones. This application was previously announced during GamesCom 2013 in August. As you can see in the image to your right,...

  • News Can't Wait for PS4? Ogle This Packaging to Pass the Time

    Add to basket

    Unbelievably, it’s almost here. The wait for the PlayStation 4 has felt like an eternity at times, but we’re now mere weeks away from the system being unleashed. With the ending line in sight, Sony is starting to shower the web with images of items that you can expect to find on store shelves come launch – and we figured that...

  • News Will Your PS3 Headset Work with PS4? That's Not Easy to Answer

    Pens and paper ready

    Do you remember mathematics exams? The questions would almost always include inane scenarios involving marbles and boiled sweets. They were designed to burn your brain as much as possible, and it looks like Sony’s aiming to give you a shot of high school nostalgia with its wireless headset compatibility policies for the...

  • News Sony Switching Off PS3 Blu-ray Remote Support on PS4

    Power down

    Peripherals don’t ever get quite the same attention as games, but every console demands a quality set of accessories. Between the excellent Pulse headset, PlayStation Move, and G27 Force Feedback Racing Wheel, the PlayStation 3 played host to an enormous collection of must-own extras. Unfortunately, while many of those items will be...




  • News Here's What the Oculus Rift Could Look Like on PS4

    Living in the future

    Sony’s a fan of making you look like a loon. After all, who could forget the fairly recent HMZ-T1 headset? We’ve still got neck ache from testing it out. As such, it’s little surprise that the company’s a fan of Oculus Rift technology, as evidenced by Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida. “We’ve got a couple of...

  • News Your Existing PS3 Wireless Headsets Will Work with PS4

    Find a Pulse

    Sony’s not going to force you to splash out on an expensive new headset for the PlayStation 4. Chatting with Polygon at the San Diego Comic-Con, a company representative confirmed that PlayStation 3 wireless headsets will be compatible with the next generation console. That includes the platform holder’s own pricey – but awesome...

  • Hardware Review Oyen Digital U32 Shadow 500GB External Hard Drive for PS3

    Backup plan

    Data is quickly becoming the digital thorn in our sides. As technology continues to integrate itself into our day-to-day lives, it’s becoming increasingly important to have a sequence of fail safes in place should something go wrong. But while the art of backing up is now a common practice in the office and home, it’s less commonly...

  • News Razer's Boss Cuts PS3 to Shreds, Explains Lack of Support

    Hardware manufacturer skips system because it's not a fan

    If you’re hoping to snap up some Razer accessories for your PlayStation 3, then you’re bang out of luck – the third-party manufacturer doesn’t support Sony’s console because its gaffer isn’t a fan of the platform. Writing on Twitter earlier in the week, Min-Liang Tan explained...

  • News You May Be Able to Play Battlefield 4 with a Mouse and Keyboard on PS4

    Next generation, classic controls

    Sony’s impressively ergonomic DualShock 4 controller may be snugger than a Cheryl Cole branded onesie, but it’s still unlikely to appeal to elitists. Those gamers that would rather play with rusty chainsaws than dual analogue sticks are much more likely to be wooed by WASD support – and Battlefield 4 on the...


  • E3 2013 See the PS4 Camera in Action in the Playroom

    Watching you

    While the enhanced PlayStation 4 camera doesn’t come bundled with the console, it’s still being touted as an integral part of the system’s setup. This brand new trailer deployed by PlayStation Japan shows off an augmented reality demo known as the ‘Playroom’, which uses a combination of the camera and the DualShock 4 to...

  • News Will the New PlayStation Eye Come Bundled with the PS4?

    Big brother

    Prior to the announcement of the PlayStation 4, a number of outlets reported that the console would come bundled with an improved PlayStation Eye camera. Sony failed to clarify that point when it revealed the peripheral at its PlayStation Meeting earlier in the year, but the implication has always been that the system will be sold...



  • News Gift Yourself This Gorgeous God of War: Ascension Controller

    Worth sacrificing a kidney over

    Sony has confirmed that you will be able to purchase this gorgeous golden God of War: Ascension controller as a standalone goodie in the UK. The delicious DualShock 3 was revealed as part of the prequel’s British bundle yesterday, but it wasn't clear if it would be available separately. However, the company has...


  • Hardware Review Sony Pulse Wireless Headset

    Audio extravaganza

    While a great many of us are more than happy to experience game audio through a gigantic set of speakers that tickle your intestines every time a bass line drops, the reality for most players is that they can’t be keeping the neighbours up all night with their entertainment pursuits. Some kind of headphone-based alternative is...

  • News What Would You Sacrifice for This God of War DualShock 3?

    Midas touch

    God of War: Ascension is a big deal. As the latest entry in one of PlayStation’s best selling franchises, it’s little wonder that the platform holder is preparing lots of merchandise to accompany the title’s impending March release. The latest gizmo to enter the arena is this rather fetching DualShock 3. Look closely and...


  • News MAG II Is Not the Sequel You've Been Hoping For

    Light gun

    Don't get your hopes up, legendary SOCOM developer Zipper Interactive is still closed and, as such, it's not working on a sequel to the incredibly ambitious MAG. Instead, the confusingly titled MAG II is a gun-shaped motion controller designed for use with the PlayStation 3 and PC. The peripheral – set for release on 13th November in...


  • News Need for Speed: Most Wanted Supports the Move Racing Wheel

    Turning a corner

    Need for Speed: Most Wanted developer Criterion loves trying out new technology, so we’re not particularly surprised by the studio's decision to support the PlayStation Move Racing Wheel for its upcoming release. The crazy contraption can be used to control the car (obviously), but it also takes advantage of some of the device's...


  • News PlayStation All-Stars Will Support Arcade Sticks

    For show-offs

    It looks like developer SuperBot Entertainment is serious in its pursuit to ensure that PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale has a presence in the professional fighting game community. The upstart has announced on its Facebook page that the upcoming mascot mash-up will feature full support for arcade sticks. “We are happy to announce...


  • News Learn About the Technology Inside Move's Racing Wheel

    More than meets the eye

    Sony’s hastily announced PlayStation Move racing wheel proves that appearances aren’t everything. The peripheral might look unwieldy at first, but it’s actually packing some interesting technology beneath the surface, as this video with Sony's Anton Mikhailov demonstrates. For example, the peripheral boasts a series of...

  • News Sony Announces Limited Edition Gold DualShock 3

    Always believe in your soul

    Sony’s releasing a limited edition gold DualShock 3 to tie-in with this year’s Olympics celebrations. The official blurb explains that using the themed controller will make you feel like a “real winner”. Sure, unless you keep getting sniped by campers in Battlefield 3. The gold controller comes with all the...


  • News Sony Announces Nasne for Japan

    Compatible with PS3 and Vita

    Sony’s PS3-based DVR technology Torne proved a massive hit in Japan when it launched in 2010. Now the platform holder is aiming to level-up its domestic entertainment support with Nasne, a network recorder and media storage device that features a built-in tuner and 500GB hard-drive disc. The biggest difference between...

  • News Become a Future Soldier with Custom Ghost Recon Controls

    Step your game up

    We know what you’re thinking: “How am I supposed to feel like a Future Soldier with a bog-standard DualShock 3?” We totally agree, that controller is so 2008. Alas, what you need is a custom Mad Catz controller designed specifically for Ubisoft’s upcoming Ghost Recon: Future Soldier. Due out in May, the Pro GamePad will...