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  • Opinion Has Sony Really Fallen Out of Love with Indie Games?

    A question of optics

    Ever since PlayStation Europe chief Jim Ryan’s unfortunate choice of words on indie games, there’s been a spate of hot takes about how Sony’s abandoned the scene. It’s taken us at Push Square Towers by surprise, seeing as only a few months ago we were writing articles arguing against PlayStation Store curation. Y’see,...

  • Opinion Why Sony Won't Support Cross-Console Play

    At least not while it's got the largest install base

    Minecraft brings people together, and with a future update, it will bring consoles together. Mojang announced during Microsoft’s E3 2017 press conference last night that it’s unifying the block buster across a variety of platforms: Xbox, Nintendo Switch, PC, and even phones. The update means...


  • Opinion Why Sony Is Zagging While the Industry Zigs

    A different direction

    Third-party publishers are bullish: service games are the future. All of the big games makers are at it: Activision's got Destiny, Call of Duty, and – via its subsidiary Blizzard – Overwatch; EA's got FIFA Ultimate Team among others; Ubisoft's been kept busy with The Division, The Crew, Rainbow Six: Siege, and countless...



  • Opinion Why the Heck Is Sony Making a PS4 Slim?

    The not-so little question

    So, the PlayStation 4 Slim is real, and Digital Foundry made a video to prove it. Then lawyers got involved, and the hastily recorded clip got removed – you know how it goes. Still, this has all happened rather fast, hasn't it? If you'd have asked us on Sunday morning whether Sony would make a more compact PS4 console,...




  • Opinion We're So Sick of Saving the Bloody World

    Holding out for a hero

    Hands up if you've got a headache from saving the world yet again? Yeah, us too. One pet peeve that's had Push Square Towers irritatedly animated over the past few weeks is the fact that every single video game in existence seems to feel the need to go big. Well, we're tired of preventing the apocalypse, and we'd like to see...

  • Opinion PS4 Firmware Update 3.00 Is One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

    Making a mess

    Sony often gets criticised for being slow to update its console in comparison to the competition, but the reality is that the PlayStation 4 launched in a much better place than people give it credit for. There are obvious tweaks that still need to be made to the user interface to improve it – folders, friends notifications, and so...


  • Opinion Sony's Not Solely to Blame for PS Vita's Demise

    Direct your anger elsewhere

    Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida suggested this weekend that Sony won't make another handheld. Asked about the PlayStation Vita at EGX 2015, he said that the "climate" for dedicated portable platforms is not healthy right now because of the dominance of mobile gaming. This made a lot of people angry, with many...



  • Feature The Seven Deadly Sins of Game Design

    You should know better

    Frustration is an emotion that none of us want to feel, especially when we're playing video games. The problem is, of course, that frustration is always lurking just around the corner, unless you're like the gaming equivalent of the most meditative monk in the world – in which case, we salute your patience and understanding...


  • Opinion How Reviews Can Colour a Game's Reception

    Good and bad

    There's a growing sentiment among the gaming press that sites like this one are an outdated concept. Apparently, people no longer want to read a considered critique of a game – they'd rather watch a playthrough on YouTube or Twitch, with some commentary from a popular personality. It's something that's constantly on this author's...


  • Opinion Why You Shouldn't Write Off PS4 Racer DriveClub

    Back on track

    In many ways, Evolution Studios got lucky. DriveClub's launch was an unmitigated disaster, but the developer was able to quietly solve many of the title's issues while a much bigger storm gathered around games like Assassin's Creed Unity. Once that had cleared, the Runcorn-based developer responded with a rain cloud of its own, and...


  • Opinion Why Sony Will Drop the PS4's Price if Necessary

    Loss leader

    Sony is not in the best of shape. It’s a fact that gamers appear to be fixated on, as the firm shuffles from one red number to the next. With a flagging television business and an increasingly irrelevant cellphone arm, the PlayStation 4 is one of the few products in the Japanese giant









  • Reaction PlayStation 4 Catches Second Wind at GDC

    Next generation platform pushed back into the spotlight

    Sony’s decision to announce the PlayStation 4 early is looking smarter all of the time. While its competitors prompt ire from parts of the media and the development community for locking their next generation endeavours behind closed doors, the PlayStation manufacturer is currently...


  • Reaction Practicality and Power Paves Positive Start for PS4

    The importance of being earnest

    Sony has changed. The ungainly arrogance of the Ken Kutaragi era was quashed within minutes of the humbled hardware manufacturer’s practical pageantry overnight, as recently appointed SCE president Andrew House and system architect Mark Cerny relayed the advantages of a developer-driven future. The irresponsible...

  • Opinion Why The Last Guardian Will Be a PlayStation 4 Game

    Blooming great

    While the PlayStation 3 has played host to its fair share of genre defining titles, it’s hard to shake the feeling that it’s still missing its most important release. The hotly anticipated Team ICO title The Last Guardian was officially announced almost four years ago, but despite receiving a release date in 2010, its troubled...

  • Opinion How LiveArea Could Be Enhanced for PlayStation 4

    The circle of life

    According to a wealth of recent rumours, the PlayStation 4 will be much more community driven than its predecessors. Trusted Japanese newspaper Nikkei reported earlier today that the console will “be furnished with the ability to exchange opinions amongst one's friends while playing games”. Meanwhile, the Wall Street Journal...