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  • News Job Simulator Studio Snapped Up by Google

    Will continue to support PlayStation VR

    Google has bought Owlchemy Labs, the developer behind the excellent PlayStation VR launch title Job Simulator. The news comes shortly after Sony teamed up with the American company to release its tongue-in-cheek virtual reality title at retail. Fortunately, the acquisition will not prevent the developer from...



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    Review Job Simulator

    All work and no pay

    As short-lived girl group The Saturdays once warbled, put your boots on baby and get to work. Some reviewers like to start their reviews by recycling the words of Charles Dickens; here at Push Square we prefer to borrow from the surprisingly short range of Ms. Mollie King. It's the kind of irreverence that we like to think Job...

  • Video Job Simulator's Some of the Dumbest Fun You'll Find on PS4

    Working out

    The simulator gag has gotten stale, but Job Simulator brings enough laughs to the novelty genre to land a new punchline. This bonkers work-'em-up is set in the future, where robots simulate the menial tasks of today with a disregard for details. This means that, while you'll be carrying out tedious tasks such as making soup and fixing...