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  • Out This Week Fallout 4, Superbeat Xonic, Spelunker World

    Commonwealth games

    There's a gaping Lara Croft shaped hole in the PlayStation 4's lineup this week – but don't worry too much, as Fallout 4 is here to keep you occupied. While we're in the thick of the holiday release season, there's actually not a whole lot launching this time – we can only imagine that publishers wanted to get out of the way...



  • Out This Week Destiny: The Taken King, PES 2016, Flame Over

    Get reading those Grimoire cards

    This may not be the biggest week for new releases ever, but few franchises are more popular than Destiny. Bungie's big expansion will deploy tomorrow on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3, with the title available as both an upgrade for the existing game, as well as part of a big Game of the Year Edition-esque...










  • Out This Week Switch Galaxy Ultra, Resogun, Fieldrunners 2

    Hella good

    ‘Twas the week before Christmas and all around the web, nary a video game manufacturer did raise its sleepy head. Well, apart from Sony, of course, as it’s still got a bevy of releases lined up for the PlayStation Store this Tuesday. We’re actually not sure whether the European PlayStation Store will be updating on Christmas Eve,...




  • Out This Week FIFA 15, Slender: The Arrival, CastleStorm PS4

    Talking Messi

    We feel like Jeff Goldblum in Jurassic Park right now. The silly release schedule still hasn’t quite kicked off yet, but it’s approaching faster than a hungry tyrannosaurus rex – and the rippling mug of tea on our desk evidences as much. This week sees the arrival of arguably the most important game in Europe, with more FIFA 15...

  • Out This Week Murasaki Baby, Disney Infinity 2.0, Naruto

    The girl with the purple balloon

    With last week’s big release Destiny now in orbit, the remainder of the industry clearly thinks that it’s safe to release its wares. This week sees the arrival of a slew of smaller PlayStation titles, with Murasaki Baby probably the pick of a varied bunch. Noteworthy mentions include Disney Infinity 2.0: Marvel...

  • Out This Week Destiny PS4, Destiny PS3, and, Er, Some Hockey

    Become legend

    It wouldn’t be a Bungie release week without a completely empty release calendar. We can’t help but feel sorry for NHL 15, but we suppose that fans of ice hockey will pick up EA Sports’ latest trip to the ring regardless of the colossal Destiny banners plastered, well, everywhere. If you’re not looking forward to Activision’s...