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  • News Onrush Isn't Quite the PS4 Arcade Racer You're Expecting

    Proper gameplay hits the web

    A press event was recently held for Onrush, and impressions and videos are beginning to boost online. What's clear from all of them, including the above video from Eurogamer, is that Codemasters' new racing game isn't exactly the Motorstorm clone it initially looked like. This video does a great job of breaking down...

  • News New Onrush Video Features First Glimmer of PS4 Gameplay Footage

    No need to rush

    Onrush, the upcoming arcade racer from the minds behind Motorstorm and DriveClub, has been kept tightly under wraps. The last trailer for the game comprised of gameplay, but none of it was from the player's perspective, leaving many people wondering what the racer will look like when they get in the driver's seat. Thankfully, the...


  • News Onrush Looks Like Motorstorm on Steroids in Brand New Trailer

    New footage at last

    The Onrush social media channels have been teasing new footage of the upcoming arcade racer for what feels like an eternity, but a new video has finally made its way online. Featuring various different courses and vehicle types, this bears more than a passing resemblance to Motorstorm, which is no bad thing in our books. It...

  • News New Onrush Teaser Offers A Tiny Glimpse of Gameplay

    The calm before the stampede

    We haven't seen all that much of Onrush, the new game from the talent behind Motorstorm and DriveClub. Details are beginning to trickle out, however; not too long ago, we learned of the game's release date and pre-order bonuses, and now, we have a brand new, albeit brief, video. At only 20 seconds long, it shows only...


  • News Onrush PS4 Pre-Order Page Points to June Release Date

    Update: 5th June release date confirmed

    The official Twitter account for Onrush, the new arcade racer from Codemasters, has announced that the game is now available to pre-order on the PlayStation Store. In case you're wondering, it's a full-priced title - £54.99 for the standard edition, and £64.99 for the Digital Deluxe edition. Pre-ordering...


  • PGW 2017 DriveClub Developer Returns with Onrush

    MotorStorm and Trackmania mash-up?

    The new game from the team behind DriveClub – which was folded into Codemasters, you may recall – is named Onrush and it’s coming to the PlayStation 4 next year. This looks like a kind of MotorStorm and Trackmania mash-up, featuring the toy-ish circuits of the latter and the multi-disciplined arcade racing of...