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  • News Patched for Move: Lemmings (PSN)

    Out for nowt

    After a partially pleasing appearance as part of Move Mind Benders, the original PSN release of Lemmings has now received a free update to add Move support. The game is now bumped up to v3.0, letting you guide the little critters around with a single Move controller. We've already appraised the game as part of our Move Mind Benders...


  • News Patched for Move: Blue Toad Murder Files

    Free update brings point and click back

    Relentless Software's already got one Move game under its belt, the melodic Buzz: The Ultimate Music Quiz, and now the episodic murder investigative adventure Blue Toad Murder Files has been patched for Move too. Split into six episodic adventures, you can play them all with three friends by your side,...


  • News Patched for Move: Swords & Soldiers (Free)

    Ronimo's game gets all motional

    Previously a hit on Nintendo's WiiWare download platform, HD brawler Swords & Soldiers is now playable with PlayStation Move. Publisher Ronimo has released a free update for the title that brings menu and in-game support for the motion controller, helping players hack and slash their way through the nefarious...

  • News Patched for Move: PAIN (Free)

    Shake to ooch

    If you're a fan of PAIN – the game, that is – you can now grab a free update to let you use the Move controller in game. It seems from the official description that you won't be able to use Move in every level, but it compensates by adding new stages and gameplay modes. There's more information over at the official PAIN blog. We'll...



  • News Patched for Move: MAG

    A huge line-up of improvements made

    MAG is enjoying something of a resurgence lately, with a sizeable price drop in North America and now the launch of a brand new 2.0 patch adding plenty of new features, including support for PlayStation Move. With an increased level cap, new skill trees as well as around 100 extra tweaks and changes, it's one of...

  • News High Velocity Bowling Ships on Blu-ray Today, Move Patch Launched Too

    Get your minds in the gutter

    We covered the announcement of High Velocity Bowling's transition to the world of Blu-ray releases, and now the game's on its way to retailers across North America with Move and 3D support built-in. All the downloadable content currently available for the game is packed onto the disc to give you extra value for your...

  • News Patched for Move: Heavy Rain

    E-motion and drama combine

    Heavy Rain: Move Edition is out on disc in October, but if you already own the game you can pick up a free Move-enabling patch from the PlayStation Network. Weighing in at a beefy 1142MB and downloaded automatically once the disc is inserted, the game adds motion control to the game but nothing else: those of you after the...

  • News Patched for Move: Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11

    Tiger gets to Move on the fairway

    He may have had his ups and downs in the past twelve months, but Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 is definitely on an upswing now the Move-enabling patch has gone live for free. Here's the official press release: SWING LIKE A PRO IN TIGER WOODS PGA TOUR 11 WITH THE PLAYSTATION MOVE Motion Control and HD Visuals Combine in...

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